Friday, July 13, 2007

Dumb Dad

As I was getting myself a drink, Jane comes up and randomly says:

(Jane) "I haven't had juice today, I want Jessica?"
(me) "wha-huhh?!?!"
(Jane) "I weawy didn't"

At this point the hamster wheel in my head is spinning furiously trying to make sense of this strange liitle girl who is staring at me:

~no juice today ... what the ' ... ohno, my daughter is retarded! ~Jessica isn't home right now - not seeing the juice connection ~Pure jibberish ... how could I have not realized she is retarded for four whole years. ~Jessica Albrect (Primary President) - uhh drawing a blank ~ There is the one glass of juice a day rule but why does that make her want Jessica?!? She really is a cute little retard. WAIT!!! HOLD IT!!! JESSICA=FRESCA!!! Woo Hooo! Daddy got it!

(me) "You want a drink? You want some Fresca?"
(Jane) "Weawy ... I'm sewious dad."
(me) "Sure - have a sip."

I later found out Jane had already had her juice ration for the day, and that her innocent request was really just another lie. I am such a dupe.


Paige said...

Um, I hope cute Jane's daddy can afford speech therapy! What a wascally wabbit.


Tee-Hee! Love how you write her speaking, I can totally hear it. Brooke says w's for her l's and r's. So, she says Mommy's name is Wowena Seewey.