Thursday, July 19, 2007

Extreme Makeovers

this is the cute Emma
I just got the cutest haircut!
So I told my mom I wanted to get a haircut.
She said yes.
I was thrilled.
It was Saturday. My mom said we could do it on Monday. I waited until Monday. But then my mom she didn't have time (like always). Same thing happened every day of the week. Finally on Saturday, she said that we could get it. Actually, I had to ask and ask and ask because she said that my dad would be annoyed when he woke up and having to take care of all the kids. But I persuaded her to do it. When we got there, they were closed. So we had to go to the next one. We checked and the lady said it would close at 6 instead of 5. So we got it cut. When the lady asked if I like it, I told her I loved it. So we went home. When we got home my dad was awake, but I didn't tell him about that I was getting my hair cut really short. So when I showed him, he was really surprised. I really like my hair cut, it's easier to dry.

This is now the cute Jessica.

Gabe also got a haircut while Emma was getting hers. I was not expecting his hair to be cut and I hadn't decided that I wanted his hair to be cut and I had to try really hard to talk to Ryan immediately after Gabe's hair had been cut. Ryan is talented at lots of things...not so much haircutting. Gabe's cool longish haircut has been replaced by a shaved head. He is still cute, however, and so I began talking to Ryan after a 10 minute silent treatment. (In case you didn't know, I'm not very good at silence.) Here is his before and after:


Paige said...

EEEK! I wouldn't forgive my husband for cutting my kids hair either, but Gabe does look adorable! Emma, you are beautiful like your mommy and I love your hair every way. I hope you can still put cute things in it.

Celia Fae said...

Dear Emma,
Thank you for blogging. You are very cute and I wish my Claire would let me cut her hair like yours.
Love, Celia
Dear Jessica's husband,
Congratulations. Thank you for making one more little boy in the world have nice short hair instead of long straggly hair.
Love, Celia
Dear Jessica,
Please come to Bwood and we will have a blogger's date. I will feed you.
Love, Celia


Emma - So cute! I love your hair every way, though.

Gabe - I like short hair on guys. You look awesome!

Jessica - I used to cut Dane's hair, but right before Christmas a few years ago, we got in a big fight over how poorly of a job I had done. I told him right then and there that from now on he had to go get someone else to cut it. I am happy to note that I have not touched it since that fight. We are not good at silence, either, but I sure can hold grudges! Anyway, he just got it cut and looks so much better, because, as you know, he can let it go for awhile (just look at him in your wedding pictures.)

We love you!