Monday, November 12, 2007

Our cool Veteran`s Day!!!!!!!! ByEmma R.

Hi! Um, I'm Emma. This is my little pouch that I carried the camera in. Today is Veteran's Day and I am taking pictures and I'm going to write about it. And I'm going to tell you what happened, right now.
Even though it was a holiday, we still had to do our normal jobs.
And if we didn't do our jobs, we'd be punished and go sit on the not-listening chair (which as you can see is the toilet--very boring).
This is AFTER we got finished with our jobs.

Our mom made us a REALLY good breakfast: German Pancakes.
Next, Mom had her long long Family Home Evening thing, which took up a lot of the day. The moms made a Family Home Evening lesson. The older kids that they brought stayed upstairs with me and Gabe and colored the pictures that they were coloring.
These are the kids that the moms brought. Downstairs in the basement they made a lot of racket. Jane was really happy they came.

After everyone had left, Jane and Mom went upstairs to take a nap. So did Seth. Seth and Jane weren't too happy about me and Gabe getting to go downstairs in the basement and watch TV.

After we all woke up, or so I might say, Mom, Jane and Seth...we got our wiggles out and me and Gabe went to piano practice, while Mom, Jane and Seth went to run errands.
On our way home, we got the awesome, exciting, have-been-waiting-for-for-two-days,
"Meet the Robinsons" movie for Family Home Evening.

Here's some pictures of Gabe and Jane doing their jobs quickly so they could eat dinner. And then go down and watch Meet the Robinsons.
At dinner, I might as well tell you this, I hate tomatoes. They are disgusting. And in our dinner, it had tomatoes in it. I didn't realize this, so I took a big bite, with a biiiiig tomatoe. Ewh!
Finally! It was there! The moment we had been waiting for! Meet the Robinsons movie slash Family Home Evening night. It was sooo fun.
I hope you enjoyed our fuuuun day. And a little suggestion, if you have kids, get Meet the's really fun.


Denae said...

Great post Emma! It looks like you had a very fun filled day. Much more fun than our for sure. Great pictures too.

Celia Fae said...

Emma! You are a terrific photographer and I loooove your blouse. It matches the bed spread in your clean room.

Tell your mom I want to come to the FHE party next year. Did you guys do a Meet the Robinsons party?

I saw Ilene, and I think I saw Penny. Did I?

Jessica said...

Just Ilene. Penny doesn't believe in FHE.

Paige said...

Brilliant Emma, and your clean room looks like it's out of a magazine. Does everyone at school tell you that you have the coolest, most fun Mom ever? Because if they don't know, you should tell them.

Kenny, Linsey and Caleb said...

Emma, you are a star. You have already learned the value of tons of pictures on your blog and few explanatory notes (something I am still working on) - smart girl!

Can we have some more details about the FHE party? I am starting to feel a little guilty/confused about how to do FHE with the under 2 set and could use some help.

Brown Sugar said...

Emma your post immeadetly caught my eye because of all the exclamation marks! I could feel your excitment! you did a thorough job of documenting the day. you do chores twice a day! yikes!

Pineapple Princess said...

Great job Emma. Your mama is training you well about some very important things in life. Blog, food, friends, FHE, jobs-- but not neccessarily in that order. Keep up the great work.

I want to ask your mom about the trundle bed. Pros and Cons, fill me in.

Jessica said...

PP, totally pros, all the way. I don't see a down side. My messier kid slides her messily made bad under the nicely made bed and we have WAY more room. Only con: I have to yell at the older one to pull it out for the younger one. I would recommend it. (Got mine on ebay for $350.)

Jessica said...

messily made bEd, I mean. Man, I'm really racking up the comments for myself this round!

Adrianne said...

Dear Emma, you are great and I'm glad you posted. Do you ever have to go to the not-listening chair or do you always listen? Paige is right, you do have the bes mom ever. Please have extra fun with her for me because I miss her.

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

Emma, you gotta love german pancakes. You have a great mom... and a great name, I might add.

Oh, and I want that bed! On ebay, huh? I'm thinking I wouldn't be as lucky to find one for that price.

Your Emma is a star!

Carie said...

Dear Emma,

I loved your post. You definitely have a talent for writing. Maybe some day you will be a famous reporter or novelist!

Thanks for sharing your day with us. I think I might go buy Meet the Robinsons just because you recommended it.

I hope you post again soon.

Your friend, Carie Skinner

P.S. Talk to your mom and dad about a vacation to Kansas City. we would have a lot of fun.

Ashley said...

Dear Emma,

You have a natural talent for story telling and blogging just like your way cool mom. I have known her for a long, long time. Your bedroom is very cute - my sister helped you decorate it. I hope you blog again soon.


zeeny said...

Wow Emma...I hope my daughter will grow up to be an awesome blogger just like you! It sounds like you had a fun day off of school. My little girls want to get that movie too...maybe for Christmas. Have a fun week at school.

Brigitta said...

Emma, you are adorable, very well written and documented post of your day. I love your bedroom.

Ellie said...

You are an excellent photojournalist. I also love your cute polka-dot bedspread.

Penny said...

What a great idea to blog about your Veteran's Day. You did a great job! And I loved how clean your room was, maybe you can come teach my messy kids how to clean a room right!

P.S. Penny does believe in FHE, but she also believes in SHOPPING and was buying a new bed that day!

Ilene said...

Emma, I'm honored to be in your blog. I would have dressed up more if I had known. Thanks for putting up with my kids invasion. One day when you become a mom, you won't notice the noise at all.

I must also compliment you on your coloring skills. I should have had you color my f.h.e. papers.

This is just an aside- it is weird to be put in the 'mom' category by kids. I know I am a mom but I also remember what a 'mom' was to me when I was Emma's age (i.e. boring). I'm so not a 'mom' or am I? Or was my mom cool and I just didn't see it?

Lindsay said...

Soooo cute! Emma, great job on the photos and story. I love meet the Robinsons too, my favorite is the dinosaur who's arms are too little, what's yours?

Rochelleht said...

Not only do we both have daughters named JANE, but we both have the same cool Shabby Chic bedding from Target. GREAT taste, girl!

mindy said...

i really liked your blog entry. great photos and commentary. i think you should do it again soon. i think it is great your mom let you document the day. p.s. love your bedroom!!!

Kara said...

Emma. I LOVE Meet the Robinsons! Also, it looks like your mom (Jessica) and I grew up with the same breakfast menu's. We LOVE LOVE LOVE German Pancakes! They are affectionately known as "Ocean Pancakes" at our house because the edges look like ocean waves when it bakes up! I remember your post about aebelskievers (sp?) too. I have always love breakfast foods. Anyway, glad you had a great Veterans day, and I'm really impressed with your post.