Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I love Spokane but...

there are not a lot of man-made amusements here. We have lovely trails and mountains and lakes, which we enjoy, but no big zoos, children museums, amusement or water parks. This is all to explain why two friends and I drove ONE HOUR to a tiny little town called Tekoa (pop. 800) to go to a small public pool we'd heard about. It is nothing like the Utah swimming extravaganzas, but it uncrowded, had a great kiddie area, and we had lots of snacks. We went because we wanted a chance to catch up with each other...but we had 12 kids under 12 with us so I don't know what we were thinking. We waved at each other from various areas of the pool. Here're some pictures that my friend Jessica took. Wait, while I check to see if the one of me is too fat to put on the internet (what am I thinking??). Okay, it looks decent because Seth is strategically covering the thigh area (the only good thing he ever did for my appearance!) Enjoy:

(Jane is the messy, unsafe one on the right)
(how great are these shots?)



Looks like so much fun! Love the Seth covering the thighs...I think I would need to take a picture with all 4 to cover up my problem areas!!

RosarioReseks said...

Seth is very well placed, and all I noticed was your fantastic sunglasses, of which I am very jealous because you know I could never wear them. I am sunglass-handicap. Is it pc to use the word handicap?