Monday, September 10, 2007

Family Night(s)

S0 this is going to sound obnoxious: We have 2 Family Nights most weeks. But it's not cause we're extra righteous. It's cause our kids can't sit through a lesson and an activity, so we have one on Sunday and one on Monday. It also ensures that we have at least one a week, if we're shooting for two. I thought I'd tell you about our most recent.
Sunday: Family Special Time
My family (growing up) called our Sunday lesson Family Special Time. And boy is it special. (Ryan's mom likes to make fun of the name, by pretending she can't get it straight: "Am I interrupting Home Family Special Moment?" Ha ha.)

Here's how it went yesterday:

Jane was the Conductor (or Confirmer, as she called it yesterday). She welcomed everyone, announced the song-er and the pray-er.

Emma picked the song (Follow the Prophet) and I played the piano (I'm awesome.)

We then had "Family Council." Supposedly one person talks at a time and has a chance to share concerns or ask questions. When I was growing up, it involved a lot of crying while I complained about things being unfair. My kids are not teenagers yet, so they don't realize the opportunity to criticize their parents . Jane's contribution: "I a-cided that now Emma will sleep in another room and I will sleep in her bed." Seriously. Luckily for Emma, Family Council is for airing concerns, not implementing Jane's "a-cisions".

Then the lesson. Emma and Gabe, using Little People, re-enacted the story of Noah's Ark complete with raining scraps of blue paper for the flood.

Emma also had follow up questions--here's Jane telling us how many elephants went on the ark.

So that's Family Night #1.

Here's what happened today (Monday)--properly called Family Home Evening:

The local Seventh Day Adventist church was advertising a program called Messiah's Mansion. They had reconstructed the Israelites' tabernacle/ark of the covenant/Holy of Holies in the middle of a big field. So we decide to take the kids. (We always hope people from other churches will attend our temple open houses, so we thought we would return the favor.)

It was well done and colorful and big and long and the kids were bored out of their minds.
Here's them in front of the tabernacle.

Here's us in front of the Holy of Holies (Seth wasn't).

Here's them and Moses in High Priest Garb. I'm sure he appreciated our attendance.
If you live's actually interesting for adults--cool symbolism that relates to our own temples and the Savior. Just don't bring a two-year-old because he will just run under the ropes and play with the stuffed sacrificial lamb. And he will also bang the folding chairs so the elderly people in front of you will glare. And your four-year-old will knock over a folding chair. And your 7-year-old will cross the lines that say "Do not cross." Your 8-year-old, if she's perfect like Emma, will sit nicely and listen the whole time (thank goodness for her).



Celia Fae said...

Hey, I want to see the pictures.

I think everybody should blog about family night. I love to see what other people are dysfunctionally doing. Although yours sounds more functional than most!

Jessica said...

I accidentally posted before I put the pictures on. Obviously, I remedied that! I'm so glad you are back!

Nor said...

Shalom, like the Bright Lights book? I've been trying to work that in.
That couch looks comfy, Paige is probably very jealous. I am too. I have an uncomfy couch. In order to have successful family time, one must have a comfy couch. I have couch envy.

Mario, Adrianne & Gabe Resek said...

At what age does one need to institute family night? Perhaps I should tell my bishop he needs to get on that... and I love that you are always "going, doing, seeing" and am going to try and emulate that in my life. Maybe that needs I have to buy a newspaper so I know what's happening around here...


OK, so did Seth eat after his icky-picky?

Um, yeah, I do think you are extra-righteous, but that's OK, you'll be sure to give us good references in the eternities, right?

My kids like to do solos during FHE to see if they can make me cry (and it always works.)

Last night I teared up when I told the triplets what miracles they were because they came so early and only weighed 2 lbs when they were born. After a few minutes of babbling, Dane leaned over and whispered to me, "They don't get it babe, give it up!" He TOTALLY ruined the spirit...darn man!


OK, I had to post again.

Is that an apron you're wearing? I'm impressed...I just put on my PJs when I get home from church. On that note, tell Ryan I love his shorts! (Those were post-Church attire, right?)

Paige said...

Two family nights is still ultra-righteous. Some day we will do one. I always thought a few rounds of ring around the rosie in the living room counted.

Our best family night ever was when Celia did it at my house for our kids and we had a lesson on how to wipe so you are clean and how much TP is OK to use. I would like a night to air my grievances though, it's seems 7 days a week isn't enough for me.

Erika said...

I'm really impressed. I try not to let my kids know what day of the week it is so when FHE doesn't happen - they don't get to say anything. My almost 4 year-old calls it "Family Home Weaving." Cuz we're so crafty around here... or something. ps: you look like a rock star.

Ilene said...

You guys aren't translated yet?

Last night's last minute FHE lesson involved Dan showing Jackson the pictures and maps in his scriptures.

You actually told your parents what was bothering you at family councils? Well, I can see you doing that. I, of course, kept everything pent up inside and just gave them a lot of dirty looks. It is a trait my husband really appreciates. Perhaps I need a FHE lesson about communication.

Ilene said...

oh, I forgot to tell you that I LOVE your Minerva Teichert (sp?) print above your piano. I would wander the JSB drooling over all her paintings and wondering if anyone would really notice if one were missing. . . of course such unholy thoughts were immediately repented of.

Denae said...

I need that wiping lesson Paige was talking about for my kids! Great job having 2 a week. My kids would LOVE that. One is never enough for them, but it is enough for me.

Carie said...

1. We spend "Family special time" otherwise known as Sunday napping.
2. You may want to nip the airing of grievances in the bud when they realize they can complain about you!
3. Our Monday FHE lesson normally ends with a trip to Baskin Robbins/31 Flavors.

brooke romney said...

Love it, and I love reading your blog. You guys are great. As we get older, we may need to try two FHEs! Right now our kids LOVE it.

Tiffany said...

I love that you do 2 nights -- maybe that's what we should do. And I love how you are able to capture Jane-isms. I always try to capture Loie's but I can't figure out how to spell them! You're very good at that -- Oh and you are awesome on the piano!

Anonymous said...

Hey, where did all those funny comments from "bizarro Jessica" go? You obviously figured out how to delete comments... I was utterly confused, yet thoroughly entertained. Who knew I had such freaky neighbors! And hey, nice swim suit, I see you found one for the cruise!