Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hit me with your best shot

Since I honestly CANNOT think of anything to post about, ever, I thought I would use YOU for a blog post.

There are some things I need help with and I would love if you would comment and share your opinion with me.

First, I want a really good NON-BIASED website on the candidates. Specifically, I want to know what their voting records are on the major issues and what their official verbatim promises/views are, should they be elected. I just don't trust very much I see in either emails, media or commercials and I want to feel like I'm making an informed choice. So send me your good, non partisan websites.

Second, I need decorating help (Smart girls, you better comment). This is the room that I'm using as inspiration/copying for the baby's room:

(I know. The yellow and black is so different, yet still girly. )

And I'm doing the walls yellow, ordering a cheap black crib:
with the Pottery Barn bedding and am ordering a nursing chair (not the $1300 one in the picture PB picture, but similar) from Penneys in black and white polka dots. (Here's the fabric:)
The room is trimmed in lots of white and has two big windows that will have white/polka dots curtains. My question is this: my funky friend Christine is helping me put it all together and she suggested this dresser from IKEA.
What do you think? Will the yellow be too much against the yellow wall? Would a black dresser be too much black, considering the big black chair and ottoman and crib? Please share.

And last, still in the baby department, what products have come out in the last 3.5 years that you have loved? Hooter hider? Bumbo (sp?) chair? Tell me what I should buy, and make it good, because this could be my last one and I don't want to waste money.

Thanks for your assistance in my blogging, my vote and my baby.

Oh wait, I just thought of one more: Are there any methods that you think really work in the inducing of labor? I'm good for another month, but then I'm trying them all, so share!


Anonymous said...

Try factcheck.org to find the truth behind all the ads and the claims that leave you scratching your head.

Cute idea for the room! I think it's too much yellow. What if you got a white dresser and changed the hardware (handles) to black? Then she could use it later and you wouldn't have to repaint it if yellow went out of style

Love, love, love Baby Bjorn. I couldn't have survived #2 w/o it.

Kenny and Linsey said...

Hooter hider is a must. Bumbo is also great, but you can live without it, though I wish I didn't have to. We have a Sherpani (back pack thing for the baby) and we love it!! It's expensive, but if you plan to do any hiking or long walks over less than stroller friendly terrain you have to have it. And, my cannot live without it contraption, wheels for the car seat. Go Go Kidz makes a universal set that have saved my life more times than I want to remember.

Politics is my favorite thing, but I've already made up my mind so I'll have do some looking and then get back to you with a good website.

I defer to "Smart"er women on the decorating questions.

rubberbandgirl said...

I love the room decor. I like the dresser and don't think it'll be too much yellow.
Cam is my politial souce and I'm not sharing.
Hate me if you must but any effort I ever made to bring labor on myself ended in very uncomfortable false alarms and pitocin, etc. is just too fast and uncomfortable. I say...wait it out. She'll get here when she gets here. And she will be SO CUTE!!!
I guess it's been too long for me cuz I've got nuthin' on new baby products.

Lindsey said...

I LOVE THAT YELLOW DRESSER! I have eyed it MANY times trying to think of a place where I could put it in my house.. to no avail. I don't think it would be too much yellow IF you put a larg black frame/stencil/peice of decor painted black above it to draw you eye upward and anchor the piece. VERY cute. I wish I could have as much fun decorating my "last baby room" but we are in a rental, so it just isn't worth it. I can't wait to see what baby items people love. I loved the baby trends snap and go for the baby car seat. It is MUCH lighter, smaller, and easier to manage than the HUGE "stroller system" I think it is great as long as you don't need a set for a toddler. If you DO they also have a sit and stand version for two kids. I think that will be on my wish list for #4. Here is a product link.. http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=5246102

Lindsey said...

PS- Give your friend a paint swatch because yellows can really clash. Have her go in and make sure it is on the same pallet.

Sally said...

bumbo is best borrowed.

Not a new baby gadget, but the exersaucer that allows them to bounce a little is awesome.

I was thinking white dresser too.

Good luck with the politics. Let us know what you find.

Christie said...

I, too, am on the fence when it comes to the candidates. There is a debate sometime this week, Thursday, I think. I'm actually going to watch and see who dazzles me.

