Monday, April 13, 2009

Time Suck #8

Do you think we were gone because we were swimming in California with Uncle Nate and Grandpa?


Hanging out in San Francisco with Uncle Matt and Aunt Bekah?


Barking at the sea lions in Pier 39?


Getting reacquainted with all the cousins (Matt’s kids Caroline and Talmage in the middle)?


Completely SOAKING up the California sun at a multitude of parks?

Picture 067

Attending blog (and old friend) get togethers (Here’s Paige pretending to nurse. Because it’s so much fun and everything)?


Neglecting to take pictures with Grandparents Nut, and Grandma Genie (all of whom fed and hosted us to a completely enjoyable and relaxing vacation)?

I wasn’t by my blog much, that’s for sure…


Lauren in GA said...

The time suck could have been Matt's kids...they are so gorgeous! Time must have gotten away from you because you were staring at all of the gorgeous children (Yours and Matt's).

I know I stared at the pictures for a long time!

You and Paige look like total hot mommas in that picture!

rachel said...

humm...can i combine my answer with his one amd with #5 (Faith)? planning and going on a trip takes a lot of time...but i cant help but feel that it all leads back to Faith. I feel like I'm failing with only two kids so that fifth kid has got to be a huge time answer than this far #5!

Momza said... now I"m guessin' it's everything together!! You have been one very busy momma!

Bridget said...

Ha! Yeah, pretending to nurse. No thanks. You do look fabulous though.

G and G Nut said...

Okay, Jessica, I can't believe you didn't take pictures at our house of Grandpa sick in bed, Ryan coming home sick every night, or you after you ran 9 miles and came back and started feeling sick. (Of course I am kidding!) I think you posted the right pictures! :-)

Ilene said...

Friends that nurse together stay together, right?

I'm preparing for a solo road trip to Utah and I'm using you as my inspiration.

Rebecca said...

Okay..if those are all the options then I choose #5, #6 and #8. Feeding Faith that way is a HUGE time suck for sure!!!

Pineapple Princess/Pip/Shauna said...

Travel, illness, nursing. . .but probably not in that order.

Gotta go. Feeling dizzy. Think I stopped breathing while reading about all your time sucks. Exhaling. . .

Bethany said...

Funny how a month goes by without any blogging. I'd choose any of your time sucks over mine.

Jacki said...

Love the Hooter Hider! And Matt's kids are adorable. Oh I miss California!