Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Time Suck #3

(Again…I will be supplying you with many different Time-Sucks.  All of them happened.  But there were THREE that made it impossible to do extra stuff, like blogging.   The contest is:  which 3 were the real reasons I stopped blogging?   You’ll probably have to read all of them before you can guess.  Now onto the post.)

Was I unable to blog, because I was too busy asking everyone under the sun about this:

Picture 014

Was I sooo hoping everyone would say, “Thumb sucking?  There’s nothing wrong with it.  Let her do it forever because you have 5 children and who knew thumb sucking was so soothing and cute?”

Time suck?  (You know that pun’s intended).


Brigitta said...

oh, but it is so darn cute....at least for now, but now when she is 7 yrs. old (like my neighbors daughter)
Wow, what a feast, wish I could have been their for St. Paddy's day.

Shirley said...

Jessica (and family), So glad you are back on. Your blog was what started me on reading blogs (even though I don't really have one of my own) so thank you and again...WELCOME BACK! What a cutie (just like all of your babies)!

Hazen5 said...

I was a finger sucker. Nothing was going to stop me! My parents tried everything. I even denied braces, I really wish I hadn't. I think I am going the Holly route, straight teeth or bust!

But, she is so cute sucking it!

diane said...

My mom always said she would rather pay an orthodontist than a psychologist. She will be fine and she will stop.

Jenibelle said...

Amen to Diane.

Kate said...

You got a thumb sucker??? ALL THREE of mine thank you very much... whhaaa? I forced them to do pacifiers, but when they had control over their hands at four months out went their binkies and in went their thumbs. It's not so bad, they self soothe extremely well, AND they grow out of it. You just have to make sure you wash their little hands a lot, especially after nursery and after they sit in shopping carts.

Laurie said...

Pete was a total thumbsucker (my first!!), but since he's gotten some teeth and bit himself a couple times, he's letting up on it. I think Faith will be fine.

Lauren in GA said...

Man, Faith is gorgeous!

I loved and appreciated the pun.

I forced all of my kids to take a pacifier but Brian still ended up a thumb sucker. I am hoping it isn't anything a little orthodontia can't correct later in his life.

I may have told you this before...but I sucked my index and middle finger until I had braces and a headgear and couldn't fit all of it into my mouth anymore. I honestly tried to quit myself and put a sock on my hand but I would tear it off in the middle of the night. So...some oral fixations are really hard to fight. I mean I turned out okay, didn't I?

Yeah, don't answer that.

Lisa-Marie said...

I always wished that my kids would suck their thumbs. Thumbs don't fall out in the middle of the night like pacies do.

And plus, look how adorable she is!

Christie said...

I tried to make mine into thumb suckers. It didn't take. My husband will tell you it's the devil, as the felt the pains of thumbsucking years later when he needed braces (he sucked for a REALLY LONG TIME). I say, let the fifth baby have whatever the fifth baby wants.

Kimberly said...

I'm with Diane. And Lisa-Marie. I sucked my thumb for far longer than I would admit (think double digits) and turned out just fine. Who's to say she won't need braces anyway?!?

AZ Karen said...

I have a testimony of thumb sucking. Both of my kids did it...and with 2 dentists in the family (dad and brother) I was worried about the razzing I would take from them. The fact is, they were great self-soothers, they each had an item (blanket or stuffed animal) associated with it, and they each stopped at age 3. We gave them a new 'item' to replace the one associated with it, and they stopped. It was really that easy.

Even my dad said that pacifier or thumb...as long as they were done by age 3, there wouldn't be any real lasting damage. Plus, we knew we were in for braces either way. Good luck!