As far as the dresser, I'd go black. That way, you could use it later if you decided to change the color scheme. LOVE the yellow walls, and the whole polka dot thing going on.

Can't help you with baby stuff, as my baby is six. I think there's probably a million things new since I had her.

Kimberly said...

So fun! I think the room is cute. The yellow is fine, if it matches the walls, but I would probably go white. Black is ok but it will make the room seem smaller with all of the other black furniture. I can't believe I am posting without first hearing Adrianne's opinion, as I am sure I will be swayed by her impecable taste.

My product ideas aren't that new since my baby is almost 4, but I loved a sling (like www.lucky-baby.com) and hated the bjorn. My sister loves the ergo (www.ergobabycarrier.com) and it has a longer shelf life than a sling.

I'll be watching your comments since I'm interested in hearing responses to your other questions as well.

Kimberly said...

impeccable- I should proof read better (made more funny by the fact that I almost just posted this comment with proof spelled "proog")

Abbie said...

I like Drudgereport.com for political stuff. He does a good job at showing articles from both sides. I don't trust many political anythings, but I do like Drudge. I have made up my mind, but really, I hate both of them.

I just bought an Ergo carrier (I heard it's a lot better than the Bjorn). I'll let you know how it works out. I loved the Moby Wrap for the newborn phase. Make a Hooter Hider, or buy a cheap one, or find a girlfriend to make one. Hotsling (sp?) is a goody.

I would get a black dresser. I don't think it would be too much black. Love the room.

Induction methods that obviously didn't work for me b/c I went a week over with both babies, but I would DO ANYTHING to avoid pitocin: Sex, membrane sweeping, drink lots of water, prostin gel, I could go on and on, but you might get sick of me. I love talking anything birth related. (Side note: jealous you get to give birth in a month or so. I love giving birth. Just thinking about it makes me so giddy. A little crazy? Probably.)

diane said...

Watch the debates. I love politics.
I love the nursery decor. I really like the yellow dresser.
I'm old school but I think a baby sling is a must have.

Amber said...

I read your first thing. Fox News - channel 360 on your DirecTV or FoxNews.com or just email me directly b/c I am a political GEEEEEEKATRON!!

The Parkers said...

Black dresser= too much black. Go for yellow or a light wood color.
As for inducing labor, don't clean your house for 2 weeks, make sure every piece of laundry in the house is dirty, volunteer for 6 or 7 different things in one week, completely empty the fridge, put off helping your son with his science project until the very last minute, and don't pack the hospital bag. You're SURE to go into labor in the middle of the night. :)

Oh, and you NEED one of these:


Kara Jayne said...

I'm a Fox News fan.

Love the yellow dresser.

Can't help you on the baby items, but will tell you to borrow where you can!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the polka dot chair.

Sex worked for the first, membrane strip worked for the third, nothing for the other two!!

Lisa-Marie said...

Can't wait to hear what help you get in the political arena. I need some help as well. I know lots of ladies who could post something political, I'm just pretty sure it wouldn't be non-biased!!!!

I like the idea of a white dresser with black and yellow hardware. Or black. I don't think you can ever have too much black.

Go running RIGHT before your appointment. Your BP might be up and they'll start you! Worked for all three of mine. (I didn't have to do the running part though. Just happened.)

the MomBabe said...

I don't know about anything but the inducing part. (Which, if you ask me, is the most important)

Evening Primrose Oil capsules. You can buy them at any pharmacy or Target or Walmart. THEN you take 2 capsules, and you insert them on your cervix (yes, you're going to have to put them up there. Bonus, you can tell if you're dilating or not.)

Anyways, after you hit 36 weeks, you can put 2 on your cervix every night. They soften it up and start to thin it out for you. (But wear a maxi pad to bed because, hello, it's oil. It drips a little bit)

AND ummm, ooh! Baby stuff! I like silkies for my babies. And if you want even more input, OhMommy over at ClassyChaos.com just asked her readers the very same thing. So you should peruse those comments.

Okay, novel is done.

Lauren in GA said...

I agree with Lindsey...just make sure the yellow dresser won't clash with the walls. I REALLY like it. I really love the whole look of your nursery! If it looks like it is going to clash I would buy a black dresser. I am really loving black furniture right now.

