Monday, January 14, 2008

Su-Monday Summary (again)

I didn't get back from my weekend till yesterday afternoon. The hubby didn't want me jumping on Blogger immediately for some reason.

I chose this picture because this week: Seth loves his snow clothes and brings them to me, saying "I got um, mom." the minute the big kids get home from school. Which would be great if it didn't involve me going outside with him. But he's 2 (not reason enough, frankly) and deathly afraid of the nicest neighborhood dog ever and is so cute with his snow pants, that I haul my freezing behind out there so he can enjoy the fruits of his efforts.


Here's Jane with the hair-do RYAN DID while I was gone. Pretty impressive, huh? Nothing stands out about Jane, but since every quick quote is from her, she's not really lacking on blog time, is she?

From Gabe last week:

"Mom, when you do a blog about this you can say...

Before he had a messed-up hairdo:

And after he had some rockin' style."

(Background...Ryan made an admirable effort to cut Gabe's hair. But even Gabe could tell it needed help; he kept bugging Ryan to take him to "Payper Cuts.")

Gabe and I also had a fun date to lunch (post-helping in the classroom) that was one of the highlights of my week.

Emma was not shy about her feelings this week: "Mom, I don't want to make you feel bad or anything, but I'm kind of excited for you to leave on your trip." Thanks, Em. She continued by saying she loved having the extra time with dad and also doing her own hair. It looked fabulous, by the way, when I got to church from the plane. Really.


This person is the father and husband of the year. Refer to the post below if you doubt. He also has a matching outfit with Gabe, which he wore with pride today. Gang pride.


On to me. This person:

decided she wanted to live in Argentina. She wanted to get married and live by her husband. (Whatever.) So whenever she (Adrianne, of MacGyver fame) comes into the country, we:

(Jessica, Tammy, Adrianne, and Paige) make every effort to see her (and cute new baby Gabe and husband Mario). We met at Tammy's gorgeous house in San Clemente, where it was 72 degrees in JANUARY. And ate. And shopped. And talked. And that's all, for hours. And I didn't get up once to get a child anything. And I slept till 8:00am. And came home to a clean house.

Jealous, yet?

Also, I got released from Primary this week. They got a whole new Primary Presidency and I didn't make the cut, apparently. It was the first time in my life I was sad to change callings (I like change) and we all, the Prim Pres, had an emotional week. It was a blessing to see how Heavenly Father works in the Primary, to feel His love for the children, to feel their sweet and hilarious spirits every week and to work with the best women ever. I'm over 8 year old cub scouts now (which will include Gabe in 6 months) and I will love it, I'm sure. But don't look over at me in Gospel Doctrine when they start singing in Primary next week, because I will be a big bawling baby. I'm just warning you.


Meg said...

Looks like fun! I love getting together with girlfriends there is nothing else like it! Looks like your husband held down the fort while you were gone...that's always a nice comfort. Bring some chocolate to church next week...that always helps me when I feel emotional. That or fifty dollars! :-)

Ilene said...

I'm excited to have you in gospel doctrine now. If you start crying, I have baby wipes on hand to help any make-up mishaps.

Tell Ryan to talk to Dan about giving hair cuts. He is in charge of cutting his and Jackson's hair. Hmmm. That might not be such a great selling point.

Erin said...

Ohhhh the dreaded dad haircut. You know I have a friend whose husband actually still owns a FLOWBIE?! (Remember the appeal of the infommercial suck-cut?) He cuts their son's hair with it. It does a surprisingly good job. Not that I think Ryan could do a better job if he rigged up a vacuum and some clippers but...just think about it.

Leaving the Primary Pres was my saddest calling change ever too. And, yes, I was the bawling baby about it too.

crystal said...

I cried my 1st sunday back in RS after being in YW for 2 years. It was a big bummer. Very boring. No giggling. No boy-talk. Good luck.

Can I hire Ryan as my nanny?

Kenny, Linsey and Caleb said...

What a fun weekend for you and Ryan and the kids and the family from Argentina. Isn't Gabe just yummy!! Tammy's house sounds incredible. Oh, and your prize for guessing Venezuela is FINALLY in the mail - it won't be relevant for several months, but we did get it with you in mind!

Auzigirl said...

Yes, I am so Jealous. I miss my sunny So Cal. And I need a girls weekend very badly. Looks like you had fun and your hubby held the fort down pretty good.

Denae said...

Your trip looks so fun! I'm dying for some warmth and some freedom myself!

Paige said...

Isn't it funny how we go away and the biggest concern for us (and the kids) is HAIR?? Why can't we let go and let God? Or even just Dad? Hair is important. I was cold today. It was foggy. I missed Tammy's badly.

If I got released from Primary I would be hysterical. If I'm not in there, how will it be done right? Are you going to spy?? Beg to be a sub?

Penny said...

Jessica, you will truly be missed in Primary. I can honestly say I learned more from you (and others) in Primary than I can ever tell you. Wait a minute, I was a Primary teacher while I was the Bear Leader, so maybe we can sneak you back in. Hey, I hear the nursery needs help!

