Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Once upon a time it was April…

6 weeks ago.  I can’t even remember what happened. 

Oh no!  I just looked at my pictures folder and there are, like, 6, and they are all of Easter.  This is going to be sparse.

We decorated eggs and went easter egg hunting and it was a very lovely sunny day (which is ALWAYS a blessing here in Spokane).  Ryan had us on a mean budget and so I didn’t even get to buy new Easter clothes so no Easter Sunday pictures.  Here are some the activities we could afford (just kidding, Ryan):



We had playgroup at our house, with a Spring theme and it actually was Spring-ish (note the blossoms), so thank you, Mother Nature, because playgroup is A LOT more fun when you can go outside.


I just texted Ryan, asking for pictures from his phone and this is what he sent:

photo 1

(he was King Benjamin from the Book of Mormon for a primary activity)

and we went to the Museum of Arts and Culture and looked at their Native American exhibit and their VERY COOL impressionism exhibit. (Can I just say:  my kids are superstar museum goers, especially Gabe.  They totally listen and go slowly while I explain stuff.  I love it.  I always feel like an awesome mom when we go.)


After he sent me those two pictures, he texted:  “I don’t have much from April”

and I said  “Me neither”

and then he replied “Take a picture of a soccer ball, cause that’s all we did.” 

Which is true.

Except we also (and by we, I mean, Faith) thought our Sonicare needed airing out and decided to leave it on the front porch for a day or so.  That’s worth taking a picture of…

photo 2

And Gabe continued to swim:

photo 4

And Emma, Jane and Seth all did after-school running programs (wonder where they get that interest?), but I have no pictures of it, except this one of Gabe and Seth cheering Emma on at her first meet.

photo 3


And Faith is funny and her favorite thing to do is play “castle”, which is just a more elitist form of house.  The BEST is when she plays with Ryan…he lays on the couch and she walks around telling him all of the stuff they are "doing” (“Okay.  You be the PrinTH and I am your Printhess and mom is da queen.  And we go on our hortheth, with our pretty dretheth.  But you don’t wear a dreth, wight dad?)  He always has some pretty hilarious additions, but my favorite is how she is completely satisfied with him just lying there while she spins her fantasy world.

So that’s April.  The End.


jessica said...

I actually have some pictures of April for you...I'm sending them in a few minutes...they are of soccer, of course. Oh and a funny one of Faith.

Last week at playgroup Faith had Camden playing printhess with her except he didn't want to be a printh, he wanted to be the king. She wasn't to thrilled about it but she went with it.

katie said...

Well I still have something important that we did in March that I haven't blogged about yet, so I think I win the award for being far behind.

And I love that first picture of Faith. Her expression is darling.

Lauren in GA said...

I am diggin' the Easter pictures that you have. Especially the rabbit teeth. Kind of like the, "Bubba Teeth" my kids have but much, much, classier.

I totally got a kick out of your humor when you introduced one of the pictures as, "this one of Gabe and Seth cheering Emma on at her first meet"...and then I scrolled down a little lower to see them wrestling. I feel so close to you, Jessica. Our soccer season looked a lot like that. One child on the field and WWF on the sidelines.

Ryan is awesome. He really got into the role of King Benjamin...that is one tall chair he used. Way to commit, Ryan.

I would point out how BIG Faith is...but that might make you sad...I'm sad that little John is practically ready to put in his mission, I won't mentions how BIG *sniff* she is.

Adrianne said...

I totally love and miss you guys. Faith is a crack up.