Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday Summary

Did anyone else have a week that had so much stuff in it, you could have easily spread it out into 3 weeks and still have been busy? Well, that's the kind of week we had. Sorry you have to read about it.

The highlight of Monday was Ryan saying these magic words, "Why don't we just go out to dinner because it will be easier than trying to fit it in at home." He almost never says them and it was the best thing of the whole day. Except he forgot to order my balsamic vinaigrette salad, but I bullied the waitress into bringing it anyway. I really like Mojo's vinaigrette, alright? And it was Monday, so I was pretending I was going to stay on my diet all week so I really needed my salad.

This day, Ryan said the un-magic words, "I'm sorry, when I said I thought I was done working my head off, I lied and I am going out of town again for a week. Starting tomorrow." But then I bullied his boss (I'm pretty intimidating) into letting him come home for the weekend.

Also Emma's grade put on their Christmas music program (it was darling) and she got to play the drummish thingie. She was totally grooving...really:
(Gabe took this picture, which explains the excellent lighting, but I'm WAY too embarrassed to get that close up. Luckily Gabe loves that I send him to be the photographer.)
I actually worked on my Christmas cards. It was a momentous occasion.

It now begins to blur into too-much-to-do-no-father-around-trying-not-to-kill-the-kids here. I did get to attend another ward's Enrichment (where I sang "Little Lamb"--watch for another appearance--with a friend) and got to hear the Daines speak on having CHRISTmas instead of a christMESS. No comment on what I'm having.

Ryan's plane was of course malfunctioning and so he said he wouldn't be home in time for the ward Christmas party. The state of our family was evidenced by Seth's lack of hair-combing or shoes, Jane purple socks and red strappy shoes, and Emma's dirty shirt. She and I sang, again, "Little Lamb" and she did SO's a high song, and I sang harmony and she sounded great. Not that you could hear us, as the ward seemed to think it was background music, instead of an actual program and talked through the entire thing. (My mom-in-law asked, "Isn't that how it always is with Christmas programs?" And she's kind of right.) But the best part was when Ryan walked in just as our accompanist started and got to hear the whole thing (and he looked so cute!) couldn't have been better if it had been a movie.

This was the best day. Our primary president (who has un-ending ideas and the energy to pull them off) organized the Primary Activity at a women's shelter. The ward provides Christmas gifts for all the families there, the children earn money for and provide toiletry items. When we get there (Senior Primary only), the kids get a buddy and go through each of the craft areas with them and we end with a musical number. I told my kids last week, that if Jesus was to pick a way to celebrate his birthday, of all the things we do all month...I think he'd pick that activity. It was neat and Emma and Gabe were sweet with their buddies and the Spirit is always there testifying that He loves each of his children.

(Kids with buddies at the shelter)

In the evening, we got to do a family baptism session at the temple with our newest temple-aged nephew (Austin). We were baptized and confirmed for 119 of Ryan's mom's ancestors and then had a chance to talk in the baptistry and share our testimonies of the temple. It was made all the more special because Friday was Ryan's parents 40th anniversary and previous to the baptisms, they were sealed for her parents and grandparents. (Ryan's siblings are doing a 40-day blog to celebrate. If you are related, or want to hear some pretty funny stories about Ryan's childhood: go here. I know he's my husband, but I was dying.)

(Ryan's parents as newlyweds and 40 years later. CONGRATS!)
Saturday made the whole crazy crazy week worthwhile and really helped us remember why we do all the things we do.

Jane told us today, "I lost my purse! Now I'm not having the best day of my life anymore." We found it, though, later and she said it was the best day again. Pretty easy to please, eh?

We love our kids, we love our extended family and we love the Savior and celebrating his birth! We hope you have the best day of your whole life one day this week, too!


Lorena said...

You did have quite the week! I wish you had recorded the singing so we could hear how wonderful it was. So cute!

Good for you to keep track of everything. Last week was a blur in my head and this coming week is already starting to's all worth it, right?

Celia Fae said...

Did you get your hair done? I want to know. It looks good.

I love that you have spiritual and secular experiences sprinkled throughout the week. We need more of the former.

J'net said...

Let's see... I had 6 options this Friday night and they ALL seemed important!! We've had 5 nights of Christmas parties and they were ALL fun and worth going to, but now I'm tired and tomorrow night we have a violin concert... My youngest is 15 yrs. old and my six other kids are raised and busy with their own busy schedules. I'm believing this NEVER does stop and Christmas has come every season even IF I wasn't ready for it. So just take plenty of pictures and be havin' the fun you sound like you are and one of these birthday's you will wake up 50 yrs. old too!! Gotta love the life we live OR else we'll be called "grumpy" and that wouldn't be good, Rather be called "happy!"
From, "happy in hawaii!" Aunt J'net

Lauren said...

