Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Dozen Cousins

Since my brothers are visiting us this weekend we decided to do a big family dinner together at my sister Heather's house (thanks Heath'!). We used to invite ourselves over more often back when our combined brood only totalled a half dozen cousins. But with my sister's amazing procreative powers, she now has passed our old total all by herself. It was fun as it always is, but in order to keep from getting too verbose, I will just report the highlights.


1.) Every Romney within 300 miles was there; my Uncle Doug & Aunt Marcie, Greg & Fam, Heather & Fam, and us.

2.) The argument that ensued between Austin and Landon. They almost always entertain us with some kind of silly conversation, interaction or squabble. Tonight the argument revolved around which one of them actually responded to the initial news that our van had been stolen with the response: "Who would steal that old piece of trash?"

3.) Adrienne was wearing my favorite T-shirt that always makes me a little happier. It is the one with a frazzled looking cat scratching a chalkboard with the words "STRESSED OUT!!" across the bottom in bold. It has an unnatural hold on me. I always have to ask her something like "how are you really feeling?" whenever I see her in it. Tonight Greg took the bait before I did and I immediately felt an inner peace warm over me. Ahhh... the simple pleasures of family.

4.) The melee that ensues whenever 2 year olds occupy the same space. Tonight was especially eye-catching because we had three 2 year old combatants to root on. My favorite match was Miles thwarted attempt at commandeering Stacey's dessert plate. Her shove to the face was expertly executed. Unfortunately, the instinctive yanking of the plate behind the back resulted in no one getting to enjoy the loot.

5.) The group conversation with Jessica. This is when we all sit down after the kids have eaten and the dishes have been cleared away and Jessica leads a group discussion revolving around various topics of her choosing. Try as she might she can't help but run the table. She makes funny rules for herself like "I won't say anything else until two more people have commented" although well meaning, these rules aren't very effective.

6.) Tonight we had a new highlight. This was during the pre-dinner prayer. As my brother began the prayer, I heard a loud rushing stream of liquid coming echoing out of the open bathroom doorway. As I peeked in to see what reverent soul had chosen this as their preferred mode of worship, I recognized Gabe standing in front of the toilet with his pants down and his head bowed and his arms folded. He finished relieving himself without the aid of any hands. I know he finished because the echoing ceased before the prayer did and, as I peeked back in, I noticed that the reverent repose was still maintained (pants still down) for the duration of the prayer. I am not sure whether to be pleased with the attempt to be reverent or the peaceful comfort of my son as he prayed without pants or shame.

We've wondered why we get invited over less since we've moved back...but in reviewing this post, it's seeming a little more clear. It may be cheaper by the dozen, but it's certainly not quieter.


Lorena said...

That sounds fun and all, but I think the Romneys would have been better received in Utah this week.

Denae said...

That is something my son would do... door wide open, not watching where he pees! So funny though!

rubberbandgirl said...

That last item was SO funny.

Celia Fae said...
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G and G Nut said...

Way to go, Gabe! I hope your parents put a bean in the good behavior jar for obediently remembering to be reverent during a prayer. Grandma loves you!!

Penny said...

Ryan, you must be so proud. What a reverent little guy. I'm sure when he's 13, he'll love to know that his parents blogged about him peeing during a prayer with his arms folded...oh well, too bad!! I'd blog about it too!

Carie said...

We love family get togethers. Ours are much the same: cousin love-fest. We've never had a pee on the floor incident but that doesn't mean we won't.

brooke romney said...

Really wish we were within 300 miles. These Romneys were missing out on all the fun. I'm especially interested in the Jessica discussion, since I feel like we are best friends since I've started blogging.

Celia Fae said...

Super cute family photos! Kids, they do the darndest things. There, was that generic enough?

Jessica said...

Celia, don't be that way.

bloggingchristy said...

Now I'm going to really keep track of how many comments people are making and how many Jessica is making to see if she is really keeping to her rules. How funny! I would rather be the talkative one that to be called "quiet."