Wednesday, October 10, 2007

America's Next Top Model Family

Right before we left on our cruise, we had the much-anticipated, so-enjoyed family photo session. My saintly and talented friend, Kerry, agrees for no money (it was my birthday gift this year) to deal with the lovely family dynamics that occur with the picture taking and the Romneys.

But really, it was a lovely experience. Everything went so smoothly and my kids are little angel robots who cause no problems and smile calmly the whole time.

Seth wasn't constantly trying to wriggle out of shots:

Gabe wasn't having the weird "now that I'm seven I can't smile like a normal person"

No one ever showed their undergarments:

Emma acted perfectly mature and darling the whole time: (okay, this one's actually true)

I looked so cute in every picture:

No one tried to play guerrilla army guy in the weeds:

Everyone seemed to happy to be there:

I was so nice and calm the whole time...I'm sure Emma was joking when she saw this picture and said, "Oh that's the one when you were getting really mad at us, Mom.":

There were no cheesy shots:

And my kids really knew that when it was time to take a picture, they needed to stop playing and just smile:

Ryan refrained from taking advantage of his time in front of the camera:

And Seth looked at the camera the whole time:

I can't wait until next year.


Penny said...

Cute! Cute! Cute! I totally understand the "now that I am a 7 year old, I can't smile like a normal person" thing! Unfortunately, I think ours started at 6...However, I can't quite relate to the one showing the underwear, at least I don't ever remember showing my underwear... Just kidding, with boys, the undies just aren't quite as accessible!

zeeny said...

Cute pictures! Family pictures or pictures in general just stress me out. I usually am upset by the end and then you have to stick around and look at the proofs when a cheesey sales person is trying to tell you your kids are sooo cute. It was probably nice having a friend take the pictures, but still a bit stressful getting everyone ready!

rubberbandgirl said...

My scrapbook fingers are itching...

mandy* said...

What great pictures! Cohen saw them and he said, "Gooeeey." I think he likes them!

Ilene said...

It's good to know that my family is not the exception.

What a clever friend!

Really, really cute.

Jill said...

OH, your family is so adorable!!!! The random pictures are the funniest. My sister has 4 kids as well and last year she picked a picture for their Christmas card where everyone was looking a different way or had a silly face, and it was hilarious!! I loved it. That's just life. Yours were ALL cute :) Your outfit was SO CUTE too!!

Paige said...

I am totally jealous that you have this over with. I am stressing about it already. The pictures are great but are you going to do it again for christmas? Ha ha.

Taking family pictures is a special form of hell when you have kids, and putting yourself in them is even more torturous. Then the biggest kid, Dad, has way too many opinions and is "So DONE" before one shot has been taken. He has no clue of the picture you have in your mind and how hard you've contemplated the outfits, hair, location, etc.

Celia Fae said...

So have you shown us the Christmas card photo or do we have to wait until December?

I admire your preplanning and also your matchiness. And thank you for including the random guerilla shots. They make the rest of us feel lots better.

Ellie said...

What, no nose picking?

Brigitta said...

funny!!!!!! Great pictures. It's impossible to get everyone looking and smiling in the camera. I don't know how some people do it. They must threaten the childrens lives before the photo shoot. You look great!! I always pick the ones where I look half decent even if that means I have to sacrifice others. Hey, I am the one to arrange it, stress about it, find the outfits and torture everyone. Why shouldn't I get to pick my favorites

gab said...

Your family is beautiful...even the funny shots don't look that bad!

Mario, Adrianne & Gabe Resek said...

THat's why you takes lots of digital photos in more or less the same pose and photoshop all the best faces together. Works great!

And seriously, Mario is a bigger problem than Gabe in pictures. Don't adult men know it's not cool to make lame faces anymore??

Carie said...

Okay, sometimes when I read your blog, I have to repeat to myself, over and over, "It's okay to not be just like Jessica, we all have our strengths."

Because your coolness just makes me feels a little inadequate sometimes. :)

1. At the risk of sounding too weird, you are so beautiful. And your family matches you.

2. You are always reading intelligent, smart person books.

3. If you think I am a good matcher, take a look at your family's fabulous outfits. Navy, pink, and turquoise = pure genius.

Paige said...

You know, I have to agree with Carie's comments. If I didn't like you so much and how together you are I would hate you. It's good I really really like you. Only Miss perfect goes with non traditional colors in the photo, looks great and is at her goal weight after 4 kids, is super spirichal, and gets her Christmas pics done in OCTOBER. I don't measure up. Just can't handle the perfection tonight, sorry. Sent my kids to bed screaming, no homework done, very angry prayer.

Jessica said...

Paige--those pictures were done in September only to ensure Summer Skin Color. We've done December pictures and they are not pretty.

And my kids were so bugging me tonight that during "Elder Eyring Moment" which Ryan has instituted since Conference, I had nothing to add. (Also said in an angry voice).

And not at my goal weight know I get to my goal weight for 2 days, once every 2 years.

Kara said...

Adorable pictures, and I want you to tell me how to do my hair like that.