Friday, January 4, 2008

A Family Home Evening Idea You'll Totally Want to Copy

Do you ever get to Monday night and don't have a plan for FHE? Have I got an idea for you! We did it last Monday and it was so spiritually enriching and made us closer as a family. You ready?

Invite your local Dance Dance Revolution master over to show you some tips!

(for some reason, Ryan took no pictures of his face. He'll probably appreciate not being mobbed and asked for autographs, because of Ryan's discretion.)

There's a boy in our ward, leaving on his mission soon, who, Ryan found out during a Get-To-Know-You in Priesthood meeting, has apparently spent his pre-mission years diligently prepping himself for...all the DDR (or "didder" as those in the know call it) arcades in Brazil. (Seriously. He has already looked up all the locations in his mission boundaries. "If I beat this level, you have to commit to baptism, deal?")

So we invited him over to give us tips on our new Christmas present. He was very knowledgeable, if not slightly (okay VERY) condescending, and this is what we learned:

  • Only people who want to "play bad" return to the middle between steps. He had his body positioned at a diagonal and basically rocked back and forth between the front, back, right and left squares.
  • If you want to be really good (at the highest level then he makes the music faster on purpose), you have to build your own wooden and plastic platform, with all the computer boards, that hooks up to the PlayStation. Which he brought over, because he couldn't possibly play on our lame mats. He has also used metal piping to construct a railing system, so he doesn't have to support his body weight. (Duh. "That just wastes energy.")

  • All of the dancers have names. Emi is our favorite. Jenny in her little bikini bottoms and gyrations is NOT.

  • There are ways to unlock new songs (and it's by being good...oh yeah, I've unlocked a few this week. I'm coordinated that way.)

  • If your parents try to limit your playtime, you just buy your own stuff and then they can't do anything about it. (We thought that was GREAT insight for our 2 oldest.)
  • Phrasing: "didder" (what Dance Dance Revolution is called), "shadow playing" (when you stand behind and do the steps without being on the mat), "coin lines" (at the arcades, you place your ID on the game in order of how you arrived, so you can go play other games while you wait. This will come in handy on our next date night.)
So ask around for your own "Revolution Guy" as Jane calls him. It will be a night to remember.

And then come see if you can beat the Romneys. To the Celestial Kingdom, of course. What did you think I was referring to?


Lorena said...

WOW! I was not aware that I was so behind on the times with Didder! I've played it at Chuck E. Cheese, but I stink!

Penny said...

This is something that I definately need to see. It really does sound like fun. And great exercise! I will have to invite myself over sometime and get my "revolution" on.

I also think that Ryan should build you a platform with a bar. I think the bar is two-fold. When you are young you can lean against it. When you get older you can clutch to it as you are either crashing to the ground or as you are in cardiac arrest. Either way, it's a win-win!

Bridget said...

I have heard so much about these but never actually seen one in "real life". It does sound fun. Our back up plan though is Wii. That, I love.

Abbie said...

We'll have to put that on the things-we-can-do-when-Eli-can-dance list. You'd be surprised at how long it is.

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

I've heard of people obsessed with "didder" and here I am and have yet to try it even once. I'm missing out on the 8th wonder of the world.

His man-made stand is a work of art. VERY IMPRESSIVE. I'm sure he'll convert many with his skills.

Celia Fae said...

Dang, can he build you guys one of those stands? Think of all the exercise you'll get. Surely it would help with your resolutions.

Who ever knew that video games would be so popular at your house.

crystal said...

I don't think I will beat you to the Celestial Kingdom b/c I want to dance in bikini bottoms and do gyrations.

Paige said...

I totally think that bar is cheating. Like resting on the bar on the treadmill. But will he give you that contraption when he goes on his mish? You can keep it safe.

Lauren said...

Thank you for this post. I love being in the know...I am going to start calling the game "didder" post, haste!

I really think it was admirable of Ryan to use such discretion in not posting the, as Jane calls him, Revolution Guy's face. You don't want overweight housewives from Georgia trying to contact him.

Great Job, Jessica, unlocking new songs with your MAAAAAAAAD coordination skilllllz. You'll have the condescending Revolution Guy beat in no time...AND be able to whip up a delicious dinner, too. You have already got him beat.

zeeny said...

I've always wanted this game! I figure it's a fun way to get some exercise in! My brother is also a DDR addict and lost quite a bit of weight when he first started doing it!

Lisa-Marie said...

I'm speechless. Really.

Denae said...

wow, I am impressed with this person. But also kindof sad for him that so much of his life is dedicated to mastering ddr. my brother got guitar hero for christmas and it is so fun. These games are so addicting!

Shally said...

We got the Rock Band for Christmas-- that is our new addiction. I can't believe you don't like the bikini girl-- after your racey New Year's party, I thought you would be into that! :)

Tammy said...

DDR looks fun....we have guitar hero III so we will test your skills this weekend in San Clemente!

Erin said...

Whoa. WHOA. Serious? SERIOUS? I am so not cool. Or this is so kooky. Either way, this post made me feel really old!!!

Why do I have a feeling that I would love this game? Sigh. Yet another reason that it is lame to live many states away from you guys.

Karen said...

That's a little scary.

I do want want to get ddr, though, so I can do it while my kids are at school and my blinds are closed.

bloggingchristy said...

HOnestly, I am really sad I missed this. I am a little obsessed with DDR especially because I am still waiting to get mine.

I really actually want to get the metal DDR, I have done it at arcades and it is way fun and you don't have to get mad when you are doing the right step and your foot is missing the arrow!

Ilene said...

I hope he doesn't bring those shoes with him on the mish. Those shoes coupled with his 'didder' skills will definitely put him danger with the ladies. That is a mission no-no.

Ilene said...

... Beacause DDR by itself is totally okay for the mission.

That is of course unless he uses it to get baptisms. "If I can beat you at DDR, then you get baptized."