Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Quick Quote #32


Picture 058

Seth: Moh-om, Jane just said 'Shut Up".

Jane: "No, I didn't?!"

Seth: "Well, you almost!”

Don’t almost say things around here.  Seth’s onto you.

(And speaking of Seth:  we’ve never had a crazier kid.  Seriously.  He’s either making us laugh our heads off or scream our heads off.  When I was on vacation without the 4 bigger kids, Ryan called me at least twice a day to report funny Seth-isms. Exhausting, infuriating, mouthy, smart and funny, there’s never a dull moment with him around.)

Friday, April 24, 2009

And My Favorite Time Suck goes to…

When I realized the Faith was going to need LOTS of extra nursing help (#5), I knew something had to give.  Then I realized that I was planning two vacations that month:  Utah (#10) and California (#8).  I knew my blog had to go, for a while at least.

We had 4 people who guessed right:  Anisa, Lenore, Rebecca, and Rachel.

We had Jane do the honors:

Picture 059

And the winner is:

Picture 060 !!

I believe I have your address, Nor, so I am sending you, via Amazon, my latest favorite book: 


It was just a really good story.  I thought and thought about the characters and loved them all.  I totally lost myself in the book and hope it’s as much of a Time Suck for you as it was for me.

Thanks for playing. 

We now return you to your regular scheduled blog programming.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

HERE’S where you guess…

I’m done with my whining, my-life-is-so-crazy, Time Suck series. 

  • Peruse the 10 Time Sucks,
  • pick which THREE were the reason I took some time off
  • and leave a comment. 
  • Anyone and everyone is eligible till Thursday at midnight. 

Since we’ll probably have more than one right answer, we’ll randomly pick a winner.

Oh, can you stand the excitement?

Time Suck #10


(Anyone else bored of this?  Yeah me, too. Last one, I promise.)

How about a trip to Utah?  Do you think that, in addition to the trip to California, might have been the reason I retired for a month?

What if I told you that on this trip to Utah I came down with a HORRIBLE flu and so I only left the house to go to the Museum of Ancient Life:

Picture 090

and hang out with some bloggers at CPK?

Picture 070

What if I told you that when this kid (seen here in happier/healthier times) came down with the flu, right as I was getting better, I threw in the towel, loaded everyone up and headed for home, 3 days early?

Picture 080 

Does that absolve me from blogging for a month?  What do you think?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Time Suck #9

(Wait!!  I’m here, I’m here!  The contest isn’t over.  I had go on a girls weekend trip with Faith—details to come—but I’m back and there are two more time suck for you to peruse.)

Maybe I was too busy purchasing these darling matching Easter dresses from Shabby Apple?

Maybe I was too busy calling everyone I knew to tell them that,

“Yes! I had found matching dresses in different colors for each of my daughters?” Picture 047


and “Yes.  I even purchased a matching one for myself.”  (is that too cheesy?  yea/nay?)Picture 051

Maybe I also included those squirrely boys in the Matching For Easter Triumph?Calpictures4

Maybe I need to not care so much about clothes, so I could actually spend time on my blog?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Time Suck #8

Do you think we were gone because we were swimming in California with Uncle Nate and Grandpa?


Hanging out in San Francisco with Uncle Matt and Aunt Bekah?


Barking at the sea lions in Pier 39?


Getting reacquainted with all the cousins (Matt’s kids Caroline and Talmage in the middle)?


Completely SOAKING up the California sun at a multitude of parks?

Picture 067

Attending blog (and old friend) get togethers (Here’s Paige pretending to nurse. Because it’s so much fun and everything)?


Neglecting to take pictures with Grandparents Nut, and Grandma Genie (all of whom fed and hosted us to a completely enjoyable and relaxing vacation)?

I wasn’t by my blog much, that’s for sure…

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Time Suck #7

Were we too busy celebrating this man:

Picture 018

and the publishing of this master’s thesis? 

Picture 019

Was I unable to blog because I was too teared up over the dedication? Picture 020

Were we slightly dazed over the fact that this thesis (writing done in June 2007) was actually complete after 5 rounds of editing and 4 million signatures sent back and forth?  Were we too proud to do anything as mundane as blog?

