Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Summary: Where Are They Now Edition


Picture 111

Status: crying in her room, after running up the stairs yelling: “I hate my mom!” This is because I informed her she couldn’t use the computer because I was going to use it. She might be feeling emotional because, as she told me yesterday, “I used to have 2 boyfriends but I broke up with one of them. I haven’t kissed the other one, but I was telling him a secret and I kissed his ear on accident.” This is so Jane: super social and sensitive…I know it totally bodes well for teenage-hood.

(Also, Jane loves to read, is begging me to teach her piano—what? did she not get the “Mom Has Five Kids” memo?—and her favorite thing is when we walk her to school, so she can ride her bike home with Emma and Gabe.)


Picture 027

Status: sleeping in her crib, probably with her thumb firmly planted in her mouth and her little fingers wrapped around a satin-y blanket. (Like I’d be blogging if she was awake…) She is probably exhausted from her sitting up, rolling all over the place and her Mamama-ing. Maybe she’s dreaming of her brush with fame. The picture above is Faith holding “her” windmill, one of the 2,893 that were put outside the hospital where she was born to commemorate the babies born there last year.


Picture 067

Status: at school, resting his legs after his fun early morning run with his Mom. Gabe’s been participating in an after-school running program. He’s completed a few 4 mile runs, in 45 minutes and ran more miles in the 6 week program than any other 3rd grader. When my running buddies ditched me this morning (thanks Randi and Laura), I ran home and grabbed him and we had THE FUNNEST TIME chatting and running together.


Status: blogging for the first time in a week, because who has time to be on the computer when you spend four days in Arizona with your oldest, best friends: DSC01767

when your fun Mom comes to visit for a week:

Picture 081

and you have to keep track of all the free/cheap ice cream deals this month had to offer.

Picture 061


Picture 014

Status: of course, working. If it were 11pm, he would also be working, because some guys on his team work in India, and he’s been up late working in their time zone. But that’s not the only reason he’s tired. No, he’s tired because he has to try to keep up with me while we train for an upcoming half-marathon. (What?! You don’t think 10.5 minute miles are a challenge for him?)


Picture 084

Status: also at school, hopefully winning her Dress Up Your Skeleton contest. She picked Elvis, and proving the crafting genes skipped a generation, had him all decked up in sequined pants and guitar. She gets extra credit if she wins, but, despite tendencies toward procrastination (also skipped a generation. I swear.), she doesn’t need them. She has great grades.

Hopefully, she’s not getting another tick, because despite the fact that she carried said tick around in a test tube for a week…it was gross:

Picture 019


Picture 064

Status: at co-op preschool, where his teacher has requested another day, in order to get them ready for assessments (?). I’ll make it easy for them. Seth knows 4 letters: s,o,x,e and makes no sense ever. And he eats pickles, sandwiched by Snickerdoodle cookies. (Seriously, yesterday I watched him eat the whole thing. Weird.)

He’s really awesome on a Big Wheel, though, which he proved on Sunday, when he escaped without parental knowledge, to the end of our cul-de-sac…prompting a visit from the local police who had received a call from a “concerned” neighbor. We were so grateful (please read with sarcasm dripping from your voice).

And since this is all about to change: the kids will be home, Jane will calm down and Faith will awake, change my status to Awaiting Your Comments.


Paige said...

Oh thank you for posting this. I am reading in the middle of the day because there are presently 9 children playing in my house/outside and no one is talking to me!

Assessments for Seth? I was happy last week Bea recognized B. That's all she knows and I think she's super smart. Nice of the cop to pay you a visit. That is going to happen to me soon and I'll deserve it and it's not like Seth would have gone in the street, right? I mean, he knew where he was, he knew how to get home, and he would have returned in a second. Ridiculous.

I'm sure your neighbor thinks of you like mine think of me. I don't care. Kids needs freedom. Go, be free, so I can blog!

Laurie said...

You crack me up.

What's up with assessments at that age? Sure, Nate knows his letters, but he poops his pants. I'm thinking he just likes to be gross.

You sure manage a lot of traveling for a 5-kid mama. Sounds like fun.