My sister has several of these neat baby toys that her twins can pull up on and they can play music and make sounds. They are like little tables they can stand by and manipulate.

I am really curious about the Bumbo, too. They are quite expensive so, I wonder if they are worth it.

Erika said...

love the baby room. go for a white dresser instead. and be sooo careful with the color of yellow you choose - you don't want it too cold or looking like an egg yolk. (I speak from experience) but love the room choice. Baby products: I think the bumbo thing is cool and attempted one for my last but, he didn't fit in it. His legs were too fat. The cool looking sling (Angelina Jollie look) also didn't work - baby too fat and I felt like I was carrying a sack of flour everywhere. but others with normal babies have had great success. as far as voting - don't believe anything - there is no such thing as an unbiased opinion in the media. go with your gut - who's the better person? aren't you glad I don't ask you which Canadian candidate I should vote for in the elections I refuse to vote in - even though I'm a citizen.

Shannan said...

I think you're doing a great job!

Like you, I often just get the free PB catalogs and get inspirations from those since my style is closest to that.

Okay, here is my baby method. Most of my friends say it is pretty good. About a week before and on your due date - you do stairs, stairs, stairs. Up and down like 10 times! Then you eat a poultry dinner - preferably roast turkey. You laugh, but it worked for me and two of my girlfriends.

PS - you can eat roast chicken in a pinch.

Meg said...

I actually think a black dresser would look best. Yellow would blend into the walls too much. And, white would look odd with a black crib. I think black is classic and classy even for a baby girl! You can always use white accents here and there to lighten it up. A white basket on the dresser, for instance...etc.

I actually recommend the book "On Becoming Babywise" to everyone! It saved me when I had my third baby and I wished someone would have given it to me with my first child. I agree on the hooter hider too!

♥Shally said...

Go to ontheissues.org. That will help you see what the candidate has voted for and against in the past.

LOVE the yellow dresser- but as said before, make sure it doesn't clash with your paint-- yellows are tough. If it does- I would go with black-- but I love black...

babystealers.com is a great website for sale items.

MUST have for me-- a swing. One that swings both front to back and side to side. They have these cool glider ones at Target that I would totally get if I were having a baby.

It is amazing how much you can live without when you get to your 4th or 5th child... Things that were must haves for my first were not even needed by my fourth!

Deric & Jenna said...

so even though I am not a mom, I think I might have some ideas after nannying little addie for a long time!
I loved the bumbo chair. It helped out a ton when I would be cooking dinner and addie wanted to be up where I was. check craigs lists, people sell them all the time. they are expensive.
I love the baby bjorn carriers. dont get the cheap ones they break. get the actual baby bjorn.
also hooter hidders are awesome but expensive. you can totally make one or someone can make you one too.
I would totally get a black dresser and change the nobs to yellow or white to go a long with the black and white feel. that would be way cute!
Good luck!!!!!

Laurie said...

Okay, I'm only going to comment on the induction methods because I don't have much time.

With number 1, I just waited for labor to start. Since I ended up with a C-section, it may not have been the best strategy.

With numbers 2 and 3 I was proactive. Tried the castor oil with numero 2--do not recommend it. Also used evening primrose oil and blue cohosh (started at twice a day, worked up to four). My water broke within 3-4 days of taking the blue cohosh with two pregnancies. With number 3, I started the blue cohosh just past 37 weeks, and he was born 12 days early, and he was only 8 lbs 14 oz!!

With number 4, I took the primrose oil and black cohosh. I was told that black cohosh worked the same as blue, but I didn't take it 4 times a day because I got freaked by an article online. Plus, I felt conflicted about his due date. Anyway, given that I was 13 days late, I also don't recommend the black cohosh.

You could also just gorge on Halloween candy and see if that did anything. :)

♥Shally said...

okay-- so the website is babysteals.com.

NOT babystealers.com

that would be bad.

I swear I am losing my mind...

Jenna said...

With this last baby I splurged on a MOBY wrap and I have loved it!

Audry said...

I would do a black dresser. A yellow dresser with yellow walls is too much yellow. And you are going to have a black crib. Keep it uniform.

