Thursday, July 21, 2011

Because nothing more exciting than a birthday recap post

…ESPECIALLY one from an adult birthday:

I had a great birthday last Friday because I am

a) 37

b) know myself

These are things that I LOVE to do

--be with my kids

--be active




--be with my friends


So, I decided that my birthday would include all of those things.

I woke up early and attended my favorite class at the gym.

Then I corralled all of my kids into the car and we drove to Sandpoint and did a long hike.





Then we ate the best Mexican in the Northwest (Joel’s in Sandpoint). 


Then I came home and read and napped.


Then I ate a homemade Chinese dinner that Ryan prepared (notice apron wearing).


Then I opened presents custom made for me (books, cookbooks, fancy popsicle makers, pedicure gift certificates).  Jane makes an excellent photographer…if you want her for your next birthday party.


Then I made a big old chocolate cake that I’d been dreaming about for months during my sugar fast.


Then I got together with all my friends and their husbands and ate a table full of desserts, made by my friends that, luckily, are fabulous cooks.


So, in conclusion, 37 is a fine age to be, because you know who you are, what you want and how to get it…at least one day a year.


Brooke said...

It looks like it was a great day!! I'm glad you got to do all your favorite things. What a fun way to celebrate.

Lindsey said...

Looks like a perfect day! Joel's . . yum. And Chocolate cake...YUM YUM! Glad it was fab, and 37 isn't so bad. . . :)

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday to one of the best bloggers I Stalk ;-)
37 look fantastic on you.
I am so glad you had a great day and you knew to organise it all just so.

Matthews Family said...

Happy Birthday to you Jessica! I'm glad you had a great day with family and friends!!

Lauren in GA said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, LOVELY JESSICA!!

I am so happy that you had a lovely day.

I love Emma's hair on the hike. Random commment of me to make, I just looks like it is twisted...very cool.

You made me laugh by offering up Jane as a photographer for our birthdays. Please send her my way.

Christie said...

Your list of things you love? Pretty much identical to mine. EXACTLY identical. We must be twins, separated at birth, and me only 3/4 of a year older. Something.

Happy birthday, chica. You make 37 look good.

Christie said...

P.S. That picture of Faith dragging the backpack is ridiculously adorable.

Cami said...

That last line is pure poetry.

Dad said...

Just read that Sandpoint was voted "the most beautiful small town in America". The picture in the article looks like the one in your blog.

Kristen said...

Happy birthday! You've inspired me to look fondly towards mine. :-)

jessica said...

I have been dreaming of that chocolate cake of yours. It was SOOOO yummy. Is it too early to request it for my birthday?

You are awesome! I love that we get to share so much of our lives together;)

DaNae said...

You are looking hot! Would love to do some long runs. I'm going to Utah first, so I won't be in spokane until aug. 9th.

Lauren in GA said...

I just had to come back and tell you that I actually had a dream last night that I wore my hair like Emma did on the hike...and in the dream I asked my sister if I was too old to pull it off. (I guess my subconscious was wondering because she actually did tell me that I had to quit wearing a side pony because I was too I told her I was going to wear a side pony to her wedding and also wear leg warmers)...

Perhaps you could stage an intervention for me to help me gain the desire to get a life...

Alisa said...

Can I look that good when I am 37? Love the shirt in the last picture. Happy Late Birthday.

Cami said...

Perfect day..happy we got to be a part of some of are a rockstar in many ways J.

Adrianne said...

You look fantastic and your hair is so long! Happy happy birthday. We talked 3 days before and 3 after and I never remember to say "Happy Birthday." These posts always make me sad that we don't live by each other so I can be there to celebrate you. and eat your desserts.

Shopper Gal said...

I love that you had the best birthday and Yes, Ryan rocks the apron & B) can I schedule Janie for our next birthday party.. quite the photographer! HA

Tammy said...

What a fun birthday! I think you are wearing my jeans in the picture of you by the dessert table....are they my jeans? I love it. You look fantastic and 37 is a rockin year. This has been one of the best years for me in a long long long time so I am convinced 37 is awesome. I have a feeling 38 will also be phenomenal. Wishing you a wonderful year. xoxo