Friday, September 14, 2007

We're so Holey

Hole #1


skewered this mouth: (except she didn't look like that when it happened).

After a day of back and forth with the urgent care, school and our emotions...we finally found out (by visiting an ENT in our ward--who also apparently also knows about the M) that she had put a HOLE in her tonsil. (People kept trying to get me to go to the ER, but I didn't think we needed to--what were they going to do, stitch up her throat?--and Dr. Julian told me that they would have done what he did: diagnose and send me home.) Her tonsil HOLE has gotten much better today--which she said "is kinda bad, cause now I don't get a milkshake for dinner like last night."

Hole #2


ran over something on the way home from work yesterday (same day as the tonsil/skewer incident). $400 later, the HOLE is fixed and the car is driving much better.

Hole #3


is the mouth that has had a missing front tooth for over 18 months. (When he was two, he fell and the tooth turned gray. It must have fallen out early because it's been MIA for an inordinate amount of time.)
Yesterday (same day as the tonsil/skewer and tire/highway incident)--mom noticed that the HOLE is being filled in. He's getting his tooth, finally. And Gabe is eating corn on the cob much better.

We don't know what we were supposed to learn from the Day Of Holes but we're really looking forward to the Day Of Breaks and the Day Of Regurgitation.


Paige said...

Or day of explosions (outside the restroom, I mean). What is that first thing Emma who is the age of accountability poked herself with? Sol got a fat lip at karate tonight. From a nicely placed punch? No, from his teacher tossing him his boxing glove!

Ilene said...

There's a "hole" lot going on at your house (cue the drum beating out 'duh,duh,duh').

I fell on my front tooth as a 5 year old and it died too. We called it my "brown tooth." I wasn't as lucky as Gabe. Mine never fell out. In fact, I had to get the sucker pulled so my other tooth could come in. Sorry for that long life story. Basically, I wanted to say "hooray for Gabe."

Erika said...

is it every boring around your house?

Celia Fae said...

Ooooo, a theme post. I love those.

And I love that you didn't take Emma in "because what was the doctor going to do?" We moms, we are better at diagnosis than any doctor.

Why did the tire cost $400? Ouch.

Jessica said...

It was all 4 tires (we figured we'd just do all of them!)

And that thing is a shish kabob skewer.


Ouch...that's all I can think to say. I know, shocking from wordy, old me.

Denae said...

The hole in the tonsil scares me, I would have freaked out and probably sat in the ER for hours for nothing. I'm not good at diagnosing things myself. I hope she's feeling better.

Nor said...

Holey Cow!!
Did you know you can buy an easy tire repair kit at any car supply store? Saves lots of money and very easy and dependable.

mandy* said...

Romney Hole: Mark hit a curb on the way to my last pregnancy appointment. The curb ate a hole in the brand new tire. We had to replace the brand new tire with a different brand new tire. The people at Big-O felt sorry for us (probably because I was 9 1/2 prego) and gave us a deal. I'm glad your other holes are healing/filling in.

Brigitta said...

What was she doing when she made the hole in her tonsils? Don't you love it when you have a day of 3 accidents and then you think oh good this means nothing bad will happen for a while. At least that's what I think. Why do bad things always come in three's.