Glad to hear you had a much deserved fun girl's weekend. But we are so glad to have you back.

Tammy said...

Our weekend was so much fun, all should be jealous because between eating cookies, rocking, going out to fun meals, shopping, walking on the beach, hiking on the trails behind my house, cuddling little Gabe and chatting about blogging and life......we just had a blast and this is rejuvenating and relaxing and fun! So glad you came!

Celia Fae said...

I wonder why Denae didn't mention that her husband and son are devotees of the flowbee. Hmm.

It looks like you had a marvelous time and while you were away, I arranged your next girls trip and made sure I would be in attendance. Yay me.

Kristin said...

I am so impressed you get to take your son to get his hair cut, for money reasons, I have been cutting all the boys in my life hair for the last seven years, including Matts. Now my brother in law has deceided he want in on the action too, so he will drive 1 1/2 hours down for a free cut, I don't think the gas money is worth it, but he sure does. Love that you are back.

Lauren said...

You are going to do a great job with the Cub Scouts!

I know what you mean about leaving the Primary presidency. I was released from 1st counselor about 3 months ago and it still hurts a bit. (Oh...I am supposed to be positive here...It still provides lots of opportunites for growth). One thing that makes it hard for me is people keep asking me Primary related questions...I want to say sometimes, "I don't know...I am released...I don't get to be 'in the know' anymore!" But I don't want people not to like me so, I just gently remind them that I have been released.
One thing that is great for me is I just got called to be the Sunbeam teacher. Good times, good times! I agree with you...the kids are so fantastic and HILARIOUS in Primary. I KNOW you will be missed because you are fun and HILARIOUS and spiritual. I can surmise all that in all sincerity, and I have never even met you in person:)

andrea said...

i think i'm noticing some stubble on your husband. did he not shave while he was doing all that mr. momming? carte blanche for the legs, girl. use it.

Lisa-Marie said...

Isn't sun in January fabulous?!?!?!? I loved every minute of it while in California myself. I looked like such a tourist because everyone was in boots and sweaters and I was in shorts!!! Good times.

Glad that we are all back. Have a great re-entry!

P.S. Aren't Mr. Mommies the best! I'm so thankful for my good husband who holds the fort down while I'm gone!

rubberbandgirl said...

Fun weekend!
Primary is so hard to leave!
We (Cam & I) just got put in as Sunbeam teachers for the 3rd time and we are so excited. We get to teach Ella this time around. Now Bryce just needs to cooperate when he's old enough to go to Nursery in a month or so!

Pineapple Princess said...

One of the most painful moments for a mother-when a daughter wants to do her own hair. It is just SO hard for them to do and just So hard for a mom to watch. It is like watching a baby calf trying to walk, but usually much uglier. She must be talented in the hair deptartment--lucky you--again!

J'net said...

Don't worry, you NEVER really get released from Primary... It's like coming up for a breath while swimming and then you go back into the next stroke of the swim!!!
I BEGGED for Relief Society time,
got called to Sunday School, (16's or whatever they are) last fall and finished the Primary Sac. Program in Nov. conducting the music, no small project!,
so, was still straddling Primary AND got to lead music in RS for Dec. and then BACK to Primary and Cub Scouting last week!!! MY baby is turning 16 and I have been in Primary since I was 18!!! with one calling or another... Enjoy the break! I guess I did??!?!?
Congrats on your "mommie" break. You need those to remember who Jessica is sometimes. Then back to the "Mom" Jessica which is SO fun, obviously! Look at how popular this BLOG is!!! I've heard of fan mail in big bags, BUT 30 some comments is over the top I think! Keep lovin' life, we enjoy it with you!

Annie said...

What a fantastic trip...welcome back, Jessica and kudos to Ryan, hairdos and all.

Don't you love those "you can leave mom"comments? My daughter, when she found out I worked at McDonalds for a summer when I was 16, told me "You should go back and work there. You don't have to stay home with me. I can just go to a babysitter's or something."

She was 4. I interpreted it to mean "you suck as a mom and I might as well be raised by someone else and you might as well run a fry machine. We'd all be happier."

TexasTwinsTwice said...

What a neat thing to get to go & hang out with friends like that *dream*. Also, congrats on the new calling--I can tell you are good at whatever you do, so those boys will be lucky to have you--and how great to be with your son!

Karen said...

Fun weekend away!

My daughter wants to do her own hair, and says rude things to make me go away. Then when it doesn't go right, she makes me come back and do it for her. I feel so used.

My husband got put in our new bishopric this weekend, and now they're talking about releasing me from Primary. I can't even think about it without crying. What better place for me to serve, than with my kids?!?

Good luck in cubs.

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

Can I say again how talented I think your husband is for doing it all while you are gone? Hair too? It's like major points. Especially the cleaning thing. But I get that he's like that ANYWAY, so...

Your trip looked like fun. It's reminding me that it's time for ME to go on a trip.

Carie said...

FUN girl's weekend! Looks like you could all have fun in Siberia, let alone San Clemente. Isn't it fun to have fantastic friends?

Lindsay said...

Hey, congrats, condolences on being released! You were all great and served so well...who's the new?