Friday, June 8, 2012


So, after much nudging by my friend Randi, I finally got on Instagram.  I totally love it.  It’s like a mini blog/facebook thing, where you post a picture with a short caption and people can see it whenever they log on.  Grandparents/Aunt Bekah would love it.  I like it because it’s a smaller audience, which makes it easier for me to post random, seemingly boring kid pictures and I LOVE it, because I feel like I’m capturing moments that I’ve been letting slip by now that I only blog once a week.  Anyway…

I decided I’d post the month’s instagrams (with captions), so that I can have those pictures/moments for my blog book. Here goes!

May 10


“I think I love the sun a little bit more because I live in the Pacific Northwest”


May 12


“Jane scored a goal!”


May 18 @Madeleine’s Café & Patisserie


“Pre-marathon brunch!”


May 18


“Here’s the three year old who was cheering when she heard she got to skip her nap today…”


May 19 @Winderemere Marathon


“This is what 26.2 looks like (3:54 finish, if you’re interested)”

May 19 @Winderemere Marathon


“This is what it looks like when 9 mom friends run a marathon. And this is only 2/3 of our kids.”

May 22


“Jacket, check.  Healthy, check.  Hair done, check.  Shoes at the windy 50 degree track meet, doh!”


May 23


“Jane: ‘The thing about birthdays is you’re just happy all day!’”


May 23


“Which bike?”


May 25


“I’ve got a new ‘nappy buddy’…when my kids start trying to give up naps, I pull them into bed with me and get another year or so of naptime.  I L.O.V.E. it.”

May 28


“Making up our own disc golf course…since it seems North Idaho College doesn’t have one anymore.”


May 31


“My lilacs finally bloomed!”


June 1


“High-brow reading while mom helps at the middle school book fair.”


June 1


“Dance party on liberty lake…#whoknew37wasthisfun?”


June 2


“Cutest sisters ever!”


June 5 @Chez Romney


“My caprese chicken salad…top 10 favorite summer meals!”


So there you go…moments captured, via Instagram.


Ilene said...

Instagram is lazy blogging. I love it.

Today I took a pic of two teens at the park and recorded the thought, "Is there anything more awkward than watching two young teenagers flirt?"

Bam: A blog post that I have been mulling over the past couple of years completed in one sentence.

Elizabeth said...

I love instagram too! I just requested to follow you (bearlulu) as I would love to see little snippets of your day

Becky said...

What's your recipe for caprese chicken salad?

Rochelleht said...

Such a bunch of cute pics. I love Instagram. Come find me. rochelleht.

Brooke said...

Way to go on another marathon!! You are my inspiration. I tell Spencer all the time I just wish I had a running buddy just 1 would be great... I can't even imagine 9. Lucky bum...can I join your fun runners club? I can't wait to see you guys this summer! love you and always miss you all. Tell Ryan Hi and love him too. :0)

Lauren in GA said...

Now I need Instagram...I love how you captured all of that so succinctly.

Great job on the marathon, girlie. You are completely amazing, my dear ☺.

I love the, "high-brow" reading picture. I also love the napping picture with you and that darling Faith.

Tell Gabe that Augusta, Georgia has the new International Disc Golf Center (it moved from Toronto, Canada, to Augusta) We would love to have him come play with us since North Idaho let him down. I'll even make sure that John wears pants.