Sunday, July 24, 2011

Having trouble switching tasks

Potty training attempt #1 (May)

After a few weeks of talking it up, I decide, on a whim, to bring the potty-chair up to the main level.  Faith excitedly jumps on it.  Sits/tries for 3.5 minutes and begins yelling “I can’t!  It’th too hard!”  She gets off crying.

Over the next 2-3 days, I bring it up and she gets very upset, insisting “I NOT try it.  It’th too hard!”

I come down one morning and don’t see the potty chair.  I ask around.  Faith, says matter-of-factly, “I took it back to the bathement, because I HATE it!”

Potty training attempt #2 (July)

After reading a particularly inspiring potty-training book from the library, Faith decides she’s a teensy bit interested in being like Ashley (the main character) so we retrieve the potty chair from the basement again.

But not really.  After gently cajoling to sit on the potty, try on the gorgeous Dora panties, watch Dad sit on the potty-chair, etc., Faith is in intractable tears.

About 30 minutes after we switch activities, we notice Faith hoisting the potty-chair and heading down the stairs with it “Becauthe I don’t like it!” 


What’s that phrase again? "No one goes to kindergarten in diapers”?  Something like that?


Lindsey said...

Just get a footstool and let her go on the big potty. Maybe that is more "big girl" to her. I hate those training potties anyway!

Rochelleht said...

What about 7th grade? Cause I have one going into 7th grade... ;-)

Elizabeth said...

I love that she keeps telling you she just doesn't like it ;-)
I agree with your theory about not starting school in Nappies and hope it applies to people not wanting to sleep in their parents room when they are old enough to get married !

katie said...

I completely relate to this and am curious what book you checked out at the library. I have made up my own story about Isaac going potty and he sometimes asks for that story at bedtime, but maybe trying a book will help too.

And yes, every time I complain to my parents my father replies, "No one goes to kindergarten with diapers."

Lauren in GA said...

I so love how you include the way your kids say things phonetically. This post made my night.

...not because I revel in the fact that Faith insisted that her potty go to the, "bathement"...but because you wrote about it so hilariously.

...I especially love how you mentioned the gorgeous Dora panties.

jessica said...

Rochelle is cracking me up...looks like Camden and Faith will be going to college in diapers together.

Christie said...

I would not trade places with you for a billion dollars.

Well, maybe a billion.

But not much less. Those days are HARD. Hang in there. It will happen. All three of mine toilet themselves. :-)

Adrianne said...

Love that she knows what she likes and doesn't like. Have you bribed her with enough candy? I just took off all GAbe's clothes and made him walk around naked. He figured it out.

♥Shally said...


Camden said...

Hang in there! my youngest was 3.5. She was like Faith and made up her mind early on that she couldn't do it. You can read about it here: Read the next post too about her success! One week. Totally done, totally independent. Don't rush--she won't go to Kinder in diapers!

Shopper Gal said...

No one goes to Kindergarten in diapers!! I love it. You have a very strong minded lil' girl. She'll go when she's good & ready... ;)
Hang in there friend!!