Sunday, July 29, 2007

Good things that happen when you are alone in your house for 43 hours

Yes, you read that right. I am alone in my house for the first time in seriously 8 and 1/2 years (since Emma was born). I am going to Girls' Camp tomorrow and Ryan had a business trip in CA, so he took all the kiddos yesterday (drove in the van by himself 16 hours) so his mom could watch them during the day while he did his stuff. So I have been all by myself! So here's your list.

When you are alone in your house...
1) It stays cool because a)your kids do not open their bedroom windows during their naps and yell at their friends and leave them open so your upstairs is roasting by 5 pm. b) You also do NOT leave the door open every time you walk through it. c)You also do not heat the house because you do not have to make meals.

2) You buy yourself a huge takeout Pad Thai meal and eat it for three meals in a row and love it because you never get it because your husband and kids don't like it.

3) You read an entire book (the other side of the bridge by Mary Lawson...this is book review number 3...I liked it and would recommend it) while you ride the exercise bike at the gym for an hour to work off the Pad Thai you keep eating.

4) You watch So You Think You Can Dance without having to fast forward the skanky costumes and too-sexy moves that you don't want you 8, 6, and 4 year old to see.

5) You clean the house for 5 hours while listening to Twilight on your computer because you aren't being constantly interrupting by kids who are supposedly helping you clean the house.

6) Your house stays clean after aforementioned clean-up. THE WHOLE REST OF THE WEEKEND. You don't ever have to clean it up again, because you are not a big huge slob like the other people who usually live here.

7) You sleep till 8:45 am.

8) You listen to all of church and feel the Spirit the whole time because you didn't just pinch your 4 year old for various things she does to bug everyone during Sacrament meeting.

9) You visit teach without having to arrange babysitting or without having your kid hit your teachee's kid with a car.

10) You run every errand and do everything on your list without being interrupted by fighting, hunger, messes, poop or playdates.

11) You miss your kids a lot and get choked up whenever the picture album screensaver flashes a cute picture of them on the screen.

So there you go. I wish all of you a weekend like this once in your life.

I'm off to camp and teenage girls with crazy hair, stupid songs and lots of teary testimonies. I'm sure we'll have lots to say when we get back!


Celia Fae said...

Uh, aren't you feeling a little bit ill? Don't you need to skip camp and stay home in your dream come true house that sounds more heavenly than any vacation? Have fun. My comments are going to miss you!

Rochelleht said...

YIKES! That reminds me: I have one day to go visiting teaching. HA HA!

But I am serious...

rubberbandgirl said...

Oh how nice! I'm impressed that you cleaned and all and I would've gone for the chinese take-out as well!

brooke romney said...

Honestly, sounds fabulous! Maybe when my oldest is 8 I'll get a day like that. I found your blog through Chris and Cassy's and it is great. That is an awesome family picture too. So fun to be able to connect!

J'net said...

Jessica, this was SO funny that you
are even OLD enough to have an 8 yr.
old!?! I keep seeing YOU in those
little kids and wonder where the time
went? You are a good mom doing all
the good mom things, which take 24 hrs. a day, congrats for finding the
totally fun/happy side of life. Jacki was up at girls camp out in Atlanta this summer too! I will send you her blog... Aunt J'net in Hawaii, and come visit next time you have such a LONG stretch of FREE time!

Paige said...

That sounds heavenly. One time Jeff took all 4 kids to the Farmers Market for 2 hours on a Saturday and I was alone in my house. I treasure that time.

Mario, Adrianne & Gabe Resek said...

I don't think I'd be so productive. Somehow all my free time is eaten up by blogs these days. I hope you enjoy girl's camp more now than when you were supposed to go!!


In all my years in the Church I still haven't gone to Girl's Camp. Will I get 43 hours alone in my house if I do?

Hope you're having a ball!

Kirsten said...

Did you know Ben's first cousin wrote Twilight?

Tiffany said...

Ohhhh! What a treat. I think that's what I'll ask for my birthday sometime -- a few days alone in my house!
Have a great time at Girl's Camp!

Me & My BOYS said...

I'm sooo jealous!!! Maybe that will be me someday.