Also Bumbo is good but I would see if you could borrow it. I really used the saucer thing that allows them to jump. A good interactive bouncy seat was helpful too. Also I loved my swing that laid back so the baby could actually sleep.

As far as induction, good old fashion love making worked for us. My 1st was 1 week early, son was 3 weeks early and my last was 5 weeks early. I know that, that is was sent me into labor for the last one. :) I'm sure that, this is way to much info but you asked.

Carie said...

NPR baby. I am all about NPR. I am excited to check out some of the websites listed by your friends. This is such an interesting election . . .

As for the room: LOVE the yellow and black. Pretty sure you are a genius. My friend Heidi just did hear daughter's room in yellow + black, check it out:

I have no baby or labor recommendations as I have been baby free for 3+ years.

elizabeth scott said...

I like the swirly yellow and white rug that went with the white and swirly chair. If you are doing polka dots instead of swirlys what if you do all the walls yellow but one and use this cute walpaper that is white background with small black polka dots. I saw it in this day spa....soooo cute!!! I bet that much wallpaper would be so cheap! Love the black picture fames on the yellow wall. I like the idea of a white dresser or black one with yellow or white knobs.It depends on the size of the room. Make it the last thing. Get a cute polka dot area rug to. Okay this is too much. But I'll call you later. PS I agree with mombabe about primrose oil. PSS There are a lot of cute polka dot lamp shades out there too.

Bridget said...

The nursery looks like it will be adorable. Please post pics when its all together.

Shauna said...

If you remember we met at Paige's. Anywho, check out www.skipolinis.com It's a pizza joint that claims there prego pizza puts women into labor and have stories to back it up. You could just have a pizza place make it for you. They post what is on it on the website. Do you have a Boppy? That thing SAVED my breatfeeding career. I'm thinking a white dresser instead of yellow. Good luck.

Shauna said...

Me again. That's skipolinispizza.com Sorry

Paige said...

I'm no help on any of these questions. None whatsoever. LOVE the nursery. But they are all good questions and I can't wait to see the answers. I can give you some good, biased stuff against the Repubs but your hubby might freak.

Rachel said...

OH! Baby advice!! I'm loving this since I have a 5 month old and just went through/am going through it all...

OK, so first of all:

Yellow dresser + yellow walls = too much yellow

I would totally totally totally go with black. I love the uniform look of a black crib and black dresser (changing table, too?) That room is going to be adorable! I love the polka dotted chair. Holy cow, I love it!

Must haves for babe:

• Bouncer chair that also vibrates (I love it because I can buckle her in and 2 yr. old big brother can't grab her and run!)

• Bumbo chair is awesome, but maybe not worth the money. I put her in it for maybe 10 minutes at a time... it's SO cute, though, to see baby sitting up when she can't really sit up yet. I put her in it at Target and fell in love... I couldn't resist!

• Slings are wonderful for smaller babies. I only used mine a handful of times... but LOVED it when I did. A friend gave me mine from: http://www.lucky-baby.com/p_home.asp
(My friend's sister is the owner)

• A SWING!! I don't know what I'd do without it. Seriously.

• Hooter Hider all the way. Hands down you'll need it, you'll want it, you won't be able to live without it!! They sell them at Target now, too, called Cover in Style. Same company, though, as Hooter Hiders/Bebe au Lait
Link: http://www.bebeaulait.com/index.php
(cheaper at Target)

• Last, but not least, headbands!! Big, big bows! I got mine off of ebay, but they're all over the web. Either ya love em or ya hate em. I've met both kinds of people.

Good luck with the induction. I have no advice. I did pitocin with the last three of mine.

(sorry about the novel!!)

Paige said...

And Fox news is the most biased place EVER.

Kenny and Linsey said...

I have to agree with Paige regarding Fox News - they want you to vote for McCain. Period.

Try this site, I've looked at it and I think it does a pretty good job of being unbiased - something that is almost impossible. http://www.votesmart.org/

You can also find information about local and state election candidates as well - so it is one stop shopping.

A lot of people are one issue voters, but I think that is irresponsible. A President, especially, is not going to spend 4 years (maybe not even 4 days) thinking or doing anything about Abortion or Gay Marriage for example. Those are divisive issues that require major legislation that will likely not pass. For me, where a candidate stands on social issues (education, health care, child welfare etc.) and the health of our economy is far more critical and has a greater impact on my day to day life and future.

