Friday, January 9, 2015

What I Love About My Wife

I worry that what I love about my wife gets lost in the hub-bub of daily life so I wanted to document what makes Jessica invaluable to me.

1- Intelligence

I love living with a woman who has a million thoughts about what goes on in her relationships, within our home, in the community we live in and in the world at large.  She has valuable insights that I want to hear.  When I have ideas that I think are important I look for her to get her input.  Her perspective is often different than mine and I love her for sharing it with me as mine isn't complete without it.  She has at least 3 books that she is working on at any given time.  She is our family's dictionary and resident grammarian.  When she is responsible for something, you can be sure that she is (or has) studied it thoroughly.  My time is best spent engaging her in conversation. I love it.