Saturday, August 25, 2007

Gabe's Birthday To-Do

Gabe's birthday was today. A few days ago he wrote a list of the things he wanted to do on his birthday. I've transcribed it here, with exact spelling (good luck...the pictures can be your clues). Let's see how close we got to fulfilling all his wishes.

1. Have befist. (He wanted ebleskivers, "with a side dish of eggs and also a side dish of bacon.")
CHECK. I cooked roughly 105 ebleskivers. We had the Daines cousins over and it was a huge success.

2. Play outsiyed.
CHECK. Easy, since we live in neighborhood with 21 kids 11 and under, and since he does it all day, every day. It took a lot of special birthday effort to tell him to, "Go outside and play."

3. Have lunch.
CHECK. Hot dogs. Luckily his list did not say: Meet my nutritional needs.

4. Naq or T.V. or videyo games.
CHECK. Gabe watched TV at 5:45 am while the rest of the house napped (thus, no picture).

5. Play games.
CHECK. When the Daines got here they played hide and seek, piggy runaway (always a favorite) and signs.

6. then we Rolrbayed over to the dane's home.
sorta-CHECK. We roller-bladed to the Farmer's Market. Gabe lasted on his 5 minutes. But I got a picture, so it counts.

7. Play tery for a hafinower.
non-CHECK. They had stayed at our house for 2 hours this morning, so we couldn't bug them again.

8. Find a cool caterpillar.
CHECK. Okay, his list didn't say that but we did and it was big and orange and was trying to fight us, so I had to include it.

9. Ride back home with the dane's. Play for 10 mins.
non-CHECK. Though they did come for cake and presents in the evening.

10. Hav pizza for diner.
CHECK. No one actually ate it. We have 14 pieces leftover in our fridge.

11. have the dane's sleep-oever. the end.
non-CHECK. We're exhausted. And sick of the Daines. Just kidding.

12. He didn't include PRESENTS or A CAKE but we got them for him anyway.

The morale of the story: have a 7 year old who requires very little and he will have a Happy Birthday!


Celia Fae said...

That is going to be an awesome blog journal entry. Thank you for including the original spelling! You are a terrific mother who caters to her children's every need.

Carie said...

Happy bday to Gabe! Boys are so fun.

I would LOVE the recipe for the ebleskivers (you made them for me once and I think about them often, so yummy.)

Paige said...

Ebleskivers sound delicious. Your child is actually quite a good writer. My 7 year old could use some lessons, but I just don't have time.

Tiffany said...

So I'm still not sure what ebleskivers are ??? Your kids are adorable. I see so much of you in them.

Nor said...

I am exhausted just looking at that list. Gabe and I do one thing the same on our birthdays: naq.
What are ebleskivers? They sound like something you'd find in a pond.