My husband works for the government and the possibility that he will be assigned to Iraq or Afghanistan is very real and does impact our choices, but we are for more interested in how the mortgage crisis is being addressed and the quality of education in America in terms of lasting effects.

I want to live in a country where the government helps me be the best parent and citizen I can be - not where I feel frustrated and hindered and abandoned. I want to trust my leaders and I want to respect them. I want to feel safe and confident about more than what is happening inside the 4 walls of my own home. I believe in change, but not just for the sake of change itself. I don't care about race or creed or religion or color or gender. I care about who they are and what they want and how that affects me personally and my country as a whole. I am proud of being an American and grateful to enjoy the freedoms I do, particularly in light of our current situation, but I also recognize that freedom is not free, nor should it be and it is naive to expect that. We have a responsibility to be worthy of the freedoms we have and to reasonably exercise the means necessary to keep them safe. By that I mean participate in the civic process and stand up and be counted - I am not advocating literally or figuratively gunning down anyone that may or may not be a threat.

I am delighted that the polls show this election to be so close - that is democracy working and that thrills me. And, I am delighted that people like you, whom I respect and admire, are trying to make an educated choice. I wish politics in America was less partisan and that it wasn't possible to buy access to law-makers - maybe someday it will be different. But we cannot be apathetic, even in the face of a system that seems irreparably flawed. I believe that our government, our country, was divinely inspired and created and that is what helps me sleep at night even when the political ads are petty and the money impossible to comprehend.

Um, so this is maybe the longest comment ever, but I just got started and this is what came pouring out.

Good luck with your decision.

PS I think the best decision you are making is to have children. That shows your faith in humanity and that is more important than anything.

Kirbell said...

I'll skip comments on politics since I am totally sick of the whole thing! But baby and decorating, oh yeah! I love the room...I don't know what you are talking about when you say you are not a decorator because you ALWAYS have great ideas and your house is always cute.
A new baby thing I have seen and love...
Aden and Anais swaddling wraps. They are really big and stretchy and come in really cute prints. My friend has some and they are awesome!

AMY said...

I have a bumbo if you want to borrow. I got it with Jack, and surprisingly he didn't like it. So, let me know- you're welcome to it. It's baby blue if you remember from my shower.

Matt (Your Brother- so you are not confused) said...

Do you really need a website to find out how you are going to vote??? If you look at Obama's record it will take you about 6 seconds why NOT to vote for him, reardless of what you think of McCain. But now that Palin is on the ticket, how can you not vote for McCain?
If you like McCain, watch Fox News. If you like Obama, watch NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, and CNN--there is really nothing left out there that is not partisan. Somebody, somewhere will cry fowl over the coverage. But if I was to start somehere, I would go listen/watch to Bill O'Reilly. That is the best place to start!

Elizabeth Caldwell said...

can't help you on the politics front... not becuase I don't have an opinion, but because you asked for unbaised :)

Love the nursery - think a black dresser with lots of white and yellow on top is best. Would be worried that the yellows would not match - plus I still buy that purse, shoes, belt should match nonsense!

Baby stuff? dunno - I remember I had a baby front carrier that converted to a sling - it was a must have... but 14 years is along time ago.

I tried everything I could to go into labor early, he arrived 2 weeks late despite my best efforts. No help there either.

Gosh - feeling worthless now.. LOL

gab said...

I completely don't know on the candidates either....was actually planning to post along similar lines.

I have a whole lotta yellow in my house and I love it. Please let us see the final room!

p.s. I love Linsey's comment.

Anisa said...

Love, love, love my hooter hider. It was expensive, so I am attempting to make one. I'll let you know how easy it is. I also love my sit and stand stroller by baby trend. My older kids can get on when they need to.

I say a black dresser... it will be easier to match when she gets older and you have to get a big girl bed.

Amber said...

OH - the other thing Jessica. Lily Pads are the best thing since...I dunno...disposable diapers? MUST MUST MUST have to contain those milk leaks. :)

Heidi Ashworth said...

