Sunday, September 14, 2008

Seth's Sunday Stroll

**as dictated to Dad

Since its Sunday, Mom is “resting” not blogging. I am big and three now, so I will tell about our Sunday walk. Our family goes on a walk almost every Sunday after dinner. Mom and Dad never remember that I hate strollers, so every week I have to spend at least 10 minutes convincing them that big kids like me don’t ride in strollers for their Sunday walk. Emma, Gabe, Jane and Me always like to workout our “core” muscles a little bit so we make sure to never pass the house with the retaining wall without balance-beam-walking our way from start to finish. It is crucial that we do the whole thing, so someone should tell my Dad not to get hopeful if we fall off part way through because we are not going to “let’s get going” with him. We’re going to start over as many times as it takes.

My mom and Dad don’t really know how to enjoy a good walk. You shouldn’t just rush by everything. Like if you see a dog, you should pet it … EVERY SINGLE TIME. Even if it is the same dog you just pet on the other side of the block, you still need to be friendly and stop and pet him again. You can’t rush a good petting though. You have to ease into it. I am usually kind of nervous around a new dog, or even a not-so-new one. I find that it helps to alternate between laughing and running toward the dog and then crying and running away just as the dog is within petting range. A good 3-5 bouts of this helps me work up the courage to get down to business.

I take my image seriously. I don’t like to have all my “peeps” see me unless I am looking my best. I like to be clean and presentable. So you can only guess how upset I was today when I got halfway through my walk, only to realize that someone had gotten my shirt dirty! I hate that. Mom was not taking the matter very seriously. That hurt a little bit.

“You wash it? We will wash it at home. You wash it mom? Mom … you should wash it!”

NOTHING. – Was I speaking Mandarin here? All I was looking for was a little reassurance. And I wasn’t even getting eye contact. Then Dad said,

“Don’t worry Seth, when we get home we will put all your clothes with you in them into the washing machine”

He was going to do it! I know he was serious. I would be churned, and rinsed and spun in that big white scary thing. Why would he do this to me? Oh how I cried to know only half a walk stood between me and the end of 3 great years. There was a lot of loss to mourn, but I really did my best to do it justice. Mom and Dad could tell I was upset by the short time we had left together, so guess what … She made that big old guy promise that he wouldn’t actually throw me into the washing machine with my clothes on. Then he offered to seal the deal by shaking on it. I’ll admit that the request seemed odd but I was so overjoyed that I threw caution to the wind and shook on it with him. As he stretched out his hand towards me I shook my head and arms and little bum for good measure. I frankly wasn’t impressed by the old man though. He didn’t seem to shake as much on his end.

Jane and I can be real opposites when it comes to hygiene. Take today’s walk for example, not 5 minutes after I got done baring my soul in tearful expression over the dirt on my shirt, Jane (who Dad claims could have an entire piece of pizza in her bangs at dinner without noticing) was walking around barefoot. As everyone took the customary break to yell way back my way to “hurry up Seth” Jane stands in a pile of squishy, smelly brown stuff that our doggie friends leave all over. As I take my sweet time approaching Jane just stands in “it” happily chatting away until Dad finally had to tell her to get out of “it”. See what I mean about opposites?

So after more dogs and crying and another pass by the “core” training course, we made it home, another Sunday tradition well maintained.

... I have to go now. I have got to get out of this shirt.


Bekah said...

How hilarious! Love your blog as always and love your family as always!

Erin said...

So cute. So adorable. As usual. :)

As for your CO trip--Spring Break sounds fabulous. Really, anytime sounds great! We'd love to have all of you here--and your mom and Bekah. Another thought would be to come over Memorial Weekend and run the Bolder Boulder with me for my 30th birthday. :)

Like I said, we'll take you anytime!

queenieweenie said...

Three is my FAVORITE!!! You've sure got a cutie...and he's so literate.

rbberbandgirl said...

Very funny.
Writing in Seth-person is fun to read.

Christie said...

Oh, this was just too funny. I love this idea for a post. You are one clever little girl. I mean, boy. Sorry, Seth.

Jeanelle said...

Seth is such a gifted and descriptive writer. I wonder where he gets it? I especially loved the part about Jane having an entire piece of pizza in her bangs and not noticing - totally made me laugh.

Elizabeth Caldwell said...

Hi Seth... it reads like someone was typing for you... I really expected to read that you were "serweous" instead of serious :) Maybe your daddy was helping you?

Lauren in GA said...

Seth, I truly loved your post. I am so glad you were able to take a walk on your know, properly do your balance beam walking- and not be rushed, and approach dogs with your own special ritual of caution.

Who on earth do you think dared to get dirt on your shirt? Tsk, Tsk, Tsk...I am so glad that you, "threw caution to the wind" and shook hands with your dad to ensure that he didn't throw YOU in the washing machine with your dirty shirt.

Well, I just wanted to compliment you again, Seth on your brilliant post.

Bridget said...

I love Sunday walks. Thanks for the perspective Seth. Love the pooping dog image at the end too.

AMY said...

I also love Sunday walks. We never seem to make it very far however - it's nice when everyone's out. I'm sad it won't last much longer.

Anisa said...

So cute and so funny! It's crazy how different each kid can be. I have one who likes to be clean and one who doesn't!!!

J'net said...

What a great idea to wind down the Sunday with a family walk! We drive to the ocean and watch the waves... I look forward to that every Sunday, waves
change you know! And sometimes there are whales
jumping! Loved the conversation in Seth's head over the "washer" ordeal... J
ake was a "spot phobic" too!!
Jax was "pig-pen" Dirt just jumped on her!
Great idea about petting other people's dogs and walking on, smiling! I used to say, I have "babies,
NOT puppies" Too much time cleaning up, oh yeah,
still cleaned UP a lot. Enjoy your week! You WILL be pushing a stroller again SOON!! Do you stop the walks in the winter? Or is it just a "bundle up" opportunity? Aloha

Audry said...

Very clever and cute! Ryan has a talent for storytelling.

Jenibelle said...

Wow, Seth has quite the vocabulary and insight for a three year old. He is going to come in really handy raising that new baby.

I don't have a clean boy like you Seth in my whole bunch, they are all dirt magnets.

Paige said...

Oh Seth, those Sunday strolls must be torture for your cute Daddy who just likes to get things DONE! Good job showing him what's important- dog walking, and meandering. And dog poop.

nurse graham said...

What a super fabulous post. I always enjoy reading what you blog.

I must admit that it took me a long time (about 14 years to be exact) to realize that walks with children were not so much about the destination; they are all about the time together. My kids (15 and 12)are going to be so happy to know that I have recently had this "ah-ha" moment.

Ilene said...

Seth's vocabulary is immense. His penchant for cleanliness is further evidence that he truly is Ryan's son.

Jane really stood in a pile of dog do-do?

Adrianne said...

I'm laughing because I left the stroller in the trunk so I let Gabe walk to church yesterday - all of one block - and I vowed never to do it again.