Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Time Suck #10


(Anyone else bored of this?  Yeah me, too. Last one, I promise.)

How about a trip to Utah?  Do you think that, in addition to the trip to California, might have been the reason I retired for a month?

What if I told you that on this trip to Utah I came down with a HORRIBLE flu and so I only left the house to go to the Museum of Ancient Life:

Picture 090

and hang out with some bloggers at CPK?

Picture 070

What if I told you that when this kid (seen here in happier/healthier times) came down with the flu, right as I was getting better, I threw in the towel, loaded everyone up and headed for home, 3 days early?

Picture 080 

Does that absolve me from blogging for a month?  What do you think?


Annemarie said...

I may be changing my answer from #5 to all of the above.
You have been busy girl. I'm happy to be featured in a Time Suck post!!

nurse graham said...

Whoa you've been busy! I shall never again complain about my busy-ness! My guess is for time suck #2,4, and 10.

diane said...

I say #4 #5 & #10.

Feeding+Sickness+Travel=Time Suck

Rochelleht said...

Look at Holly, with her no-braces smile! ;-)

I'm with AnneMarie. All of the above.

Lauren in GA said...

Oh, dear...you had to drive home with vomiting children and were still sick yourself? That would definitely be a time suck.

I still vote for #5...but you know #10 is pretty convincing.

I love that picture of all of you beautiful bloggers.

Lauren in GA said...

Oh...and I totally wasn't bored ☺.

Bridget said...

yes, of course that all merits as an excuse to be away from blogging. I had the flu on vacation before too. Expect I went via plane not car and I was so nervous about going back home.

I am jealous about your blogging lunch though. Looks fun.

Lisa-Marie said...

So sorry about the pukies! Ick. You're back to blogging so you must be on the mend!

So jealous about the blog lunch. Boo hoo.