I see that you have many comments and maybe someone has already said this but I would go with a white dresser with yellow knobs, same yellow as the walls OR paint the drawer fronts yellow with white polka dots to bring in the dots on the black fabric. The knobs could then masquerade as white polka dots, too, which, as we all know, drawer knobs love to do.

Tammy said...

I think a white dresser, and IKEA has tons of white stuff, so should not be a problem! The colors and room idea are fantastic, I love it!! I hear if you eat spicy food and run, exercise it may help bring baby on?!

Jacki said...

My nursery looks exactly like that for Jordyn but pale pink instead of yellow. I like the yellow. I don't know about the yellow dresser. I think black furniture looks best. But I am kind of a basic decorator and I rarely take risks.

I was going to buy that same chair from JCPenny's website. My mother-in-law found a great chair for me at a garage sale and refinished it for me. You know how we roll! Design on a dime style!

Jacki said...

Oh yeah, a few more things (it is fun being able to give some baby advice now...)

Get a sling! I can't live without mine and a Hooter Hider is a MUST! Unless you want to pull a Jeanette and just nurse for the whole world to see. Joking! I don't think she ever did that... maybe she did.

I just got a Bumbo from a friend and it is ok. It is more fun for me because Jordyn looks so funny in it. I am going to post some pictures on my blog soon.

Ok I am officially done!

Meghann said...

I LOVE those colors, can't wait to see the finished product.

Hollyween said...

I have no advice on canidates. I'm not really a political person.

Baby person? Yes. You must have a vibrating bouncy chair. MUST. Those things save my life. Also, Faith loves her silky blankie from Target. It's that minky dot on one side and silky on the back. It's her fave. My friend makes great baby bracelets. www.stylinbaby.com They're sterling silver, fabulous, and not too expensive. A must. She'll even do custom.
I love the nursery. Pottery barn makes a great changing table cover. Here's a link. It comes in yellow too:http://www.potterybarnkids.com/products/pk479/index.cfm?pkey=xsrd0m1%7C12%7C%7C%7C1%7C%7C%7C%7C%7C%7C%7Cchanging%20table%20cover&cm%5Fsrc=SCH
It washes really nice, stains come out of it and it's soft and cozy. They also have sheets made out of the same stuff.

You need a black dresser. Yellow on yellow sounds like too much yellow. Do a distressed black. If you were crafty (which I'm not, but maybe you are) you could paint it black, but do a yellow coat underneath so when you distressed it you'd have some yellow poking through. But that sounds a like a whole lot of work.

I walked through the mall for 4 hours, went tanning (Big no no now with the whole cancer stuff) and had sex the day before I gave birth to Levi. He was three weeks early. Try it. But nix the tanning. It's bad for you.

Hollyween said...

And you're the only person who not only got a comment from me today but got the world's longest one. So sorry. It's 1:30 in the morning and now I must quit blogging.

Ilene said...

Can't wait to see the nursery pictures. I am finishing mine up with my mom right now. Now I want to do another one in yellow and black.

So many cute rooms... not enough kids.

As for politics, good question. I watched the debates to see what the candidates say for themselves. I also like to talk to "real people" in the industries which receive a lot of attention right now. For example, my dad works in the oil industry and with California legislators about oil/gas concerns and my brother is a doctor and deals with healthcare and insurance issues. I like to see what they think about each candidates' positions and whether or not they are really helpful or harmful or even viable. I like to see how each candidates' positions could be applied in the real world scenarios.

Ashley said...

Oh Jess...I am of no help on any of the opinion polls when it comes to politics and baby stuff...but you know I always have an opinion regarding decore. I LOVE the yellow & black theme. Personally, I would go with a black dresser. The yellow is cute, but I seriously thing it would get "lost" against the yellow walls. Plus, the crib may be black, but the chair has a black & white pattern on it which will break up the black so it won't be too overpowering. Black is VERY chic & I'm excited for you to post the finished product.

PS - I am printing off a picture of you for my RS lesson tomorrow. I am going to be using your expert parenting comments since I'm not one and I have to teach about being one...how fun for me (NOT!)

Adrianne said...

I'm warning you now, this will be long.