That was a great post, as always...I know what you mean about the ward talking through your musical number...the same thing happened at our party. I felt so badly for the ladies singing. It was really hard to even hear them.
I love that Ryan got to walk in as you began your does sound like a movie...did your eyes lock in one of those "knowing" gazes that conveys love. I bet so :)
I am becoming addicted to Jane's social commentary. I love hearing her take on life.

Kristin said...

So glad to hear you made it though, man what a week. And what a great way to end the week with a trip to the temple. I'm glad to hear that other people pull their hair out when their husbands are out of town

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

Your week sounds as hectic as mine. But yours sounds funner.
I seriously need to know how you get it all done. I know you do lists, but so do I and I'm not as successful. I'm still waiting for someone to work out for me this morning because it would really help me get so much more done if I didn't have to.

Lisa-Marie said...

"the best day of my life." So sweet! If we could all be so easy.

And CHRISTmas, not christMESS. I really like that. Actually, I really like them both. We can do both at the same time right? I hope so.

Annie said...

Here, here (or is it hear, hear? huh.) on the talking through musical numbers. My husband has been known to get all "shhhhh"y nazi on the ward when they're so chatty through people's performances. Manners, people! (He can get away with it because he's normally so laid back and nice. People would probably just roll their eyes if I did it :))

andrea said...

how do you do it? i mean honestly?

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

I'm having paranoia that I forgot to send your Christmas card. For some reason, I don't remember writing "Romney Family" on an envelope. I sent them Saturday so let me know if you don't get it in the next couple of days.

Ilene said...

Ah, we made a brief appearance at the ward party. Dan's plane came late and so we showed up around 6:40. All the food was GONE and there was no room in the inn, I mean gym. So I got a picture of Thomas on Santa's lap and we went home. I'm sorry we missed the program and your singing but glad that Ryan saw it.

That shelter activity is an excellent idea. What a great primary leadership we have in our ward :)

Well, if you would just drop out of the Primary, we could totally hang out at church more. Dang your faithful devotion to your calling.

zeeny said...

What a fun crazy week! I love the purple socks and red shoes! I actually love those two colors together if they are the right tones! You have a little fashionista on your hands!

Anonymous said...

Great week summary - I keep meaning to do that. Even a day's worth; it's sort of satisfying (if not disturbing) to really take a look at all it is that we do, isn't it?

Tammy said...

Lovely post. Great array of activities. I did notice Jessica's hair to appear darker...I love that. Mother and daughter singing out!

bloggingchristy said...

I like reading your Sunday summaries and feeling like I was there. It sounds like you had a really neat experience in the temple. I'll have to talk to you more in depth when we get a chance about the things I've been thinking about lately pertaining to families.

P.S. your last comment on my blog was hilarious! i was dying!

P.S.S. Ryan you did a fabulois job on Karen and Jeff's blog. I was confused at first with the whole Peter loves Wendy thing when you sent me the email, I really thought it was for your friends that were named Peter and Wendy!

Adrianne said...

I'm wondering if you've had any performance's of "Love Chnages Everything" lately??

Carie said...

Did you darken your hair and cut it a little?

You should have seen our ward party (fab. decorations copied off my posting of Jordan's blog btw) but talking talking and more talking through the entire program. Definitely more ChristMESS.

Loved the post.

Erika said...

soo busy and you still find time to blog. Did you get your hair done - it looks way darker. we need a picture of it straight on lady... have Gabe take one. and - kids are not invited to our ward Christmas party... don't worry, everyone still talks through the whole thing. ps: loved the red beads on white shirt thing. hottie.

Auzigirl said...

I'm tired just reading about it. I had a rough week and I'm going to have another one, I have a house full of people to prepare for.

Tammy said...

Hey wait, you are wearing the pants I sent you?! So you opened up the box?? Did you find more stuff that you liked?? I hope so. You guys all look adorable. I love Ryan's parents vintage photo

Paige said...

I'm stuck on your hair too. Darker? Definitely straighter. Can't someone record all this singing? I'm going to make you perform it for my birthday.

Your week sounds amazing and that temple thing so great! What a great experience and cool blog idea. Of course I'll be reading because there's not a blog that passes me by!

gab said...

I also wish we had footage of the singing. One of my favorite memories of growing up is singing duets with my mom! I hope my daughter wants to carry on the tradition...

Pineapple Princess said...

You have a great family, great life and a great life. Must be because you are a list maker and you play with sand and walnuts. Thanks for showing us how it is done!

Me & My BOYS said...

Is that you with black hair? It doesn't look like you. Anyway, I hope things aren't as crazy this week.