Thursday, October 4, 2007

We're ba-ack!

(That title's from a horror movie, you know...not that it's horrible at all to be back and assaulted by bills, school papers, homework, a kid who was a little Grandma-defiant and an empty fridge. Not at all.)

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at chronicling the last 2 weeks. (For a girl who posts almost can imagine how I feel about filling in 2 weeks.) So I'll be brief.

The boat was cool.

I read all the time (4 books--in order of enjoyment: Water for Elephants, Infidel, Eclipse, I was a good mother before I had kids.)

There was way too much partying (not done by us, so we felt a little out of our element).

We ate a TON.

We saw cool stuff.

(Temple Ruins of Tulum) (Swimming with Stingrays) (making out in the Dunns River Falls)

We loved coming back twice a day to our sparkling clean state room.

We had fun dinner companions--we miss you Jimmie, Patty, Sean and Charlotte,VJ and Stephanie!

There are no more beautiful beaches than in Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel.

My formal dress was cute.

Ryan was the disco-dancing king. (Check back for video...I need Ryan home for that!)

We had a fabulous time in San Antonio with my brother Matt, his wife Janelle, Caroline and Talmage AND Ryan's brother Greg, wife Christy, kids Scott and Stacy.

(Ryan and Greg playing at the park) (Matt's family) (new baby Talmage)

We saw the coolest downtown ever.

(the Alamo with Scott) (touring the Riverwalk)

We were happy to see our cute kids again.

(Wearing the souvenirs)

(And your blogs...I'm hyperventilating with the excitement of 2 weeks of blogs to read!)


Carie said...

I will be brief too. Welcome back. Love your dress. Jealous of the food. We've been to Tulum. (We rented a beach house 10 minutes north.) Thanks for the book recommendations.

Lorena said...'re back! Missed you millions!

I want a cruise...mostly to get some nookie in the Falls!

OK, so who was the defiant one?

zeeny said...

Welcome back!! Glad you had a good time. Now I can check your blog and get excited for a new post everyday!

Jessica said...

Gabe. He has to write a Sorry note, read it to Grandma and we are "practicing obeying the first time" (when he has done it enough times, then he will get to play outside and watch TV again).

Tiffany said...

What a great trip! So glad you had a wonderful time. Breaks like that are so important.

We've been to Tuluum too and loved it.

You look awesome in your formal.
What a great looking couple you are!
Have fun getting back in the real world. Sometimes I wonder if it's really worth it to go away when sometimes the kids punish you for being gone. We'll find out soon -- Josh and I are going to SF in a few weeks for 6 days. -- wish it was somewhere exotic like your trip!

mandy* said...

How fun!! I'm glad you had a good time, but it's a good thing you are back...blogland was boring while you were gone.

Jill said...

Your trip looked awesome. Cruising is THE BEST. I have to argue with the best beaches being Bahama's!! :) Your dress was beautiful, LOVED it. You and your hubby are so cute! What a blast.

Ilene said...

Welcome back to the madness. I'm glad you had fun. You and your blog entries were missed. My other friends are just not quite on the ball like you.

I'm glad someone got to enjoy the beach and sunshine whilst the rest of us grew more pasty as the sun disappeared for a better period of your absence.

Paige said...

Oh thank you for the update! The dress was pretty, but you are SKINNY my dear in it. And eating dessert in your bathing suit looks like heaven. I hope Ryan got enough those two weeks so you can have a little time off. Ha ha.

I'm surprised Gabe was the naughty one? Aren't you a little relieved that he can be naughty too?

Mario, Adrianne & Gabe Resek said...

YEAH YEAH YEAH you're back. But you were way too clinical and not descriptive enough so perhaps I need a phone call.
And you do look skinny and hot in your dress and your bathing suit.

rubberbandgirl said...

Missed you while you were away! Wonderful photos and great summary! We took our 20 month old Dane when we went on our cruise in 2003.
I can't wait to go on one ALONE.

brooke romney said...

Looks so fun. Glad you are back; and, your dress was super cute. Love the bright blue when everyone else was probably in black; and the silver shoes...perfect (metallics are so this season!)

Celia Fae said...

So glad you are back. We missed you sorely. I wish I was going to be around to read you for the next couple of days!

Brown Sugar said...

Gabe makes a very convincing pirate, but I think the rascle in the coon skin cap steals my heart.

Kirsten said...

Yay! What fun! I'm going to Hawaii next week and I'm feeling the pre-trip guilt/anxiety. Your pictures make me think iit will all worth it.

Erika said...

Love the formal dress.. you're a hottie. Isn't getting back to reality fun. I still can't get my stuff together and I've been home a week.. the laundry is scarry.

Tammy said...

Your trip looks so fun! you both deserved it!!! Now wasn't that fun to get away from the kiddies and spoil yourselves?! And Jessica you look have been working out obviously! you look sexy in the aqua dress!