Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day Bests

1. When I realized that Emma snuck out with Ryan at 11:00 Saturday night to buy me these flowers.

2. When Jane said her favorite thing to do with me is "read scriptures in the morning". I love it, too, and am glad it's a happy time for her.

3. Seeing how much Gabe really cared about making sure he could make me breakfast this morning. Things were running really late before church and he was pretty bummed when we told him we'd have to do his muffins and scrambled eggs for lunch. I could tell he really wanted to do something special.

4. When, in church today, an older mother whose son had gotten married this week spoke of the joy she had felt all week and she bore testimony that she knew it was a result of the daily efforts...trying over and over again to teach and love her children. It was just what this mother needed to hear today.

5. When I came home from choir practice to a slightly chaotic dinner preparation. Finally Ryan said "I'm sorry. I need your help. It's really hard getting all of this ready". Honestly, just having him admit that the thing I do every day was difficult for my super capable husband...made me feel valued and accomplished.

6. Skype-ing with my mom and craziness but everything that woman says and does makes it clear that she loves me and she loves my kids.

Good day.

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Lauren in GA said...

Aw, these were so sweet and wonderful. #5 Would have made me feel so good, too. I love feeling valued and accomplished...and it's funny how it can come from the things we do as mothers that can feel mundane day in and day out.

I'm so glad you had a good day. ☺

...and I needed to hear thank you for posting that.

Rochelleht said...

So glad you had a wonderful day! All darling things to love. You are awesome!