Sunday, December 2, 2007

Monday Summary

Sorry, about the Monday Summary. Little marital disagreement about how much blogging should be done on Sunday. (Didn't Pres. Kimball say we should journal on Sunday?but never mind...)
Emma had activity girls/achievement days? I can't ever remember which word goes with which...but she loves it and her leader is so gung-ho. This week they made those cookie ingredient/mason jar/sand art thing, except Emma's choice was snickerdoodle, which has only white, so it didn't look very arty, but will be yummy just the same. She was also mad at me because I did the tree without her (they were out playing in the snow). Apparently "it's my favorite part of Christmas" and now I've ruined the whole thing for her. Should I send her gifts back?

Gabe (and Emma) were forced by their mean mom to ride the bus home instead of walking on Friday (temperature high: 27 degrees). They walked in the door 1 hour and 15 minutes after school got out and angrily declared, "We're never riding that bus again!" Well, fine. Freeze your little fingers off. He informed us after church on Sunday that "I practically taught the whole lesson." I'm sure his teacher and classmates enjoyed that.

Jane is my little buddy, enthusiastically accompanying me to "bollyball", the library (where she and Seth fight over the stuffed giraffe and the handicap door opening buttons), the gym daycare (where she sits in a rocking chair and stairs at the movie for an hour), and "Wawmawt". She brightens the day, seriously, of everyone we encounter (except that poor giraffe). She just radiates joy. We're lucky to have her.

Seth has herpes. Nice. They are only on his leg, for some weird reason but it got me out of two babysitting trades and story time. Did I ever mention that he repeats himself? Well, it bears repeating. It goes on all day, and about all things and I seriously just say the same answer to him over and over, because I've learned trying to make him get it, is not actually the point.

Prepare to be jealous: After 3 hours of price comparisons and multiple list making via the Internet, I HAVE COMPLETED ALL CHILDREN'S GIFT BUYING. The shipping fees were so worth it. I also attended a way fun book club, with decorated stuffed Elephants (maybe Jane and Seth would have liked it), caramel corn and Sarsaparilla--all in honor of our book Water for Elephants.

This picture was taken last month. You can tell because it shows Ryan returning home from work...which he didn't do this week. Two midnight returns and one 2:45am return do not a happy wife (or husband) make. We are hoping it will all be done next week. We were happy to have him for the decorating on Saturday and for tithing settlement on Sunday (where the fasting Romneys could barely focus on the bishop's questions, due to his candy jar staring us, I mean, the kids in the face).
We're off to a fun winter/Christmas start and love having you around to tell about it!


John Holly Levi & Faith said...

Is it okay if I tell you that your hubby is hot? I'm sure he won't mind. But don't tell John. He's much hotter... of course!

Oh and it's Activity Days. I know this because I was the leader for over 2 years. The longest two years of my life. We had over 30 girls. I was happy when I was released.

Love the summary and the pic of you sitting with your laptop. You are so gorgeous.

Nae-nae said...

You are super-woman, having all your shopping done, congrats, and i am very excited to see you and your cute family!

Carie said...

Just for the record, I believe Pres. Kimball gave a big thumbs up for journaling.

Not that I am taking sides or being snarky or anything.

Cute post. Cute family.

Celia Fae said...

Should we tell Holly that you really are gorgeous and also that you photograph really well?

Great post. Loved the snarky undertones. There's a reason why we're friends.

Jill said...

I thought my life was entertaining. nope!
Are you wearing Abercrombie pants?? I have those too!!
Yes, you are beautiful. Your kids are kinda cute too...!!!

Penny said...

I thought that you told me that GABE had herpes!!

Anyways, I think that since Ryan gets to go away on business trips (I know it's work, but he still gets a break from kids)that you should be able to blog any ole' time you feel like it! I think that Pres. Kimball would agree, don't you?

Laurie & Dan said...

I remember you making snickerdoodles when we lived together--because I'd never had them before. I'm jealous you are done with kids' presents. I've got no ideas this year, but I'd better get some quick! Such cute kids!

Ellie said...

Herpes for Christmas is my FAVORITE gift of all time. It's the gift that keeps on giving! I am sure you could come up with a "12-days of Christmas" tie in and give it to all the neighbors too.

Denae said...

I am so jealous of you being done with shopping. I am unorganized this year! And I am also jealous of your laptop.

Ilene said...

I love your observations.

I can't think of a clever comment because well, you will see once I post tonight. My head is a bit fuzzy right now.

Nothing beats laptop blogging.

