Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lots of squirting

Before the bumper boats ride:


During the bumper boats ride:

--Seth has lots of fun floating and squirting other riders

--The worker tells all boats to come in, as the time is up

--Mom is talking and waving to Ryan, Gabe, Jane and doesn’t realize Seth has ignored the summons

--Seth is spinning in circles, crying, in the middle of the “lake” because he “doesn’t know how to steer this thing” and, as evidenced by the continually left turning spin, we can tell he’s telling the truth

--Parents and worker try to instruct Seth how to return to land: “stop touching the controls!” and “put both hands in the air!” and “Now.  Just hit the left one and then the right one”…to no avail

--Worker climbs in a bumper boat and goes to rescue Seth

--Seth begins to SQUIRT the worker with his water guns.  Ryan: “SETH!  Do not squirt the helper!!”

--Seth returns to land and reveals…he has peed his pants while in the middle of the lake.  “I tried to hold it, but I was stuck there, Mom!”


After the Bumper Boats ride:


(We attempt an automatic bathroom hand-dryer drying of the pants.  And do not allow him to sit on our laps the rest of the day.)


Lauren in GA said...

I love that he shot the helper with made me think of that saying, "Don't kill the messenger" for some reason...

I can just envision him yelling out how he didn't know how to steer that, "thing".

I love Seth.

Melissa B. said...

So funny!

Rochelleht said...

Can't STOP laughing!!!

Abbie said...

hahaha! stop! this killed me. LOL never felt so relevant.

and i'm still jealous of your shoes. i gotta get an Adrianne bestie. or can i borrow yours...? :)

Cami said...

That kid leaves people laughing wherever he goes

Nurse Graham said...

What a great Seth story. I can't stopping chuckling just picturing the whole incident.

Adrianne said...

ha ha. love it. That's exactly what Gabe would do - attack the help then wet his pants.

the wrath of khandrea said...

this is why parenting is worth it. you can live through insanely irritating experiences and find the humor in them. can you imagine what life would be like if you got stuck in the annoying mindset? the humor is so worth it.