Saturday, April 11, 2009

Time Suck #7

Were we too busy celebrating this man:

Picture 018

and the publishing of this master’s thesis? 

Picture 019

Was I unable to blog because I was too teared up over the dedication? Picture 020

Were we slightly dazed over the fact that this thesis (writing done in June 2007) was actually complete after 5 rounds of editing and 4 million signatures sent back and forth?  Were we too proud to do anything as mundane as blog?

Could there be a more impressive Time-Suck?


mandy* said...

Ryan, nice pose!

Brooke said...

I'm very impressed. My brother wrote a book and it's too deep to even understand.

Laurie said...

So glad he included you in the dedication . . . to not would be unforgivable.

Congrats to Ryan.

rachel said...

yep. I think it's this time suck. And i'm hoping it's not #4, because i don't want any of that!

btw. congrats to your husband on finishing this and for the sweet dedication. what a doll.

rubberbandgirl said...

That is cool!
Hard bound. I'm impressed.

Lauren in GA said...

That is seriously impressive. I love his dedication to you in the front. You and Ryan make a great team.

Congratulations Romneys ☺.

diane said...

So he is a brainiac and an athlete. You know he will become addicted after his first half Ironman. Tom did his first full Ironman last summer and he is training for another one this year. He has another half Ironman the first Saturday in May. He is crazy and I don't get it but it makes him happy. He will be 50 on July 10th and he is planning on running 50 miles that day. I told you he is insane, but I do love the guy.

Great dedication too...behind every good man is an incredible woman.

jessica said...

Who knew there was such a smart guy inside that goofy facade. You know if Aric were writing this comment he would say something about the pipes in the picture holding up that masterpiece. What in the heck is that book about anyways...just reading that title is seriously making my brain hurt. I'm so glad I was at least able to understand the dedication.

Elvie said...

tears....luv it! congrats!

Ilene said...

What a poetic dedication.

You should frame it. What a beautiful compliment!

Adrianne said...

Clearly this is not a valuable time suck because Ryan has to go BACK TO SCHOOL because this book is inadequate????

Tammy said...

Congrats Ryan, such an accomplishment. The fruit of your labor, I am proud of you and I can only tell you that being done is perhaps the best feeling of all. Now stop with the student act and enjoy some down time already!