Paige said...

It's true, your husband is hot and so are you. My kids shopping is done too, except I'm still "looking" for the pink DS. By looking I mean browsing around a few websites and hoping one will show up. I won't be going into any stores for it. I'm not the tickle me Elmo superMom.

Kenny, Linsey and Caleb said...

Seriously, look into government work - 2:45am is a joke! You are a good wife, I get impatient when he comes home later than 6.

Rochelleht said...

Sounds like a fun bookclub. I've been wanting to read that book.

gab said...

My kids have a nervous breakdown every time we pass a handicap-door-opening-button. Seriously. I can totally relate! Keep it comin'

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

Okay, here goes:
1. Your husband IS hot and so are you.
2. I have not even STARTED my shopping yet. Very unusual for me. I'm starting to freak myself out.
3. Herpes? Awesome. I'd use that one to get out of church for several weeks. Even if he's fine.
4. Blogging on Sunday is most especially allowed. Does DH watch football on Sunday? I have only to say two words if someone thinks I'm spending too much time on the blog: BYU football.
5. HATE the handicap buttons on the doors. They are the death of mothers everywhere.

Cassie said...

This is Cassie Daines...I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your blog and it has inspired me to start my own. Thanks for the inspiration!

zeeny said...

Sounds like a fun week! I didn't relize it got so cold in WA...I guess I'm not the only one who can complain about cold weather now!

Mark said...

I am just going to agree with all the ladies and say that Ryan is Hot! What kind of workout routine is he rocking these days?

Seriously though Jess you rock..and blog away on sunday is my new motto.

andrea said...

i hope your husband doesn't see through the reality of this situation... your blog fans are stroking his ego so that he will allow you to continue posting without guilt. it's a tried and true tactic... when the husband gets blog-jealous, throw in a compliment and have your readers play it up, and he'll be totally pacified.
i'm not saying he ISN'T good looking, i'm just saying i recognize the technique. nicely played.

J'net said...

Jessica HOW popular is YOUR blog?
You should start an article in your spare time,
you certainly have enough of a following!
You could call it "Catchin' up w/ Jessica!"
or something!
We didn't have handicap
buttons when I was shopping with all you
little ones into Target, signs of the times!!
I think the debate over blog-ing on Sunday is
a mute point... It's a day of rest and everyone else should have been napping so you could have quiet time on Sundays. But between you and me, IF someone doesn't want you to be blog-in' on Sunday it is screamin' loud and clear that THAT person wants "NAP" time with you!?!?!
Blog away. Luv, your Aunt J'net

Lisa-Marie said...

I have all my shopping done for the kiddos too! Yeah for Site to Store shipping from Walmart...FREE!!!

I've heard a lot about that book lately and have considered picking it up. I'm always on the lookout for great books for my book club as well.

Here's to more Sunday blogging!

Jacki said...

Thanks for entertaining me all week. I have been hooked on your blog, trying to catch up all week. I have finally read every post. Yes, from the beginning. Surprisingly I still have a job... and a husband.

It is so fun to know what is going on with all you guys. Jane was just walking when I saw her in Utah for the Sherrill family reunion. Seth wasn't even a thought then, well maybe a thought. Gabe and Emma are as cute as ever.

Are there any more "Sherrills" in the blogosphere? I can't seem to find them.

AMY said...

I loved that book. I'll never look at the circus the same.
I got all my c-mas shopping done via the internet this year as well. I love eToys. Shipping prices are worth their weight in gold.
And just to keep the rhythm going here, you, your hubby and all your kids are HOT!!!

Elizabeth Caldwell said...

wait a minute.... you go to the COUNTY library? There is a perfectly nice library right here in Liberty Lake with no automatic door openers....

I'm just sayin.... oh and they have wireless so if you wanted to blog during story time you could.

Adrianne said...

Am I terrible if I am considering NOT buying Gabe presents?? He's too little to know, and his grandma and aunts I'm sure will have the tree stacked in his favor...

Matthews Family said...

Wow!! I am very impressed that you're already done with the Christmas for the fam. Luckily, my kids are too young to have expectations for Christmas.

Tammy said...

You have so many comments on your blog, its crazy?! Mormons really get into blogging!!! Like no other group that I know honestly....well it sounds like a productive weekend. Your stories are funny! Ryan is a workaholic and I can sadly relate. I love the mason jar cookie thing!!!

crystal said...

Shipping is TOTALLY worth every penny if it gets you out of Target at 8pm. Ugh.