Sunday, July 31, 2011

Quick Quote

After helping to prepare the Mother’s Day Brunch, Jane said:

“Thanks for the Mother’s Day Brunch…



Sunday, July 24, 2011

Having trouble switching tasks

Potty training attempt #1 (May)

After a few weeks of talking it up, I decide, on a whim, to bring the potty-chair up to the main level.  Faith excitedly jumps on it.  Sits/tries for 3.5 minutes and begins yelling “I can’t!  It’th too hard!”  She gets off crying.

Over the next 2-3 days, I bring it up and she gets very upset, insisting “I NOT try it.  It’th too hard!”

I come down one morning and don’t see the potty chair.  I ask around.  Faith, says matter-of-factly, “I took it back to the bathement, because I HATE it!”

Potty training attempt #2 (July)

After reading a particularly inspiring potty-training book from the library, Faith decides she’s a teensy bit interested in being like Ashley (the main character) so we retrieve the potty chair from the basement again.

But not really.  After gently cajoling to sit on the potty, try on the gorgeous Dora panties, watch Dad sit on the potty-chair, etc., Faith is in intractable tears.

About 30 minutes after we switch activities, we notice Faith hoisting the potty-chair and heading down the stairs with it “Becauthe I don’t like it!” 


What’s that phrase again? "No one goes to kindergarten in diapers”?  Something like that?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Because nothing more exciting than a birthday recap post

…ESPECIALLY one from an adult birthday:

I had a great birthday last Friday because I am

a) 37

b) know myself

These are things that I LOVE to do

--be with my kids

--be active




--be with my friends


So, I decided that my birthday would include all of those things.

I woke up early and attended my favorite class at the gym.

Then I corralled all of my kids into the car and we drove to Sandpoint and did a long hike.





Then we ate the best Mexican in the Northwest (Joel’s in Sandpoint). 


Then I came home and read and napped.


Then I ate a homemade Chinese dinner that Ryan prepared (notice apron wearing).


Then I opened presents custom made for me (books, cookbooks, fancy popsicle makers, pedicure gift certificates).  Jane makes an excellent photographer…if you want her for your next birthday party.


Then I made a big old chocolate cake that I’d been dreaming about for months during my sugar fast.


Then I got together with all my friends and their husbands and ate a table full of desserts, made by my friends that, luckily, are fabulous cooks.


So, in conclusion, 37 is a fine age to be, because you know who you are, what you want and how to get it…at least one day a year.

Monday, July 18, 2011

June June June June June


So waaay back in June, we did some stuff. 

As previously mentioned, we had Jane’s baptism, which, of course, meant Grandparents.  Grandpa Sherrill and Grandma Genie stayed with us for a few days before the baptism and we had a great time.


They got to witness the fun 2nd grade play that Jane was in, “Save the Plants”. 


Though we have seen it twice before with our other second graders, I still think it’s cute.  Jane was Marigold and had her parts well-memorized.  Between Emma and Gabe and their past parts, we could practically put on the whole thing in our living room. 

Jane loved her teacher, Mrs. Ota, and so did we.


Grandma Dorrie stayed after the baptism and got to visit Emma’s middle school for Parents’ Day.  It was fun to have Emma show us around her school—made me realize, again, how old she is getting.


Grandma Dorrie also awesomely babysat while Ryan and I went away for a much needed getaway to a little town an hour north of us, Sandpoint Idaho.  It was the best place to go because there wasn’t much to do.  We just slept and ate and watched movies and ran and hiked and played golf.  It was so so lovely. 

We stayed in a super cute little cabin next to the Pend Oreille river. 


It was the first time I’ve EVER played golf and I was surprised at how very much I liked it.  Ryan’s the most fun to play games with---just competitive enough to make it fun, but never irritated or stressed out. 


We hiked a gorgeous trail called Gold Hill.  It was fun and peaceful…even when a huge thunderstorm hit.  This is what we looked like before


and after the hike.


The only problem with the weekend was when we returned and Grandma said, “Um.  Before you go downstairs…”

There was a HUGE town yard sale while we were gone and my kids were participating on our street while Grandma monitered in and out of the house.  Except while she was chatting with her sister and my kids procured a couch.


Yeah.  A couch.  With huge rips and detached upholstery. It was FREE from our neighbors and, before my mom even knew what was going on, it was being transported into our basement. 