Could there be a more impressive Time-Suck?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Time Suck #6


Was I too busy organizing and putting on the Pinewood derby so that this kid (and the other Cub Scouts in Pack 408):

Picture 049

could have the craziest, screaming-est, awesome MC-est, 2nd place winning-est time ever?

Was Ryan trying REALLY hard to solve Who Actually Makes The Pinewood Derby Car dilemma in healthiest way possible?  Did they start working on this car 6 weeks early and so were unable to contribute in any way to blogging?

Picture 046

Can you tell it was the Romney family’s first Pinewood Derby experience?

Was it a surprisingly enjoyable night and was Jessica spending the remainder of the month resting on her laurels, letting the blog audience wonder at her absence?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Time Suck #5

The fifth in our series of Why Were the Romneys Gone for a Month? (contest rules here)

Picture 103

(And feel free to notice and comment on the cute sitting up that has taken place this week.  She may be skinny but she’s strong!)

Was I too busy trying to FEED THIS BABY enough calories?  Did I go to the doctor, have him tell me she was falling down the growth chart, and have him suggest I add a feeding and wait and see what happens at 6 months?  Did I know exactly what will happen at 6 months (because it’s happened with all my kids): she’ll be in the 5th percentile or less?  Have I been:

  • taking her to weekly weight checks?
  • visiting 4 lactation consultants who helped me figure out the I was producing 2 oz per feeding?
  • spending a week doing 1 hour feedings with the SNS system?
  • pumping after every feeding?
  • taking fenugreek till Ryan notices that I smell like maple syrup?
  • waking up my sleeping-from-8pm-to-8am baby at 5 am every morning to give her an extra feeding?
  • taking Blessed Thistle, eating bowls of oatmeal and drinking 100 oz of water every day?

Since the answer is yes to all of those questions…what do you think?  Is this THE time suck that shut down the blog?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Time Suck #4

(Is this the one?  Keep reading for a chance to win Jessica’s Favorite Time Suck.  Details here.)

Was I not blogging because this person was sick for 6 days?  Picture

And this person for 6 days?

Picture 145

And this person for 8 days (seen here with the remnants of another bike accident)?

 Picture 001

And this person for 6 days?

 Picture 032

And this person for 9 days (seen here on Crazy Hair Day—notice the coat in the background) ?

Picture 003

And this person for 8 days (seen here yesterday…currently sick)  ?

Picture 107

And this person for 4 days?

Picture 029

And when I say sick I mean no-energy-to-move-chills-and-fever-coughing-blood-killer-headache sick. 

On vacation.

At all different times and with some of us catching it twice.

Nothing could be more Time-Sucking.  Trust me.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Time Suck #3

(Again…I will be supplying you with many different Time-Sucks.  All of them happened.  But there were THREE that made it impossible to do extra stuff, like blogging.   The contest is:  which 3 were the real reasons I stopped blogging?   You’ll probably have to read all of them before you can guess.  Now onto the post.)

Was I unable to blog, because I was too busy asking everyone under the sun about this:

Picture 014

Was I sooo hoping everyone would say, “Thumb sucking?  There’s nothing wrong with it.  Let her do it forever because you have 5 children and who knew thumb sucking was so soothing and cute?”

Time suck?  (You know that pun’s intended).

Monday, April 6, 2009

Time-Suck #2

(Remember…you’re trying to guess which  3 of the Time Sucks caused my blog absence.  See here for details.)

Was I unable to blog because I was providing the over-the-top St Patrick’s Day celebrations, complete with Lucky’s visit

Picture 039

and the Irish feast?

Picture 042

Was I too busy trying to self-photograph the wearing o’ the green, while dealing with a screaming baby and the fat rolls said baby caused?

Picture 039   

Self-inflicted Time Suck…but Time Suck nonetheless.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hey, I’m back!

To celebrate, I’m running a little series called:

Which Time-Suck Kept Jessica From the Blog for A Month?

While all of the following posts did happen, there were 3 specific reasons that I didn’t post for the last few weeks. See if you can guess which ones were the true culprit, and I’ll send a randomly chosen winner, my favorite Time Suck. (Not Faith. Sorry. Can’t have her.)

Time Suck #1

Was I unable to blog because I was spending the last month trying to convince Jane to take her coat off?

Picture 015

Was I trying to devise ways to get her to not wear it to bed, to watch TV, to meals? Was I making sure it was at least taken off for bath time?

That was a Time-Suck for sure!