Thursday, October 11, 2007

Emma, then and now

Before there was a blog, there was a journal of the cute things each kid did (certainly not updated regularly).

In June of 2003, Emma was 4 and following is an interview I did with her. I thought I would include her answers then and now.

Name: Emma Romney

then--February 12
now--February 12 (said with a look of "duh.")
# of brothers:
# of sisters:
then--1 in Mom's tummy

What do you want to be when you be when you grow up?
then--a mom
now--"I actually have 3 things: a mom, artist, and a dancer."

If you could be any animal, what would it be?
then--a cat
now--"and I have 2: a cheetah (shout out to Bekah!) and an alligator"

What is your favorite thing to do with your family?
then--have Family Home Evening, go to the park, fly kites
now--going to Riverfront Park and watching late movies

What is your favorite holiday?
now--I'd say Christmas and Halloween

What is your favorite Primary song?
then--A Child's Prayer
now--"What's the one? some say tak, others merci, oh kan sha blah blah blah (ed. note) Children all over the world and Holding Hands around the World. "

Who is your favorite scripture Hero?
If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
now--"Um, I'd go to the lake house when they have the swinging thingie. They're going to attach a ladder and then a little platform and a hanger thing and a rope and so you can jump out into the water." (A little less expensive than the previous request. Yes!)

Favorite movie:
now--"Cats, the one that grandma has. Oh and home videos."

Favorite color:
now--greenish blue
Favorite outfit:
then--rainbow sweater (now a favorite of Jane's)
now--"I'd say my back to school outfit. Only if the pants were a little bit tighter." (What?!)

Favorite toy:
then--princess tent
now--headphones (how times change...)
Favorite friend:
now--Destinae (said with a sad she lives in Utah)

Favorite meal:
then--macaroni and cheese
now--"Oh, I have quite a few for this one. Homemade macaroni and cheese, shell macaroni and cheese, cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, sweet tomatoes macaroni and cheese, clam chowder, garlic bread." (No lactose intolerance, here)

Favorite thing about preschool/school:
now--"the art that my teacher does."

Favorite thing about gymnastics (then)/piano (now)
then--the pit "where it has this kind of square sponges to jump in."
now--how nice and funny my teacher is and since I have my old books how much I've learned.
Interview for Mom:
Favorite thing about Emma?
(Don't you wish you could have both at once...whenever you wished it? Littleness when you can't remember how cute they were. Bigness when you need them to do a good job clearing the table.)
We love Emma.


Randi said...

I love the interview idea. Great way to document some of their personality. Great blog too, you are way more prolific, like you said, than I am. I admire the commitment to recording the days and the moments. Hope to see you guys soon!

Nortorious said...

Did she write that blog? She's smart. If she's done with it, can I borrow the rainbow sweater?

Celia Fae said...

What the? CJane linked you!!! You are totally famous. I bow down to Your Highness, Miss Jessica.

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

She's a doll. That's such a cute idea to ask those questions and then ask them again when they're older. I'm much too unorganized. I really should try harder.

Carie said...

I was going to leave a comment on how adorable your daughter is (so adorable) and how clever you are for the interview (so clever) but am a little distracted by the fact that you were linked by CJane.

I will never be linked by CJane (and thus never be famous) because
a. I am not that cool
b. I do not own that shirt
and, most importantly
c. have a private blog.

But I am very happy for you. Don't forget us little people.

Jill said...

Cute! Nice to see some maturity and progression, eh!!?? LOL. Hey, I have been wanting to make ebleskivers ever since your post, been to Target twice, and can't find the pan. Are they in some secret spot? I just might have to order one on-line!

gab said...

My daughter's name is Emily and her birthday is also Feb. 12th! What cute little valentines they both are!

Lisa-Marie said...

I love the idea and am going to steal it if you don't mind! Coming soon to a blog near you...