Friday, June 1, 2012

Quick Quote



Jane's definition of a picky eater:

"You say 'Do you want this?'

and they say "no yuck!'.

Then you say 'Do you want this?'

and they say 'No Yuck!'.

Then you say 'Do you want pizza?'

and they say "Yeah!"


Lauren in GA said...

Thank you for clearing this up for me, Jane. I hear, "Yuck" A LOT around here....unless, of course, pizza is involved.

Grace said...

It was good to hear from you! My wife asked who you were when you posted on the blog and it opened up a flood of Hayward stories that I had not reminisced on in years, we had some good laughs. We would have loved to have caught you when you were in Cali. I signed up for facebook about 2 years ago and tried to track you down but it looks like you don’t exist on there, I am close to opting out as well, I pretty much just use it as a phone book. Of course we went snooping through your blog. You have a great looking family, and just judging from the pix, your boys have a bit of their dad’s sense of humor. Did you pass on any of your super powers? Like, let’s see, I used to sit in seminary and spin hymnals and bubbles would start floating past my head. Yep, that was a skill I never managed to master. Anyway, thanks for touching base. If you wander down to Cali again let us know.