Monday, June 18, 2012


I’m not even exaggerating when I say that I think May was the busiest month in my entire life.   Really.  I think it was.  With 4 kids in Spring Sports and music and playgroups and a birthday, I just ran from thing to thing to thing.  But it was such a fun busy.  Here are some of the things we were doing:

Faith completed her “Potty Chart” (10 days of dry panties at NIGHT), which earned her a new bike.  She’s easily the most adept New Biker we’ve ever had.




Seth and Jane played Spring soccer.  Seth is cute as can be on the soccer field, but didn’t really get a hold on the actual game…we had to make goals for how many times he actually TOUCHED the ball per game. 



Jane, on the other, really got the hang of it by the end of the season and scored a few goals.  Going to games was fun, especially because we had such nice weather in May.



Gabe marched in his first band parade and, like a weirdo, I was tearing up when he walked by.  (What in the heck??)  Our high school has the best band in the country (seriously, they won State and then the competition after that), so the feeder middle schools are really excellent as well.  It’s fun to have him be a part of it.



Mother’s Day was lovely (breakfast, sweet notes, permission to not clean, nice church services, cute outfit, thanks to my awesome friend Tammy who had just given me her skirt when I went to visit her!)


We did Jane’s birthday with a family party at breakfast (the only time we’d all be home).  She had cinnamon rolls and got fun gifts from her grandparents.


We did lunch at Wendy’s and grabbed her class some donuts (like last year)


Dinner was at Red Robin and after we headed to the store to pick out a bike.  It was fun watching her choose.


For her “friend party”, Jane wanted a Spa party.  (f I do say so myself, it went awesomely.) We had 4 stations:

a do it yourself pedicure station


a hair station (complete with a PowerPoint presentation of the available hairstyles designed by Emma):


a make-up station


and a manicure station (thanks cousin Mallory!):


That took about an hour, and then we had a cheesecake bar (cheesecake with a variety of toppings: blueberry, strawberry, caramel, oreos, chocolate sauce, toffee bits, whip cream) and presents.  They finished the night by watching the movie “Princess Diaries”.  Fun night, huh?



I also got to visit my dad when I went on my Girls Weekend.  I just forgot to add pictures till now.  It was fun to spend a day and a half with him and Genie without kids…lots of talking and calm meals and an early morning miniature golf game.

Jessica's Visit  6 May 2012 (2)

And I ran my 3rd Marathon.  That always deserves it’s own post but I will just say it was my hardest yet, but I apparently love that kind of pain because I have Marathon #4 planned for 2013 (Utah Valley on June 9 for all of my running friends who always say we should run one together… Kara?  Erin?  Come on!)


Emma was involved in Track this year and REALLY enjoyed it.  She ran the 100, the 200 (her best event) and the long jump.  She would have placed at the district meet (she was 7th overall at the semi-final) but…

photo 3

she had her final  choir concert of the year on the same night as District Finals.  Bummer!  She has really learned a lot and was invited to join the highest, touring choir group but she decided it was too much time, considering she does piano, track, and Young Women’s every week. 


We finished May with Memorial day:  frisbee golf, a walk along lake Coeur d’Alene, a stop at Jamba Juice and a Low-Country Boil at our friends-from-North-Carolina’s lake house. 


We had a fun Spring but are looking forward to some lazier Summer days for sure!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Faith says funny stuff every 6 seconds

Here's 4 excerpts from the last month:

Jane and Faith were playing mom/babies:
J: "Faith, now you need to get that and bring it over"
F: "I'm a baby. I can't even undohstand what you are saying. I just can only crawl away from you."

Mom: (referring to post marathon leg pain) "Tell dad to turn to stairs into a slide"
F: "Mom, but he'th not even magical..!"

Mom: "what did you learn in primary today?"
F: "um, I don't know. Oh yeah! About having no handth."
Mom: "what does that have to do with Heavenly Father and Jesus??"
F: "I know! He can correct them for you!"

Faith: (while on a walk) "hang on a sec...I need a scwatch" and then proceeds to do this:

She's a nut.

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Friday, June 8, 2012


So, after much nudging by my friend Randi, I finally got on Instagram.  I totally love it.  It’s like a mini blog/facebook thing, where you post a picture with a short caption and people can see it whenever they log on.  Grandparents/Aunt Bekah would love it.  I like it because it’s a smaller audience, which makes it easier for me to post random, seemingly boring kid pictures and I LOVE it, because I feel like I’m capturing moments that I’ve been letting slip by now that I only blog once a week.  Anyway…

I decided I’d post the month’s instagrams (with captions), so that I can have those pictures/moments for my blog book. Here goes!

May 10


“I think I love the sun a little bit more because I live in the Pacific Northwest”


May 12


“Jane scored a goal!”


May 18 @Madeleine’s Café & Patisserie


“Pre-marathon brunch!”


May 18


“Here’s the three year old who was cheering when she heard she got to skip her nap today…”


May 19 @Winderemere Marathon


“This is what 26.2 looks like (3:54 finish, if you’re interested)”

May 19 @Winderemere Marathon


“This is what it looks like when 9 mom friends run a marathon. And this is only 2/3 of our kids.”

May 22


“Jacket, check.  Healthy, check.  Hair done, check.  Shoes at the windy 50 degree track meet, doh!”


May 23


“Jane: ‘The thing about birthdays is you’re just happy all day!’”


May 23


“Which bike?”


May 25


“I’ve got a new ‘nappy buddy’…when my kids start trying to give up naps, I pull them into bed with me and get another year or so of naptime.  I L.O.V.E. it.”

May 28


“Making up our own disc golf course…since it seems North Idaho College doesn’t have one anymore.”


May 31


“My lilacs finally bloomed!”


June 1


“High-brow reading while mom helps at the middle school book fair.”


June 1


“Dance party on liberty lake…#whoknew37wasthisfun?”


June 2


“Cutest sisters ever!”


June 5 @Chez Romney


“My caprese chicken salad…top 10 favorite summer meals!”


So there you go…moments captured, via Instagram.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Quick Quote



Jane's definition of a picky eater:

"You say 'Do you want this?'

and they say "no yuck!'.

Then you say 'Do you want this?'

and they say 'No Yuck!'.

Then you say 'Do you want pizza?'

and they say "Yeah!"