Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ode to Summer

There are, suprisingly enough, a few things that we didn't blog about this summer. As it is the last day before school starts, I thought I would have Emma, Gabe and Jane narrate some of the following pictures of "What We Did For Our Summer Vacation."

It was fun to go berry picking. Seth ate a lot of them. We picked strawberry and raspberry. Afterward, we mushed 'em all together into jam. --Emma


I like playing on the playset. It's wight dere. I love playing on the playset. I'm happy that my mom let me play on the playset. --Jane

(Ed. note--this is supposed to represent all the hours spent outside in the best neighborhood in the world. Jane got a little fixated.)

Every Friday we gone to the lake cabin to swim, make things and play. We ate soda. We liked going there and we had a fun time at the lake cabin. --Gabe

It was fun going swimming. I loved crashing into Gabe in the waves. Okay, maybe that didn't happen. Well, we went swimming at Silverwood, Grandma Nut's house, the lake house, in our apartments, in the gym, the Tekoa Pool and friend's houses. --Emma

At da barbaque, my dad played bocce ball, and we were setting up da game. And dat's all dat I want to say. --Jane

I read all of 1 Nephi, so I got some rollerblades and now I get to rollerblade in the cul-de-sac. And now I'm starting 2 Nephi. --Gabe

(Ed. note: He neglected to mention the testimony he gained, after his stellar parents BRIBED him to read the scriptures. We're so proud. No bribe is involved in 2 Nephi.)

We went to Tubb's Hill. The first time, we only hiked a few minutes and then we went to the beach. The next time, we did a really long hike. We were REALLY hot. After that, we went inside and had two really good hot sundaes. --Emma

We all went to a neighborhood campout. We roasted marshmallows and ran around and played capture the flag. And then we played some card games and then we went to sleep in our tent at our neighbor's backyard. The next day, we waked up, went inside and played the Wii and then we had breakfast and then we played a little bit more Wii and then we cleaned up and went home. --Gabe
(Ed. note: That's what the Romneys call roughing it.)
There's the re-cap. It was such a fun summer, that I'm a little sad that it's ending tomorrow. Except, Emma and Jane are currently fighting over Emma's stuffed bunny and Gabe just "accidentally" tripped Jane and maybe I could trade a million fun outings for a little peace and quiet.


Paige said...

Jessica, I really love all these pictures and I'm glad you found a cute post excuse to put them up, complete with the poor grammar perfected by our children.

Carie said...

Fun summer and Cute kids! I am especially anxious to meet Jane someday. She seems a lot like my Avery.

Celia Fae said...

You are a wealth of ideas and I'm thinking of stealing that one. I'm sad I missed out on Tubbs Hill and the lake cabin that looks more like a Lake Mansion. And you look hot.

Denae said...

Where is your lake cabin??? That sounds so fun! Very cute summer pictures.

Erika said...

wow... sounds like you're ready for school to start... throw yourself a party as you watch them get on the bus! cute kids

Nor said...

That was a picture-o-rama. You have lucky kids who get to do all kinds of fun things. I think I will ship mine to you for summer camp for the rest of her life, starting at age 2.

Heather said...

I'm with Nor. I'm shipping my kids to you for summer camp at the Romneys. Watch out for the oldest. She's the lippy one.

The Ryan and Jessica Romney family said...

In the interest of full-disclosure: that lake mansion is not ours. Please. It is the parents-in-law of Ryan's sister, who lives here. SHE goes every Friday, so we tag along. It is at Hayden Lake in Idaho...about 30 minutes away.

Brigitta said...

Love the First Nephi bribery. I think I might have to try that. I love getting good ideas from other mommies. Looks like you guys had a very busy summer.