You must live in a safe neighborhood and that's why the cops had time to answer such a "concerned" call.

the wrath of khandrea said...

this post was great. i think i recognized a few of your friends. i really like the one who emphasizes her non-mormon status amongst mormons by wearing clothes i wish i could wear.

jane's dramatics are awesome.

day in the life of a prince said...

So when was the fun pinwheel thing? We totally missed out on that one!! I can't believe how big Faith is!! She's adorable by the way!! (as are all your other kids too!)

Brooke Romney said... cool, can't wait to read your blog when she is 15. But, the pickle sandwiches, just not okay. And, I'm so sad I missed you in AZ, but believe me, I know how fast a vacation goes.

Carie said...

Your family summaries are always so clever and your children are hilarious. Mine seem quite boring in comparison. I mean no one eats pickles and snickerdoodles in this house. One more reason your the coolest girl/family I know.

Lauren in GA said...

I loved the title and everyone's status reports. I always love reading about your family.

I hate to be the one to bring this up...but, uh...that snickerdoodle pickle sandwich sounds kind of good to me...perhaps, uh...well, maybe you should sit down before I share this with you...perhaps, Seth is pregnant.

I need to post about a, "concerned" passerby that shared with me how to parent yesterday. It was rich.

Ilene said...

A half marathon? Really? Does anyone NOT run in LL? Really, I'm thinking the reason we had to move is because I stink at running.

Faith is adorable. I am super impressed at your ability to give each of your children equal blog time with that cutie around. I can't do it.

So how did you get the tick out? How did you find it? Ticks fascinate me. I've never seen one and am terrified my kids will get one.

Annemarie said...

I love the real-life honesty of this post.
I can't believe your "worried" neighbors called the police. Lame. My three year old wandered up the street last night...and told me today {proudly} that she would do it again. Obviously my neighbors don't care enough to call the cops.

Bridget said...

I want a kid that will run 4 miles with me! That is awesome.

J'net said...

So good to see your mom is up there visiting!
W/ five kids seems there's never a dull OR down moment!?!?
I am TOO far behind on blogging to catch up and I am empty nesting right now, Jesse is still in Kauai and Jenna is in Florida w/ Jax for Jax's #25 bday!
Thanks for the update... Aloha from the bay area.

Anisa said...

I'm glad my 3 year old isn't the only one that doesn't know his alphabet and doesn't make any sense. I had my whole neighborhood concerned when he disappeared with my baby in a stroller and I couldn't find him! I'm right there with ya!

And a baby that naps in her crip... I wish.

And that tick is disgusting!

Hazen5 said...

"Accidently" kissed his ear?! You gotta love that girl.

Christie said...

I am most grossed out the pickle/cookie sandwich and the tick. I HATE the ticks. We have to constantly check for those little hitchhikers.

Excellent updates. And good job kicking your kid off the computer. We need you more than she needs webkinz, I'm sure. :-)

jessica said...

Yes, thanks to Emma we had a very lengthy conversation about ticks in our house. Both of my girls were completely freaked out about getting a tick.

And if I didn't see it with my own two eyes I would've never believe the snickerdoodle/pickle sandwich. I seriously can't believe he ate the whole thing!

Jenna said...

A concerned neighbor would knock on the door... right? Sorry! I am going to run a half (my first) on Halloween. I think it calls for some clever costume.

Brooke said...

What a great fam you have. I found 2 tics on my shirt today after a walk, there are lots back here. Yuk, I know.

Lauren in GA said...

Heh, uh...sorry about my Seth being pregnant quip. I am just a, "concerned" blogging friend.

Oh, I crack myself up...

Rochelleht said...

That baby is beyond CUTE!!!

I hope that Seth doesn't figure out how to arrange those letters he knows in to a certain dirty 3 letter word...

queenieweenie said...

I "accidentally" kissed a few boys' ears in my day too.

Gotta love that girl!

Meg said...

When you got it, you got it. Even if you've been on a blogcation at times.

Very funny post Jessica! I can't believe the neighbors called the police. Geez.