Tuesday, May 12, 2009


(that title is kind of ripping off Paige’s cleverness , sorry.)


I really don’t think I’ve been this giddy over a material object since I bought my first new car after I graduated from BYU. All day at church, post-gift receiving, instead of thinking of Jesus, I kept remembering “Eeee! I own an iphone!” and “Eeee! I can type recipes into the Loseit! app and it will tell me exactly how many calories, etc, it has per serving” and “Eeee! You can sync up with your ward website and everyone’s phone numbers and emails at your finger tips!” (I know. I probably ought to do the whole church thing over again, huh?)

So far this is why I love it:

1. I typed, in the “Notes” section, Jane’s birthday list and emailed it to loving grandparents WHILE IN LINE AT WALMART!

2. I typed just the name of the obscure wallpaper store I was going to today, in the Map section, and in, like 2 seconds!, it pulled up the store. THEN it pulled up me, in blue dot form, and showed how Blue Dot Me could get to the store. Then, on the screen, Blue Dot Me moved whenever my car moved and told me exactly how close I was to my store.

3. At the wallpaper store, I could take a picture of the wallpaper and email it to Ryan to see if he liked it. (Except I didn’t find any I liked, so I only emailed him a picture of me and Faith, but still. I could have.)

4. To show the owner of the wallpaper store what I was looking for, I simply found the wallpaper I’ve been admiring on the Target website and showed it to her. (She didn’t have it. But still.)

Can you even believe it?

So this is what I need to know from iphone havers:

1. How, seriously, do you not spend every moment playing with the phone? (Really. I want to know, because I’m having a limiting problem, which I’m hoping is just the newness of it.)

2. What tricks did you not know when you got it, that you want to share with me?

3. What apps do I need?

Kay, that’s all. Sorry to be so in love with a material object. Maybe next week at church they’ll have a lesson about that. I’ll try to listen this time.


mandy* said...

I'm so jealous!! Let's be honest though...the real reason I want one is because it is so pretty!! (Just like all Apple/Mac products.) Mark and I are being lame and waiting until the iphone is offered through verizon. Be sad for us...

Kara Jayne said...

i told you!!!

looks like you've figured out in one day what took me a year!

i'll be subscribing to these comments because i'm sure i'm not using mine to it's fullest.

oh, and just like the computer...it can be addicting and you just have to set limits for yourself!

Abbie said...

I want that!

the wrath of khandrea said...

my phone is a dinosaur. skip's is always the latest and greatest. we are so different that way. he might like you better. i can't even take a picture with my phone. it annoys him.

Bethany said...

Wow- ienvy. I can't even justify getting one for myself because I hardly answer the phone as it is. But all the other stuff would come in handy.

Oh, hey I'll be in WA this weekend. So let's get together!

Anisa said...

I am so jealous! I have been wanting one for awhile, but since we can't switch to AT&T, I can't have one.

I have the blackberry touch, which is similar and I love it. Now you need to go into your blogger dashboard and set up your account so you can email and text blog posts from your phone.

Carie said...

My friend keeps telling me I need one of those, that it will change my life.

Until then, I am just happy to have a phone that 1)has adjustable volume and 2)is in one piece.

Celia Fae said...

I don't see any app suggestions yet, people. Let's go.

Free games for kids. Just today Alice was totally happy at a YW meeting playing a puzzle game. There's also a mathfacts puzzle game that they love.

Have you tried mobile blogging yet? Try it! It tells you how on blogger mobile.

I don't know what calendar program you use, but I synced my google calendar with the iphone calendar and it is dreamy.

My whole family checks the weather as soon as they wake up.

Download free podcasts of tv shows like sesame street from itunes.

I already told you about readscriptures.com

Maze finger and tap tap games and scrabble for you.

Welcome to the addiction. It wears off but you will never need to carry a book again.

Lindsey said...

Whoa. I am overwhelemed with its usefulness! Is the service crazy expensive? That would be the only down side I could see! ENJOY IT!

Jeanelle said...

I am trying to tell myself I don't need an iPhone because I have an iPod touch but you are making me teeter on the edge. I spend the bulk of my time using three apps: Facebook, Kindle and Bejeweled2. The Kindle one is really incredible. You also don't have to have a Kindle but it sure completes the Kindle experience to have the app. I am a sheep so I get anything they advertise on TV like Tipulator which is pretty cool. I also really like the NY Times and USA Today apps so I can appear to know more than just celeb stuff.

gab said...

iWant iWant iWant

Lauren in GA said...