1st - decorating. In a rare break from solidarity, I'm going to have to go against Ashley here and vote for the yellow dresser. I think it is funky and fun and like I said on the phone, you should put big black knobs on it. Especially since your chair is black with white polka dots, could be too much black. And a white dresser is totally inoffensive but boring. However, like all have mentioned, it is imperative that you are VERY CAREFUL about the yellows combining well. Lots of shades of yellow out there. I would recommend painting it a shade darker or shade lighter than the yellow of the walls on the same paint strip, but that would require sanding it and all kinds of other work which I doubt you're up to right now. Also agree with the comment about grounding it with a great black/white piece of artwork above it. Another thought, do you really need a dresser?? You could do a cool yellow bookcase and with a bookcase you can really breakup the color by what you put in it. Or you could paint the fronts of the drawers the white/black seirly pattern in the pb picture...ok, I'll stop now. We'll go into further details in a phone call or email.

#2 - elections. I am VERY conflicted over this. I agree with Linsey, but while the president isn't going to change abortion, I also don't want government (my) money paying for abortions, something he will decide (no for Obama). I'm very strongly against the war and candidates that are too eager to "protect" america through force which is only gaining us more enemies (no for McCain), but I am also a fierce proponenet of free trade (no for Obama). And I am very interested in someone who is finally ready to give us a good environmental policy (no for McCain). So, please tell me what you decide and I will do the same because I really can't decide and I trust you.

#3 baby products. I would have DIED for a good nursing bra that provided enough support so that I didn't look like I was hauling around 2 milk sacks and was 15 pounds heavier than I was. I didn't find it, but maybe you will?? I had a sling, but always felt like the baby was going to fall out. I have a ergo carrier, and it is great in all the functional categories except it's not very stylish and you know how I'm shallow about those things. That curved pillow thing made nursing much more comfortable, and the silicone nipple protectors made nursing possible. But you're already a pro at that. My child LIVES in his stroller, I'm on my third, and haven't loved any of them. However I'm very intrigued with just those frames that you put the carseat in. Totally could have gotten by without the first two space-sucking-strollers if I'd had one of those. I saw the lillypads online and wished I could have gotten seome, as regular breast pads argentina-style only exaserbated my frumpy breast problem. Oh, and my bidet was a life (or bum!) saver, but that might be considered and extreme purchase in your case. Hooter hider is great, used it a ton, and LOVE (still do) the smart start activity table with walker that my beloved sister hauled here for me. For me the best part was that he could walk around, but only in circles. I'm all about containment. And please splurge on a great diaper bag. I'm so sick of mine I could puke.

So glad you asked these questions as I've loved reading all the replies. Only wish I know the people making the decorating comments so I could put them in a context...

MISS YOU and would give anything to be there to decorate for you.

Bethany said...

The sensible side of me says go with the black dresser- it's timeless, she can take it with her when she goes to college or you can use it in your guest room. But- the fun side says go with the yellow. It will become the funky piece that remains constant through her room changes. It will always be a reminder of her sweet baby nursery.

My little guy did not like the Bumbo- it forced his spine straight and he was not happy. I love my Chicco hook on high chair- saves on space, totally portable, and comes in handy for baby guests. The baby bjorn is great for babies under 15 lbs. However, my babies were content to be in bouncy chairs or swings at that age. I think a backpack would be great for 15 lbs/6 mo.+ stage. You can do stuff around the house and keep them close- b/c they certainly want to be; plus take them on walks/hikes. In that same category- a jogging stroller is a must, especially with your running habits.

heidi said...

i did my baby in room in yellow and black and i LOVE it. only, i wish the dresser were any color but white. but i found it on craigslist for sooper cheap so i'll only complain to you. i looked for a red dresser for a while but they are hard to come by. go with whatever makes your heart sing.
and this is my next project for the room:
you can't have a black and yellow room without silhouettes right???

Laura Alvord said...

I bought these things called LilyPadz or something like that. They are so much nicer than your regular nursing pad.

Anonymous said...

A little late on this one. Sorry.


Looking forward to the debate Thursday.

My baby is four so I don't know all the latest. I just know the best thing we had for all 4 kids was a high quality baby backpack. They all loved it and used it clear until they turned about 3. I think we got ours from LandsEnd.