Saturday, July 7, 2007

It's been a long time...

We'd like to thank all our dedicated fans; those who returned to view the blog in hopes that the camera had been replaced and the Utah trip was over. Well, prepare to be rewarded with a very long post! Since we've been blog-absent for 13 days (and probably would have averaged an entry per day), we thought we'd treat you to...
Our Top 13 List!!! (notable events of the last 13 days)
13. We replaced the camera. Jane was devastated to find out that because mommy and daddy weren't able to use one of their toys, Jane also would not be able to use her bike! (Thanks Grandma Dorrie for the perfect consequence--I don't come up with these things on my own.) When mom and Dad purchased and received their new camera, Jane was able to purchase her
bike back ($3).
12. Jessica finish her new favorite book East of Eden. Some grisly parts, but so well written. I had no idea Steinbeck was so enjoyable!

11. Swimming. Lots and lots of swimming, in pools, lakes and parks.

10. Our return trip home. We loved Utah (see numbers 8-2) but we were excited to see Ryan, who remained home (see number 1), and get back to our routine. I am a hardcore road tripper and we had a personal best on the way home: 730 miles in (drumroll, please) 9 hours and 50 minutes! I had lots of snacks, a TV/VCR and kids with awesome bladders. I didn't even go more than 8 miles over the speed limit!

9. The 4th of July. We had a great time at our little Liberty Lake parade and out at the Daines lakehouses for dinner and fireworks. I tried not to be too Mommy Dearest about the 4th of July outfits and pictures, but it was not easy. Jane does not look at a camera ever and Seth's Old Navy shirt surfaced this morning--not to mention all the drooling of parade candy.
Here's the result:

8, 7, 6, 5. Visits to our favorite Utah spots.
Thanksgiving Point (my favorite place ever--we go every visit)

Liberty Park (we love the balls, the canyon replicas, the waterpark area, the Tracy Aviary) but we have no picture. Too bad, because Jane screamed for 20 minutes (seriously) because I couldn't find her swimsuit and then when she'd finally calmed down, it was in my purse. I started crying then...that would have been a good picture.

Hogle Zoo--the perfect size of zoo. We went with my brothers, sis in law, mom, aunt and cousins.

This is the Place Heritage Park--we really got the pioneer experience. It was 103 degrees as we tromped from schoolhouse to church (see picture) to smelly stable. The kids loved doing pioneer chores, making candles and learning pioneer school lessons.

4. Church on Sunday. We remembered being a part of a great ward and our wonderful lessons and Sacrament meeting confirmed it. We miss you guys!

3. Eating with the Nelson side of the family. We had a fun Sunday dinner and a fun lunch at Buca Di Beppo. (I also enjoyed the requisite Cafe Rio and Sweet Tomato trips--Utah has way better restaurants than Spokane).

2. The visits with Romneys. Ryan's sisters all live in Utah and we had a couple of fun visits just hanging out at houses while kids played and eating Lemon Meringue Pie (Happy Birthday Betsy). I have the BEST in-laws ever and my kids love their cousins. We have no pictures since I was using my sister's camera and she didn't come. Boo!


This week my husband has mowed the lawn, watched movies, done the dishes, come home at 5:15, rollerbladed with the kids--none of which were possible when he was working on his thesis 20 hours a week. We are so proud of him!

Thanks for reading our update...I kept trying to get my humorist husband to write commentary (he's so much funnier) but he was too busy trying to find a lab coat for his Russian scientist costume we are wearing to a "How to Host a Murder dinner" tonight...anyone out there with a lab coat?


Paige said...

Oh, your mommy dearest 4th of July is nothing. I had 12 custom made shirts with kids names on them in red (for all the cousins and Grandpa Jim), but then lost my camera and forgot Bea's shirt. Now I have to reenact the 4th of July at home, and I even saved some sparklers for the picture! Congrats to Ryan!


I was so totally Mommie Dearest with our t-shirts. I had an almost crying moment when I was putting out their outfits for the day. (Yes, I did that because if I don't Elena would have ended up with orange capris. Seriously I am trying to teach that girl about matching!) Anyway, I had bought everyone but Dane's at the Old Navy store. They didn't have Dane's size, so I ordered his online. When I went looking, I only had 5 shirts...I was missing Brooke's. I knew I had bought it. I thought that it had most likely fallen out of the bag. Well, the bag was in the under the stairs closet...we call it the hole! Things could so easily fall out and bury one of the kids and we would never know. Anyway, I didn't have much time for the extensive dig, so I was a little nervous. You'll be happy to know, however, that I found it right at the base of the mountain and we made it out of the house on time.

Love and miss you!

Carie said...

Glad you are back on the blog. Couple of questions: Did I notice you in a Steve and Barry's shirt in one of your pictures? Any chance of a trip out to Kansas City? (we have good food too and lots of church sites.) Just a thought.

rubberbandgirl said...

Very happy for you to get 'daddy' back! Good for Ryan!

RosarioReseks said...

So glad your back up - I needed my Romney fix. And I need parenting help. I hope when I grow up I can be like you. YEEEAAAHHHH for Ryan finishing school!!!

Kirsten said...

Congratulations Ryan! And East of Eden is one of my favorites. Welcome back to the wonderful world of blogging! I also just successfully used my first HTML tag EVER.

Forrest and Abbie said...

Hoorah for Ryan! That's great! We miss you guys soooo much. I'm glad you had fun. Oh, thanks for the book recomendation - I just finished my book and we're going to the library tomorrow. Love you.

Celia Fae said...

Hi, I'm glad you are back because I've been blog stalking you for a little while as well. So let's be blog friends. I remember when your kids were so little! They are giant now and we are old and it is not so bad. We didn't have any 4th plans this year and it was very relaxing to wear whatever we wanted. Maybe we should go to Paige's reenactment!