Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Quick Quote #32


Picture 058

Seth: Moh-om, Jane just said 'Shut Up".

Jane: "No, I didn't?!"

Seth: "Well, you almost!”

Don’t almost say things around here.  Seth’s onto you.

(And speaking of Seth:  we’ve never had a crazier kid.  Seriously.  He’s either making us laugh our heads off or scream our heads off.  When I was on vacation without the 4 bigger kids, Ryan called me at least twice a day to report funny Seth-isms. Exhausting, infuriating, mouthy, smart and funny, there’s never a dull moment with him around.)


Lauren in GA said...

I adore the things he says!

We have a Seth-like child around here...but we like to call him Brian.

I like that picture of him...man, he's cute!

Lauren in GA said...

Oh, I just read the newest Quick Quote on your sidebar...Yeah Gabe, you don't want a wife that gives you too much back talk. Bwah hah hah hee *snort*...

jessica said...

Oh how I love that Seth! Not only is it the things he says but his adorable voice that says them.

Brooke Romney said...

Glad we don't count things we almost say. I'd be in trouble.

Bridget said...

Our Seth is Cole. Does Seth discern adults' thoughts as well? Scary.