Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Semi-professional won ton makers

We made the egg rolls w/ some fried rice for Jessica's birthday dinner on Sunday (an old Sherrill family favorite). It was just fun and different and Jessica loved having them again. The only drawbacks are the 1st and 2nd degree burns I have on both hands due to my ineptness at deep frying. Gabe came out and I showed him how to fold up the wrappers around the filling. So he did three and then Emma came out and did one. She wrapped hers pretty loosely and then went back into the house because she had to set the table (we were frying on the back patio). As I put hers in, I told Gabe “This one is going to ‘POP’ really bad.” He asked why and I explained that when they aren’t folded tight enough the meat grease and water from the vegetables seep out and pop when they contact the hot oil. “This one wasn’t really rolled very well.” He looked kind of discouraged and I told him not to worry because it was Emma’s and that his wontons looked to be very well folded. So he says “yeah … Emma is just a beginner.” He then proceeded to try to figure out if he was a “junior” or a “professional” folder. He finally decided on professional saying that it was one step below me. See what an ego boost it is to have kids who think you are one step above professional despite bumbling and burning yourself repeatedly?


Paige said...

I missed her birthday! Bad Bad friend. It's Adrianne's fault. It's her responsiblity to remind me. Happy Birthday Jessica! You are just as hot as we were at 19.

rubberbandgirl said...

Happy Birthday, Jessica!