Friday, April 10, 2009

Time Suck #6


Was I too busy organizing and putting on the Pinewood derby so that this kid (and the other Cub Scouts in Pack 408):

Picture 049

could have the craziest, screaming-est, awesome MC-est, 2nd place winning-est time ever?

Was Ryan trying REALLY hard to solve Who Actually Makes The Pinewood Derby Car dilemma in healthiest way possible?  Did they start working on this car 6 weeks early and so were unable to contribute in any way to blogging?

Picture 046

Can you tell it was the Romney family’s first Pinewood Derby experience?

Was it a surprisingly enjoyable night and was Jessica spending the remainder of the month resting on her laurels, letting the blog audience wonder at her absence?

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Lauren in GA said...

Well, if anything can be a Time Suck it is the I say blasted? *ahem* I meant blessed Pinewood Derby.

Congrats to Gabe! That is wonderful. I may have said this before...but I feel there is a special place in Heaven for Cub Scout leaders.