Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday Summary

Highlights of this week include:

Santa not waking up our kids
Despite Emma's best efforts...
(dear Santa Please do what this says. stomp, clap and whisle as loud as you can. {heart} Emma. P.S. Merry Christmas)

Santa was impeded...
(Ho Ho Ho! Emma, I clapped but my soft gloves make it so quiet. My big boots do the same for stomping. And, well, with my bushy beard, I can't whistle at all. Sorry. But your note sure made me laugh Ho Ho HO! Hope you like the scooter. {Heart} Santa C.)

Christmas Day
I have been trying to figure out how to blog about Christmas in an interesting way and couldn't come up with one, so I just saved it for the Sunday Summary. Here's the magical before and the thrashed after and the what-you-were-hoping-for after:

Here're are some things we did on Christmas:
(Seth played for HOURS with his Dora Buildable House)

(Mom and Dad cooking Garlic Crusted Prime Rib, mashed potatoes, strawberry pretzel salad, cheesy vegetables and rolls. Of course, lots of pie for dessert.)

(Mom got a DDR II for Christmas, but it was everyone's favorite present.
(Even Grandma Dorrie joined in the fun.)
(Between the 6 of us, we got 8 we did LOTS of game playing all day and all week.)
Lucky for you, this blogger did NOT get a picture of Aunt Bekah enjoying her gift from us: the stomach flu. Poor poor thing. She did not savor the smell of the roast beef cooking quite as much as the rest of us.

Lots and Lots of Snow
I sent Gabe out to get a picture (hello...I wasn't heading out there my own self) of Emma being buried in the snow. This was all I got. He's fired.

Lots of shopping trips and, lucky for the kids, shopping treats:

This week also included dates with Grandma, the movie "Enchanted" (so fun), a wild and crazy game night with the Daines kids, and a teary good-bye to Grandma Dorrie and Rebekah.

We had more than our share of hilarious quotes, but this was the most recent:

Gabe's explaining why he should be able to play video games on Sunday: "The monkeys need to be saved and when you do it unto one of them, it's doing it unto Jesus. And they are in the water, like Jonah, and also, Jesus likes animals. So it's appropriate."

On that spiritual note...we hope you all had a good Sunday, a good Christmas week and will be our blogging friends all through 2008. We love you!


Annie said...

Love the Santa note and poor Gabe's video justification. I would have broken down and let him, just to reward the creative links to the sabbath (and to buy myself a longer Sunday nap, which I'm sure ties into some principles somewhere).

Lorena said...

I came home to an empty fridge and your dinner sounds SOOOO yummy!!

Glad you had a great week!

Jill said...

I'm not reading your blog anymore because you just put me to shame.

Okay, I lied. I will still read your blog, but you DO put me to shame. I WISH I COULD COOK LIKE YOU!!!!!!

PIP a.k.a. Pineapple Princess said...

The letters were darling and I especially love how Santa had time to write a reply, isn't he great!

I also love that you showed the Christmess. I haven't been brave enough, but I will next year. It tells so much.

You know if you are going to show food, we are going to ask for the recipes. . .

Auzigirl said...

Santa notes are the best. DDR is the best we have it. It's a great workout.

Ilene said...

Emma's note is so cute. Almost as cute as her cheerily telling me to wait a minute on the phone because you were getting a blessing.

Sorry I missed your "IM" on my blog. I actually got a nap this afternoon. You set spiritual goals, invite people over for dessert, get blessings and I uh, nap.

Shally said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! Gabe and my Jaxon would get along well-- he is always trying to come up with new ideas on why he should be able to play video games on Sunday too-- Jesus wants us to be happy, right??

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

So did you let him play video games after his fantastic religious justification? I hope so. Poor kid. He tried so hard!

Rochelleht said...

That Santa note is SOOOO cute! I can't believe your Christmas dinner! WOW!! I ate at Jack in the Box for Christmas. How's that for traditional?

Bridget said...

I hope you made LOTS of that Christmas dinner because those leftovers would be fabulous. I had cereal for dinner tonight after our 8.5 hr long drive home from Boise. Not fun.

Paige said...

thank you for taking the picture of your floor Christmas morning. Mine was like that for 5 days and and I kept thinking I should take a picture of it. I love your update and have missed you.

bloggingchristy said...

I am getting DDR (Greg got a XBOX 360) too, so I will have to practice so we can have a dance off later in the year.

I do really feel bad when I kill those cute little monkeys in those games. What a soft heart Gabe has!

Lauren said...

Oh, poor Aunt Bekah! I love all of the pictures! Great Action shots of the DDR !

Gabe is quite the genius...excellent justification skills :)

I adore the new quick quote on the side, too!

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

I love the messy floor pics. I had some too but didn't post them. Now I wish I did. And the notes to Santa? PRICELESS!
I love how your girls are ready on Christmas Day and your boys are NOT.

Oh... and the Dora house for Seth? You are a nice mom. I told Levi he couldn't have that last year. I'm mean, huh?

Heather said...

Such a fabulous week in review.

Did you ask yourself why we don't cook prime rib more?

I know I did.

What kinds of pies did you make?

The Hansen Clan said...

How fun! So I totally want to come and play DDR with you... I can't seem to convince Kyle to play that one :) Speaking of which, he said Jane was on her best behavior yesterday and stayed dressed the whole time - I love that kid!

gab said... the menu!

andrea said...

i see your kids inherited the great family wit. buy your son some plastic monkeys and let him baptize them in the tub. that's the ultimate salvation.

andrea said...

ps i emailed you with a question, but i'm not sure i remembered your address right. did you get it?

Lauren said...'s me again...I know you are busy, but...if you have the time can you post the recipes for your fabulous dinner...I noticed you served your "strawberry pretzel salad" again...if memory serves, I think it must be a family favorite because I think you served it for Father's Day last year. Are you scared I can quote your blog almost by kind of "chapter and verse"?
The whole meal sounded Fantastic!

crystal said...

I'm calling Gabe every Sunday so he can justify my Sunday lazy activities for me. He's got some genius.

Carie said...

this could be the cleverest, most eventful, best summary of all time. You really know how to live.

Tammy said...

Your kids are hilarious. Love the santa note, reminds me of my brother, always wanting to hear Santa in the night. I love Gabe trying to justify video games on Sunday, he is pretty good and logical so maybe you and Ryan can invent a mormon video game for sundays for kids everywhere?!