Friday, October 26, 2007

We like to do things 50/50 around here.

(#1: notice the 4th of July attire circa 2004...and #2: how could I look so much younger just 3 years ago?)

So I've heard that on your 100th post, you are supposed to put 100 things about you (or maybe I just made that up and wanted more attention for myself?) But 100 is hard and since Ryan contributes 1/7 of the time, I'm making him do 50 and leaving 50 for myself.

Ryan's Fifty--(read them, they are so interesting!)

1. Think of myself as a marketing genius.
2. Prefer T-shirts to any other type of shirt.
3. Never wear black.
4. Love ice cream in almost any form.
5. If I could live anywhere for a year I would want to experience China.
6. Love higher end compact cars (Audi A4 and Vlovo S40 are my current favorites).
7. I think life should be fair and it bothers me when it is not.
8. Can’t remember names to save my life.
9. Could live on nothing but bread and various cheeses (perhaps I am French).
10. Have poor hand-eye coordination
11. Have good endurance
12. Tan easily/quickly.
13. Remember historical/scientific facts pretty easily
14. I will either die from Parkinson’s or Melanoma … both are pretty much a sure thing at this point, it just depends which one gets me first.
15. Competitive by nature (it is in the Romney blood)
16. I have attractive feet
17. Enjoy good science fiction (unfortunately it is hard to find)
18. If I had it my way I would eat one huge meal a day at about 3:00 pm.
19. But since I think that is not very good for me, I try to eat 4-5 small meals a day.
20. Believe that honesty is the best policy.
21. I still nurse a secret childhood fantasy of going through special forces (preferably Navy SEAL) training.
22. Enjoy the mental exercise in a good argument, but hate the stress of a real one.
23. I have only gotten an F once on a Semester report card (I think). It was in book reports. My teacher conducted oral book reports and I believed that since they involved no writing that they needn’t involve any reading either, other than the reading of the summary on the back cover as I approached Mrs. Jones’ desk.
24. Hate being an unwarranted inconvenience to others
25. I wouldn’t trade my “Haytown” upbringing for any other
26. Believe that increased kindness and social sense improves every human interaction
27. I would never hunt unless it was my only means of acquiring food.
28. Most often recurring nightmare involves being hunted by Nazis (the many concentration camp films my Dad showed me when I was about 8 really did a number on my subconscious).
29. Hate watching sports (why watch others do what I would rather do myself)
30. I can’t sit still.
31. Love to joke and laugh at myself as well as others.
32. Like to think of myself as more capable of being objective than most.
33. Really enjoy having the hottest wife there is.
34. Think that it is a sin to not care about the environment
35. I am almost always too hot and rarely uncomfortably cold.
36. I believe wholeheartedly in the gospel of Jesus Christ.
37. Would be willing to pay $1000 for each inch I could adjust my height upward. I think 6’1” is my ideal height.
38. I hate wasting anything. I don’t waste food, or hardware, or money or anything if I can help it.
39. I actually take pride in not having the nicest (car, clothes, house, etc.) I would seriously start to hyperventilate with joy if Jessica ever came to me and said “I think we ought to downgrade our (fill in the blank).”
40. My most enjoyable college class was a survey of feminist theory.
41. Favorite Comic Book Hero – Spiderman (not really a fan of the movies though)
42. Constantly have to do battle with bad breath and dirty ears.
43. I have an obsessive craving for order that I actually have to fight back to live a happy normal life.
44. Against my mothers wishes, and for only 1 week I proudly owned a wore a half-shirt (circa 1987)
45. I wish I would have been one of those boys whose moms made them take clogging lessons as a kid, for the sheer comedic value that it would be today to be able to break into a wild clogging routine in unexpected places and circumstances.
46. I really enjoy the love of siblings. We get each other in a way that no one else really will. We have been each others worst enemies and best friends at different times. We know each others pasts and witnessed each others metamorphosis. I love that connection and because of it, I love being around them.
47. Cereals I love but almost never get Captain Crunch (w/o those gross berries), Quaker Granola, Coco Puffs, Grape Nuts, and Cracklin’ Oat Bran.
48. I don’t like not knowing almost anything.
49. I get most mad at being laughed at in a mean way and being physically confronted in any manner.
50. Given the choice between a day by myself and one with my kids, I would pick the day with my kids 9 times out of 10.

