Friday, May 8, 2009

Butter and Salt with that?

Picture 055 Dad:  (having been prepped by Mom)What’s in your nose, Seth?

Seth:  A nut.

Dad:  Is it going to come out?

Seth:  No.  Cause it’s far, far.

Dad:  Why don’t we try blowing it?

Seth:  I did that with Jessica (my friend Jessica who was “watching” him while I went to the gym).  I blowed it in a paper.  She had a little black flashlight.  I got popcorn in my mouth.

Dad: I can’t see it.

Seth:  But Jessica could see it and she feeled it.

Dad: Are you sure it’s in there?

Seth: Yeah. 

Dad: Where is it?

Seth: On one side.

Seth:  There’s two nuts in my nose.

Dad:  How did it get there?

Seth:  Like this (fingers up nose). 

Mom:  Why?

Seth:  Because I was eating it.  Because I put it up my nose, I need a tissue.  Hey.  Where’s my candy?


(What does one do with a child like this?  Really.  One month later, the kernel’s never been found, but there have been no foul smells emanating from Seth, at least not fouler than normal, and so we are assuming the kernel is not rotting in his brain.  Though that could explain quite a lot about this kid.)


Annie said...

And what is it with kids' noses and small objects. One of my kids? M&Ms. Another? a penny.

Pfft. Kids.

J'net said...

After a month he should have sneezed it out!
The passages are all connected around there so it
may pop out of his ear someday... That will be the "rest of the story!" Aloha to "never a dull moment corner!

diane said...

Maybe it will sprout or pop.

Laurie said...

He's always ready for the movies!

If you know it's in there, I had a friend who got a kernel out of her daughter's nose by plugging one side and blowing hard into her mouth (the nurse recommended it).

And I think Nate must have had an unknown object in his nose for a couple months--GROSS smell! Either it rotted away, or the second round of antibiotics cleared it up a super nasty sinus infection.

jessica said...

If I didn't think it was so funny I would try and feel bad about this incident happening under my watch.

How many times can I say it....


the wrath of khandrea said...

not sure if i should laugh or gag.

i'll get back to you.

AMY said...

He may have something foreign stuck in his body somewhere... but he can still memorize "Eye Of The Tiger" so at least brain function's not affected.

Ilene said...

Is this Jessica's elaborate plan to get out of watching your kids?

Now I can't stop sniffing and need to go blow my nose.

Lauren in GA said...

I am dying!! That is hilarious! I mean, besides, of course, the risk of infection and Jessica A. having to deal with the guilt of it having happened under, as she put it, "watch".

He was just saving it for later. His own personal food storage, if you will.

Brooke said...

Wow, I feel like I'm looking at Ryan 29 yrs. ago, of course with no finger in his nose.

Erin said...

I swear that I just had traumatic flashbacks to our "8 peas up the nose" incident. Ack. Kids are crazy!

Adrianne said...

Hilarious. I thought Paige said to plug the other side of his nose and blow into his mouth, and supposedly it will come flying out - or was that just with the pea in Paige's case???

G and G Nut said...

I love you and you totally crack me up!

nurse graham said...

Hopefully he's gotten stuffing things up his nose out of his system so that when he is 12 he doesn't feel the need to put jellybeans up there. I only could shake my head and laugh when my 12 year old did that.