I love Gabi's response ;).

That thing is truly amazing!

Christie said...


Jenibelle said...

imad because our stolen gem (and I didn't realize WHAT a gem it was til it was gone) is still gone.

jessica said...

You really love rubbing it in how cool you are now don't you...

I remember watching the Jetsons and all the cool gadgets they had...that iphone is beyond anything George and Jane dreamed of!

Bridget said...

It truly has changed my life and I would bear testimony of that to anyone. LOVE it. We have Super Monkey Ball and Bejewled so when we are in a waiting room at the doctor/dentist my kids can play and not whine about how bored they are.

They have a grocery shopping application so it categorizes all the things you need and what aisle they are, etc. You can have saved items.

There is a Facebook app but you're not too into Facebook, right?

There's a weight loss app that Nathan is using, tracks your weight loss, BMI, shows little graphs showing your progress. Cool. He's lost 30 pounds by the way.

The funniest app I have seen is for parking in parking garages. Helps you to not lose your car. I really should get it because I always lose my car.

Lisa-Marie said...


Hazen5 said...

LUCKY!!! I am hoping something tragic happens to my phone soon!

julierhea said...

I love the Shazaam app and Trism is so much fun! Also, Tipulator is cool and so is Urban Spoon (finds restaurants in your area).

I love your blog, btw! :)

queenieweenie said...

For games I love Wurdle, WordWise, and Bee Cells.

I LOVE my iphone-I've had it for a couple of years and can't imagine life without it.

Ilene said...

I'm glad you are happy with your new phone. Dan is the electronic guru in our house and is always fiddling with his ipod touch and blackberry. I am trying not to be jealous of it.

I still haven't learned how to use the "ancient" ipod mini that was Dan's from four years ago.

In the meantime, I keep a little notebook and pen in my bag.

Oh my gosh. I just realized something. I am turning into my mother.

NOW I want an iphone.

Ilene said...

Oh, you wanted suggestions:

My kids love the free app, "Jelly Car" game.

And Jackson LOVES watching the hours of star wars clips and videos made by crazy star wars geeks on youtube.

At least you left your iphone at church. Dan brings his ipod touch because he downloaded the scriptures on it (which he claimed he would never use at church because that is geeky). However, at Stake Conference I totally caught him playing WordWise. It took all of my self control to tell him to turn it off rather than join in.

rachel said...

Well Happy Mother's Day to YOU!! WOW!! Enjoy your new toy. I will not be owning one of those anytime soon. My hubby's too cheap. lol

Laurie said...

Oh just wait until you have a Facebook App and Twiter App, and become App happy. It really does make life so much easier.

I set up alarm in my calendar that goes off for me to check the weather to see if I have to pick up my kids from school and to pick up the boys from Scouts, and other random things i could forget when getting busy finishing up projects.

It has changed my life. I'm so much more responsible now. :)

Erika said...

that's it... I've gotta have one. You make it sound wayyy to cool. I love reading your blog - you're so clever.

Brooke Romney said...

You are good at technology too....sheesh!

Camden said...

Jessica, i remember you mentioning in a post (can't find it) about the website you used to 'scrap' your blog. Can you recommend? Were you pleased with the results. Thanks for sharing...


G and G Nut said...

I'm thinking this may be your last post until you figure out how to blog from your i phone. (Or maybe you already have! :)

Adrianne said...

I never care about cell phones, and now I totally want one. One more thing to add to my list of "when I move back to the REAL America..."

crystal said...

i love mine, too! And i don't even know how how to do all that cool stuff! How'd you figure it out??? I need to come have a training session with ya.

stephi k said...

I've had mine for a year and a half, my giddiness lasted the first month--I listened to a different GC talk everyday. I'd turn in on to lull me to sleep, I'd listen to one while I was waiting for kids at the school. It was awesome. I love being able to look up movie times if I'm out and want to go to plan a quick date. The scripture app is worth buying because it has all the manuals, strength of youth, etc. in addition to the scriptures.
My kids like jellycar and dizzy bee--I'm too cheap to buy any games, we just do the free ones.
I use the calendar all the time.
Checking e-mail has gotten easier, but it's not my fav way to do it--I prefer my pc.