Jessica's Fifty:

1. I can always find something to say about anything.
2. I Love cookies so very very much and really hate the idea of eating less than 5 at a sitting.
3. I Can really appreciate art of any kind, but feel very inadequate at actually doing any of it.
4. I have good hair.
5. I read more than almost anyone I know.
6. I have a complete need to follow rules/recipes/instructions as a way to absolve myself "I followed the recipe exactly, it's not my fault if it didn't taste good."
7. I love to cook. I am a good meal planner and what I make tastes good...but am not good at improvising with food (see #6).
8. I really find children and what they say and do so funny (runs in the Nelson side of the family.)
9. I would choose no other life or circumstances than my own. I am blessed with the ability to be content.
10. I love to teach.
11. I am very bad at physical organization. A messy closet makes my heart pound because I have no idea how to fix it.
12. I like almost everyone and don't hold grudges.
13. I have to work hard on not talking about people (rarely done mean spiritedly...I'm just curious and talkative and it's a bad combination).
14. I love numbers and percentages and figuring stuff out that has to do with statistics.
15. I like SUNNY.
16. I am getting neater and neater as I grow older.
17. I bite and pick (nails, hair, kids' growths).
18. I am way too open. And really think everyone else should be too.
19. I love games. Especially trivia and right brained ones...but I'll play anything. Except Acquire. 20. I love music--listening to it, playing it, dancing to it and singing it.

21. I have bad skin...prone to wrinkles and zits and paleness.
22. I have a close relationship with my father. We talk easily and often.
23. I have the best in-law (mother, father, sister and brother) situation in the whole world.
24. I love red.
25. My favorite thing to do with my kids is go places.
26. I am the road trip queen.
27. I want to be with my husband more than anyone else 99% of the time.
28. I am a girl opposed to a guy person.
29. I love to exercise.
30. I love that my church gives me the oppurtunity to bear testimony of its truthfulness often.
31. I love my calling in Primary.
32. I yell at my kids too often...but it is getting better.
33. I'm controlling within my family. Outside my family I can easily curb it, because hello! I want people to like me.
34. I ask my husband for blessings, like, once a month.
35. I love fried foods.
36. I love all foods actually. I, only, kind of don't like mushrooms, but I've had recipes with them that I think are yummy. I pride myself on liking everything. Also, I don't like oysters.
37. I start going stir-crazy if I don't have a date or an exciting party planned on the weekend.
38. I kiss my kids alot.
39. I was blessed with really obedient children.
40. I think my husband is very sexy, especially when I watch him make others laugh and when he knows stuff.
41. I have an addictive personality. I can get sucked into things easily--food, TV, books, blogging--and only survive because I am also self-disciplined.
42. I value my long term friends more than I ever thought I would.
43. I hate crafting. (Projects, again!) but will make cards if surrounded by food and talking or TV.
44. I learn so much from watching my mother around my own children.
45. I find myself having more and more in common with my younger sister (by 13 years) and am getting so excited about it!
46. I would love to serve a mission with my husband.
47. I am a morning person. I get, truly, 80% of my life accomplished before 1pm.
48. I love love love backrubs.
49. I love talking about the gospel in everyday conversation.
50. I am an optimist. I always think I will never go gray (I am), never have anything bad happen to me, and always shocked when anything bad does happen.

Thanks for the indulgence. Let us know if we missed anything.


Kenny, Linsey and Caleb said...

I'm not sure I'm worthy to know you guys. Jessica, yours were just as interesting as Ryan's!

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

I have seen the 100 things about you posts before and I couldn't wait to get to 100 so that I can do one. Now, I'm not so sure because mine aren't going to be as cool as yours. Don't show Ryan the picture of our dead deer. He might be angry since he's not a hunter. Seeing this list of things really makes me want to know you in real life even more.

Erin said...

Loved reading every single one of 'em. Seriously, EVERY one was great--and so true. But, it made me realize even more how much we miss living close to you guys!

Nae-nae said...

Good stuff, I learned so much!

Pineapple Princess said...

I think you are my new best friend, not just because you called my hilarious for the first time in my life, but because you are interesting and amazing in at least 50 ways.

I think it is cool that you and your hubby blog together.

Blog on!

Lisa-Marie said...

