Friday, October 5, 2007

Vacation, how did you get away?

I know it's boring to tell you all how much "re-entry" sucks, because all of you know. But it sucks. (I'm sorry, I just love that word and really struggle to not say it in front of my kids--and basically fail--because it is so perfectly descriptive of a yucky, yucky thing. Yucky's kind of nicer, huh? But it just have the same punch, you know?)

ANYWAY, following are a List of Suckiness Reasons:

1) It turned into winter while I was away.
2) Kids make a lot of noise, especially when they want your attention.
3) There are lots of papers that procreate in your home while you are away (bills, completed homework, mail, school notices, etc.).
4) My husband deserted me to go run the St George marathon today. 26.2 miles is a cinch compared to this.
5) It's gray gray gray gray gray gray gray.
6) I gained 5 lbs and have to revert to un-fun strict pre-cruise diet.
7) I feel grouchy that I'm not more loving and fun right now and am sure that they are all thinking, "Why were we wanting her back?"
8) I'm feeling guilty that I didn't get my husband a cute pre-marathon present (like his sister did) and I'm feeling guilty that my cute brother Sam (who was here during and after the cruise) had grouchy, boring re-entry Jessica for our last days together before his mission.
9) The temple didn't work it's magic-all-of-a-sudden-I'm-a-better-mother trick like it usually does.
10) I liked reading, eating, sleeping, swimsuits, exercising, sight-seeing, having a steward a little better than cleaning, counting calories, buying soccer cleats, breaking up fights, quizzing kids on spelling words, jackets and rain.

Do you all remember how I didn't want to go on the cruise? Well, that was idiotic.


zeeny said...

Sounds familiar! Ryan has been gone for a week and I try to get tons of stuff done. But, by the end of the week when all is not done and I am getting tired of being alone I am rethinking my support of allowing him to leave me for a week! (I guess he was working, but still!)

Jill said...

Are you kidding me...TOTALLY NORMAL. You were just in paradise and now have to come back to a hectic life...yeah, it sucks!!You'll slowly acclimate back to the real world and forget how wonderful and unrealistic the fantasy you just experienced was, and that it can't last forever!! It's almost cruel huh, you taste that and want more and then BAM, back to life and it totally sucks! Just find pieces of reality now that are your your beautiful children. Teach them how to serve you bfast in bed!! ha ha. You can have the best of both worlds! LOL
My fam is down in St George running too. Sounds fun!
Hopefully this weekend will brighten your spirits!!

Anonymous said...

Jessica - got a laugh w/ your most recent post. And thanks for the props on my blog! I, too, have the hardest time re-entering. So much so that the last time I got back from girls' weekend (which was about a year ago, mind you) my husband had "re-entry fowers" (his word) waiting for me. Tell THAT one to your guilty conscience for not buying a pre-marathon gift! I think he'll enjoy a POST marathon gift just as much. Let's see, what could a wife do for her husband post marathon that he would really, really like...??!! Well, I'll let you two figure that one out. : )

Ilene said...

Ah, as I was reading your entry the En Vogue song popped into my head that goes "Back to Life, Back to Reality, Back to the Here and Now."

Such truth, huh?

I don't know where that song was filed away in my memory but alas, there it is.

Welcome back to the pasty life- both literally and figuratively.

Lorena said...

OK, now I'm not so jealous. Except, we leave Monday for Utah and the packing has begun. So wish you guys were going!!

I also just got a surprise phone call from my MIL (your Grandma) stating that she will be here at 3 p.m. to assist me in driving my children to Utah while Dane stays to work.

Let the cleaning frenzy begin!!!!

Now I wish I had spent the week cleaning instead of taking hour-long walks, blogging, having lunch dates, sleeping, shopping, and the like.

Did you post before or after Conference?

Paige said...

I really really love how negative this post is. Because you are not a negative person and sometimes life is just hellish, even if it is really great and we don't have anything REAL to complain about.

There's no worse feeling than re-entry. Embrace the horror and just be glad you don't have to run a marathon AND do re-entry! And Tiff is right, you can give him a gift that no one else can.

bloggingchristy said...

Don't worry, you only have to be on the diet for 4 more days until I come out and see you! Like I will let anyone be on a diet when I am visiting. Maybe we can even get the Daines to eat some Non-Organic foods. Wait, let's not get too crazy!

Jill said...

Oh man, conference was SO good today!! I hope you can find time to listen, it was great. I'm sure you didn't get much out of today with 4 kids...that is a feat in and of itself :)
Are you serious about your next kids names!!?? That is awesome and funny if it really is Levi and Faith. Holly, their mom, is a friend from highschool.

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

Hi Jessica... I found your blog from my friend, Jill's. I think she thinks I'm stalking her friends because they all have fun blogs and I keep commenting on them. I'm the one who has a "Levi" and a "Faith". They're good names. You should totally steal them. I LOVE your blog. Too cute! Hope you don't mind if I check in now and then.

Heather said...

Plus nobody tips you at the end of the week for bed turndown. Its a total crock.

But I'm glad you're back...

Penny said...

Yea, re-entry sucks! And as you get back into life again, your vacation seems like a distant memory. You can't believe that you were on a cruise just a week ago, it seems like forever. That is why we have to take lots of pictures, to prove to ourselves that we really WERE there, it wasn't just a dream.

Me & My BOYS said...

So, I guess I should keep up on reading your blog better. I didn't know Ryan was running the St. George marathon. We were down that weekend getting family pics taken. Ry's brother and his wife ran the marathon so we were there at the finish line to cheer them on. Melanie Scadden ran as well. Great job Ryan!!!

Kara said...

I am SO TOTALLY WITH YOU ON THIS!!!! I am just three days back and I think I'm going to cry...again. I've already yelled at my kids too much, and my house is even more of a disaster than when I got home. I'm so glad someone else feels my pain. I totally don't have time to catch up on my blog reading, but I'm doing a little bit here and there to make me feel better. Hope your doing better this week! How did Ryan do at the marathon?