Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Summary 10/28/07

Some of this week's highlights include:

Here's me showing you my new camera. (A normal person would not publish a picture that included such disgusting hand prints on their mirror. But I am kind of lazy and just want to get this post done, so sorry, Mom--my mom is much neater than me and did teach me to clean mirrors. She just didn't realize how long it takes to upload pictures on to blogspot.)

Here are the participants prior to the Primary program. They all did really well ( would have been way funnier if someone had picked their nose during their part or something.) Emma sang a song with a group of girls and did an impromptu part when someone didn't show up (with inflection and everything). Gabe had his "I can be a good worker like Jesus, etc. etc." part MEMORIZED. And Jane tried to say her line, into the mic, with rest of her class, except she got boxed out by Edie. No hard feelings, Albrechts, I'd just suggest a FHE on sharing or humility. And Seth did his part from the audience, by re-singing, LOUDLY whatever song the Primary had just concluded: "I will go, I will GO, I will go, I will GO!" (Nephi's Courage). OH Yeah...if you look closely, you will see the bunny ears trying to make an appearance.

We got invited to Johannes' birthday party...seen here with his fabulous mom.

All of our neighbors and kids carved pumpkins, bobbed for apples and decorated Halloween cookies. It was a perfect Fall Fest.

No week is complete without the soccer games. Gabe made his first goal, although he claims it's his sixth. We are very proud of his soccer accomplishments, as well as his inflated ego.

Friday was crazy hair day. Enough said.

We also had a fabulous time playing games with a bunch of friends on Saturday night. I only had to tell Ryan once to stop hounding his teammate who wasn't moving fast enough on "Catch Phrase". Plus also there was a lot of yummy food. So the night was pretty much a success for both of us.
Another week...another seven posts. Thanks for making this journaling worthwhile!


Lorena said...

So glad you have a camera! And, I love the topiary in front of the mirror! I have two (Stacy gave me hers) in my entryway.

Looks like you all had a great week...although things look cold was 97 here today...brrr such great Fall weather!

Tammy said...

Jessica you are hilarious. I love your random photo. You are really getting good at blogging! Your family is perfect. How do you do it?

Paige said...

YAY for the new camera. I love all the pictures. And only a fantastic mom would do hair that complex on crazy hair day. Mine get it ratted (already done from the bed) and sprayed.

Penny said...

I love the picture of you (and the hand prints) in the mirror. And yeah for the new camera!

The birthday party was a blast, I will also be blogging about it soon.

You are going to have to teach me how to get your pictures to line up like that, I'm hopeless!

Tiffany said...

Yeahhh! I finally caught up on your posts after being gone nearly all of October. You make me laugh -- like really laugh. (not laughing at you -- but at your humor) You have such a great way of saying things that truly catches the essence of things.

Let's see -- instead of commenting on all of the posts --
- I think it's funny that your're getting neater as you get older and I think I'm getting messier (I blame it on kids)
- OK - game night sounds so fun -- I want to come to your game night. What do you do with your kids?
- Jane's comment about following Satan's way made me laugh so hard -- I even slapped my leg and laughed (isn't that what old people do?)
- The "Re-entry" -- I know this is so 2-weeks ago but I totally empathize. I am currently still going through my re-entry.
- sorry about your van and purse
- I love the Sunday Summary idea. (I might just have to copy you and Celia too!)

Thanks for making me smile today.
Oh - and a good crisp Fuji apple really is better than even Candy Corn! (most of the time)

Ilene said...

Can you by my kids' mom?

Ilene said...

be not by.

See, my boys really need someone to help their poor 'ol mom out.

gab said...

I am sooooo glad to see that bobbing for apples is making a comeback. I heard it was considered unsanitary or something...

Maybe we'll try for FHE tonight (but I'm going first)!

Rochelleht said...

I know you're just jealous that your kid didn't do something totally cool in the program like mine. I blogged it. It was good. crazy church antics

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

I'm jealous of your new camera. That and your picture stacking and the fact that they enlarge when you click on them (what in the heck is wrong with mine?!) Also, crazy hair day is coming up for us as well and I doubt I'll be as fab as you, but I'm gonna try.

zeeny said...

What a fun week...I want sugar cookies with frosting now! Our primary program is in two weeks. Madelyn had to fill in the blank to finish her part. She had to come up with an example of serving. She said she serves her friends by sharing her Barbies! I guess the whole ward will know how much she likes her Barbies!

Carie said...

You have a Fun life.

I love that your neighborhood is so chummy.

Kenny, Linsey and Caleb said...

Holy Fall Festival Batman! Looks like you had a blast!

Pineapple Princess said...

Crazy hair day looks like a hit, especially the Sinjaya hair. Is that part of the "say no to drugs week" at your school? I can totally see it, "This is your hair, this is your hair on drugs." It makes more sense than wearing red shirts or ugly socks.

Bridget said...

Your kids are SO cute! What a beauiful family you are. I love the idea of a neighborhood party like that.

Lisa-Marie said...

I have hair envy. My poor little four year old has NO hair. Well, a few straggly wispies but that is all. Everyday is crazy hair day for her. I think people assume that her mommy never does her hair. But what DO you do with well, nothing?!?!

Denae said...

we had crazy hair OR hat day today and I sent my kids in hats and they were the only ones without crazy hair... it was sad for us. Your kids crazy hair is great.