I'm just about to turn 100 myself. I didn't know if that was still the "cool" thing to do (though, I'd have done it anyway. I'm very rarely cool!) but now I see your 100 and KNOW it must be "in."

And that was fun to read btw. You and your hubby make a great team it seems!

Paige said...

I really like this stuff, and the 100th post tradition. Too bad I missed it. I learned a lot about Ryan, and only one thing about you. I didn't know red was your favorite color! Other than that, the fact that you are so open makes it really easy and fun to be friends with you.

Jill said...

That was awesome! Aren't you supposed to give some BLOG CANDY too!!??
That was fun to learn more about you guys. You seem pretty cool :) ha ha. We have some similiarities...except I HATE exercising, I HATE mornings and I LOVE crafting. Can we still be friends!!??

Brown Sugar said...

Ryan I think you failed to mention your uncanny resemblance to Joseph Smith and I also think that you might want to reconsider #5. I lived in China, it was smelly, the food was bad and it was full of chinese people.

gab said...

It is so fun to get to know cool people this way...but such a bummer too because I want to go out to dinner and can't quite figure out how to make it to WA and back without paying the sitter overtime.

Congrats and here's to at least 100 more...soon!

Carie said...

It is impossible not to read your posts and want to move next door and see you everyday. You guys are two of my favorite people ever. Here is to another 100. Keep em coming.

P.S. Brown Sugar's comment made me laugh out LOUD.

Lorena said...

I missed my 100! Do you think anyone would be annoyed if I waited until 200?

Ilene said...

I did my 100 awhile ago- I didn't know I was supposed to wait until my 100th! I just was too eager to talk about myself, I guess.

Every time I read these lists I want to re-do mine. I want to be more interesting like you and Ryan. What I think would be interesting is to have your spouse or a friend write a 100 thing list about yourself. That would make for some interesting conversations.

Anyway, I guess I am trying to say is that I really enjoyed the list. Oh, and I do need that soup recipe you made. It was super yummy.

Penny said...

I think I speak for everyone when I say:

1. We would all like to see a picture of Ryan's feet.

2. We would all like to eat every meal at your house. Or at least have you teach us how to cook like you!

That was a great idea, I loved getting to know both of you even more...we love your family!

Abbie said...

Fun! I've never heard of this tradition before. I think Forrest and I will do this for's spiritual, right?

I also love that you are so open. I think it's a blessing. I think people should be more open too. Fakey fake stuff makes me crazy.

BTW, that picture of you looks like our moms were smashed together. You're beautiful! said...

That was so fun! I love learning all these great things about you guys. It's funny what we are similar and different in...a Romney who loves feminist theory but doesn't like watching sports though..hmmm, I'm gong to have to tell on him. And, how fun are you? I loved all 50, and am wondering why you don't come on over to AZ?? It's always sunny!

Erika said...

jess - you know yourself sooo well. I love that about you.

Tammy said...

All so true! I love the 100 posting, fun stuff. I may have to copy at some point or alter it a bit. Thanks for sharing, you are both such GREAT PEOPLE!!!

rubberbandgirl said...

I really enjoyed this post. Fun stuff.
Jessica, it's gotta be nice to have a parter in crime (the blog).

Summer said...

Thanks for providing such entertaining material! I enjoyed that immensely. I feel like I really know you guys now...even though I don't.

Kirsten said...

You guys are awesome. I can't believe you are already on your 100th post. Wait, yes I can. You're wicked crazy bloggers!

Celia Fae said...

Perhaps if you avoid 12 (tanning) you could avoid 14 (melanoma). The world obviously needs stellar fellers like you. I look forward to meeting you someday.

I love you so much since we started blogging together. You are AWESOME! And oh so positive. I like Ryan too but I don't want to scare him off....

Kara said...

these were so much fun to read. I too think it's great that you guys blog together. I relate with so many things on both your lists. There are a few that I need MAJOR help with though like cooking!! Arghhhh! It is my struggle right now. So, next time you are in SUNNY AZ stop by and we will have a cooking lesson okay! Oh, and we have a pool so Ryan won't get too hot.

bloggingchristy said...

I missed this blog, but am glad I went back and read it. You guys really are such neat people (all joking aside). I am glad that you are part of my family and am grateful for my relationships with both of you.