Friday, October 19, 2007

Cat's Out of the Bag

Minutes after Jessica left me for the evening with the kids I began sharing the 80's with them in my own special way by singing "You gotta fight!! For your right!!! To PAAAAARTAY!" At the top of my lungs. Since I don't know any of the words other than the chorus, I repeated it several times. Yet my exuberence was quickly squelched by Gabe who soberly informed me,

"Dad ... mom doesn't partay with us when your not here."

"What !?!?!" I queried agast.

"Really ... she doesn't" he reaffirmed.

"Well, I can't belive what I am hearing." I said deflated "I specifically instructed her to party with you guys while I am at work," I informed him with disgust.

"She doesn't."

"Well, what is she doing then??"



"Yes, just blogging."

I think my surprised expression communicated incredulity to the boy so he asked his sister to corroberate his story, "Does mom blog all the time Jane?"

"huh?" she asked distracted.

"Does mom blog all the time?"

"what?" still distracted.

"Does mom blog all the time!!!" now getting exasperated.

"yep." she finally answered emotionless.

So there you have it. Apparently Jessica isn't partying all the time with the kids. Rumor has it she is blogging. I just can't believe this. Can you?


Jill said...

Oh, that is absolutely hilarious!! I really don't believe it. She hasn't made time to be my new blog friend, or reply on my posts, or make awesome posts herself that inspire and entertain her fans...I think your kids are lying!!

Celia Fae said...

I bet it is fun to be the Disneyland Dad while Jessica is hard at work managing your finances on the computer. And working on her church calling. And writing emails to her kids teachers. Those kids, they are making stuff up.

Brigitta said...

It's a real addiction you can't blame her she isn't responsible. Blame it on the addiction, not her. Maybe she needs help, I know of a good facility she can hang at the fancy detox lodge in my hometown of Provo that all the celebrities go to. Just like everyone in Hollywood it's not their fault they like to drive drunk all the time.

zeeny said...

I can believe it since I am on the computer and my two girls are being watched by the Disney channel...or is it they are watching the Disney channel...who knows!

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

The kids are lying. Jessica never blogs. If she's on the computer, I'm sure it's with way more important stuff than blogging. Blogging should just so low on everyone's priority list. Good moms totally don't blog so I know she's totally NOT blogging.

Ilene said...

I can vouch for Jessica and say that she was not blogging all day yesterday. I saw her between the hours of 12 and 1pm at McDonald's. I believe that took place directly after taking your little 'uns shopping. I don't even think we really discussed blogging while at lunch(much).

So, perhaps your little son is trying to get Jessica in trouble. Are you sure you didn't put him up to this?

Elizabeth Caldwell said...

I cannot vouch for Jessica... except to say I wish she would blog more...

But I must thank you for reminding me of the fun stuff my dad used to do with us "behind mom's back” of course I know now that she knew all along... but it was fun to think we were pulling one over on her. Maybe I ought to talk to Gabe and encourage a more conspiratorial attitude...LOL

Paige said...

She is NOT blogging. She is too busy napping.

Dane said...

I don't know why this should come as a surprise...I am fully aware that's all that happens around here.

Lorena said...

Yeah, you boys think you are so high and mighty. Somehow, miraculously, toilets get scrubbed, laundry gets done, children get fed, and we still look gorgeous for you. So what if we indulge in some blogging?

My husband also informed me that I am extra-special because I have Blogging Partays where I combine the two. You should try that.

gab said...

What did you think she was doing?

Carie said...

I will refrain from commenting since last time Ryan posted an anti-blogging-Jessica post, I was called snarky.

Carie said...

Okay, Ryan you are officially forgiven for several reasons:

1. Your extra long comment on my blog was much appreciated.

2. I agree that snarky is a great word.

3. I was being snarky, and deserved being called such.

4. I have great affection for movie quotes.

5. You are married to Jessica, who I would really like to stay friends with.

In token of my forgiveness I would like to extend to you my own personal invitation to view my blog, at your leisure. Have Jessica send me your email address and I can add you to my exclusive list.

Also to allay your fears about worrying Mark, HE NEVER READS MY BLOG ANYWAY, his solution to my blogging addiction: he ignores it. (I am not bitter.)

Me & My BOYS said...

Have you ever read your blog or all of the other blogs that she is constantly commenting on? I'm always telling my husband how funny the Romney blog is and how Jessica always comments on mine. He always just asks, "How does she have time to do all that." My response is, "Jessica is amazing, she's a multi-tasker. She probably does it while she's cooking dinner. You know, she can curl her hair and put her make-up on at the same time."

Lisa-Marie said...

Hello. My name is Lisa-Marie and I'm a blog addict.

You can send her to BA (Bloggers Anonymous) meetings with me if you want!