Upon arriving home, and hopefully without crushing their excitement, we explained that we couldn’t fit it in our house and that they would have to disposed of it by paying dad to take it to the dump….or by returning it to our oh-so-generous neighbors.  They opted to go the returning route and are, sadly, back to being a 3 couch family.

The last week of school was a huge bummer weather-wise.  Field days were rainy, though Gabe did the Romney name proud by capturing the Musical Chair prize, beating out 40 kids.


We are really talented at shoving people out of the way so we can get the last of anything around here. 

Poor Faith and Seth came along while I worked my shift.  Hopefully the Tigger hugs warmed them up.


Gabe (seen here running the Goodbye Gauntlet) had a great end of the year, receiving his citizenship award, along with a few other awards. 


We were really proud at how he involved himself in activities and sets goals for himself.  His swimming has been a great experience for him and he’s got some medals to prove it.


Continuing the theme of Rain Wrecking Stuff, Ryan’s work pays for a fun family day at the local amusement park.  It looked like this for about 1 hour of the day…


and then like this:


  We left after 4 hours.  It kind of sucked.

Good thing we ended the month with a trip to Sunny Northern California.  We stayed with both California Grandparents and took advantage of all of the amenities. 

Good places to eat:


Grandpas who teach how to putt:


so we can get holes-in-one:


Grandma Nut’s fabulous pool:



001 (2)

And the ALWAYS popular game, Jump The Hose But Don’t Slip And Get Knocked Unconscious:




We lucked out because Ryan’s sister Brooke planned her trip at the same time and we LOVED getting to hang out with her and Spencer and cousins we don’t see enough.

I also got to hang out with some old high school friends at Tammy’s parent’s pool.

It was a perfect visit…fun stuff for the kids to do so that we could chat without them bugging us.  Tammy is super fun with anyone’s kids and they had lots of fun goofing off in the pool.


Great picture to end on, huh?  We are LOVING summertime THIS MUCH around here.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lots of squirting

Before the bumper boats ride:


During the bumper boats ride:

--Seth has lots of fun floating and squirting other riders

--The worker tells all boats to come in, as the time is up

--Mom is talking and waving to Ryan, Gabe, Jane and doesn’t realize Seth has ignored the summons

--Seth is spinning in circles, crying, in the middle of the “lake” because he “doesn’t know how to steer this thing” and, as evidenced by the continually left turning spin, we can tell he’s telling the truth

--Parents and worker try to instruct Seth how to return to land: “stop touching the controls!” and “put both hands in the air!” and “Now.  Just hit the left one and then the right one”…to no avail

--Worker climbs in a bumper boat and goes to rescue Seth

--Seth begins to SQUIRT the worker with his water guns.  Ryan: “SETH!  Do not squirt the helper!!”

--Seth returns to land and reveals…he has peed his pants while in the middle of the lake.  “I tried to hold it, but I was stuck there, Mom!”


After the Bumper Boats ride:


(We attempt an automatic bathroom hand-dryer drying of the pants.  And do not allow him to sit on our laps the rest of the day.)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Being Baptized

I guess being the third child means that the Big Events seem a little more run-of-the-mill, but it also means that your parents know what they are doing for those Big Events and they go off much more smoothly. 

(It apparently also means it takes a month to get a post about your baptism.  Sigh.)003

So Jane was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on June 4, 2011.  It was pretty much a perfect day.  We had almost all grandparents and local aunts and uncles in attendance, lots of friends supporting, and gorgeous weather.  We did a stake baptism this time, and kind of lucked out because of all of the children being baptized were kids we had a relationship with and it made it a more intimate event.  Emma sang a lovely rendition of I Feel My Savior’s Love (despite teasing of cousins in the audience) and I only got a little teary during Jane’s Spotlight at the beginning of the service.


I shared with the audience that Jane is loving and fun, that she tries VERY hard to do her best and her favorite thing in the world right now is jumping rope.  I told them how she laughs loud, is the queen of witty one-liners and how she truly has seemed more mature and ready to make this important covenant.

Some of the pictures from the day:


With Grandpa Sherrill and Grandma Genie:


With Grandma Dorrie:


Grandma Nut at the “after party”:


With her almost-perfect daddy:


Good thing this self-portrait in the chapel was taken before the baptism:


Manning the barbeque:


Jane’s friends were there, but they don’t still or look as pretty as their moms do:


I’m grateful that Jane has the blessing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in her life.  I love that the Holy Ghost can be her constant companion now and know that that will bring her safety, peace and true joy.  She brings talents and light and fun to our lives and we treasured getting to spend a day focusing on the special girl that she is.