Saturday, September 6, 2008

You want to have a great reunion?

You will need:
2 donated 6 bedroom lake houses (next door to each other) with yard of green grass and sandy beach

16 adults who are funny, good and down-to-earth, so you have little drama and lots of belly laughs and deep conversation

23 cousins who all have at least one playmate and barely ever fight

2 boats, 4 tubes, 1 wakeboard, 1 kayak, bikes, 2 bouncy houses, a plastic-car-slidey-thing-that-all-the-kids-love, a tent, a hammock, and a porch swing

the perfect mix of yummy and easy meals (2 per family, except Grant --single--and Heather--lucky user of leftovers)

an ability to ignore sleep-deprived and sugar-loaded kids (as much as possible--you aren't here to reconnect with them, are you?)

an Olympic theme complete with a torch, family flags, events (wiffle ball, volleyball, a suicide swim across the lake, obstacle course) and medals

a fun fun slide show (thanks Uncle Bart)
a talent show, preferably with a 2 year who can sing Popcorn Popping, a hand-walking uncle, the Von Trapps, a magician and a skit.
long walks, bike rides, a surprise girlfriend who wasn't scared off immediately, long 2 a.m. marriage talks, church, a baptism, and LOTS OF SWEETS.
a FABULOUS photographer who made the dreaded family picture a)fun and b)beautiful. You have to click here for previews of the family picture and here for our kids' shots. (Gorgeous!)
the wish that two years wasn't such a long time. WE LOVE THE ROMNEYS!


jessica said...

Seriously...that sounds like the perfect family reunion. I wish the weather had cooperated a little bit better for you.

The pictures....freakin awesome!

Lauren in GA said...

Oh, my gracious!!! HOW FABULOUS!!!!!

You people know how to par-tay!

I especiall enjoyed the signs...I assume you are the Washington Romneys? That banner was fabulous! Oh, and I liked the, "Yer MOMmA" one, too.

I am glad you had such fun. I visited all of the links and the pictures are so fabulous. I really mean that!

Meg said...

How fun!!! Seriously!

Oh and tell your husband the doughnut cake was a HUGE success at my son's birthday party. If I ever catch up on blogging I will post pictures on my family blog. Thanks again!

Laurie said...

THAT'S the way to make it a success. WOW.

Bridget said...

Now THAT is a reunion. I guess its too late to be in your family. Darn it.

Rachel said...

That reunion ROCKS! Seriously? TWO donated lake houses???? How on earth? Blessing were pouring upon your family this summer, I guess.


rbberbandgirl said...

Awesome reunion.
Your kids pics are really nice.

Bekah said...

I love the Romneys and I'm so glad you all had such a fun reunion! Why can't our family put on one of those!?

Hazen5 said...

Now that's a reunion! I want to come next time.

Adrianne said...

Okay, I formally petition to be a Romney. I mean, I love the Sherrills, the Smarts and the Reseks, but I want that many cousins, and that family reunion. And I think my kids would really like the 8 year old trip with Grandma Nut as well. So, I have a whole file full of birth certificates, school records, residency applications, marriage records etc. I can add years of photos of me and Jessica together, me in your wedding, Emma's blessing dress made by me, etc. Where do I send my file for consideration? And will you be able to process it in time for the next family reunion?

Kirbell said...

Great pictures... great photographer.. cute kids ...awesome family reunion! You guys are too much fun!

Spencer said...

Wasn't that the best reunion? I think it was the baptism that was the icing on the cake. Thanks Gabe and everyone. It was fun talking to you, I just wish we had more time and more late nights. I was so sad to realize I was back home and had no more entertainment or meals prepared. It makes being prego seem soo long! I miss you guys and hope we can see you for one of the winter holidays.

Paige said...

So great. Honestly 23 cousins sounds HEAVENLY!! And I looked at every gorgeous picture. Amazing.

Anisa said...

Wow! What an awesome family reunion!

Lorena said...

That sounds great! When are you planning one for the Seeley/Nelson side?

Loved the pictures!

brooke romney said...

Looks like way too much fun. You'll have to plan it for ALL the Romneys next time!

Jenibelle said...

Your kids are adorable, adorable, adorable. I loved Emma straddling both Grandpa and Grandma, staking her claim? Gorgeous!

Did Ryan's mom clone him? Holy Toledo!!!

Jenibelle said...

Oops! wrong kid...that's Jane the cute kindergartener. Mea culpa.

crystal said...

Your kids' pictures ARE gorgeous! And what a fun reunion. Seriously, though: when anything Von Trapp is involved, what could be better?

Thanks for your sweet comment on my Mothers w/o Borders post. Isn't that one of the best charitable organizations you've ever encountered? That was a nice thing you did :)