Friday, September 5, 2008

First Day


  • quiet house at 9:15

  • clean house from 9:45-3:15

  • waaay less sibling fights

  • not having to think about most of your kids for 6 hours

  • making lunch for only 2 kids (HATE making lunch.)

  • 2 months of 1 child at home:


  • a really obvious marking of their growing up (what?! Emma's in 4th grade?!)

  • a huge decrease in opportunities to "be the mom you always plan to be" (ie: meaningful talks, joyful working together on projects, afternoon games, enlightening outings).

  • homework/making the bus/piano practicing fights

  • early mornings

  • feeling responsible for doing something productive with all the extra time (such as, putting together a nursery, something I've been avoiding "till the kids go to school".)

  • Jane supposedly being old enough to be in kindergarten. Again: what?!

So, I'm conflicted. Relishing the peace, trying to ignore the melancholy of years slipping by. Why is parenting so like that?


Adrianne said...

Melancholy of years slipping by....I was just having a similar thought, still kind of confused that I'm married, have a kid, and wondering how you feel. Can you live by me please so I don't only have to share your life via blogging??

Rachel said...

You summed it up perfectly. It's all so bittersweet.

Meg said...

Amen. I felt the same way this week!☺

Kara Jayne said...

I'm with you!! I too hate making lunches. Just think of that sweet little bundle you'll be able to enjoy in a couple of months.

Oh, by the way, I LOVE the girls short haircuts. I know you weren't a big fan, but I think they are adorable!

Ilene said...

I so don't want to do early mornings. My boys slept in until 9am this morning.

Someone Above KNOWS I need this extra sleep before the baby comes.

rbberbandgirl said...

Jessica is a great parenting mentor, for sure!

Kenny and Linsey said...

Jane's pose is the best! We just went to look at preschools today and while I am so excited for Caleb, I am feeling nostalgic and a little trepidation about letting him grow up. Only, I think he's going to do it anyway, with or without my permission.

Lauren in GA said...

You said it brilliantly...and I agree...Parenting is, "so like that" in terms of being conflicted.

Does Seth still nap? Hopefully, he can be your nappy buddy like Jane used to be. :)

Everyone looks so great in their first day pics.

Bekah said...

Adorable children as always! Love the back to school outfits and can totally see why each child chose theirs. Your choices were great as well. Hope you get them too when the sales are on!

Love little Seth and his cuteness! He's so big as well.

I miss you guys so much! Can't wait for another little Romney! Love you lots!

Holly said...

Even though I have 3.5 hours of PreK, I still feel conflicted. You said it well.

Tristan said...

Have a great school year! Kids grow way way too fast!

Christie said...

Congrats on a huge milestone! It's bittersweet, but gets better with each kid that goes. Trust me.

AZ Karen said...

It is hard. I have had so many of the same feelings.

Well put.

andrea said...

i want to mock your sentimentality. oh how i want to. sadly, i will have to defer to christie and jeni.

i was weak.

Laurie said...

Just keep having more when you feel sad about them going off to school. :)

J'net said...

Every YEAR I HATED my kids going OFF to school in the big world of peer pressure and homework stress!!!
AND then we just celebrated Jake's 28 bday this past Tues. and TIME marches on in spite of our sentimentality... JESSE went to college this year!
Just working at LOVING the moment and now I
babysit other people's kids...
When do you want a WEEK off?
Your kids are SO cute!

Audry said...

I hear you, I'm always so torn when school starts. So many goods and bads, but most of all it lets you know just how old your kids are getting.

Anisa said...

So true.

Bridget said...

Ah yes. The emptier nest. The joys, the heartaches. I had one of those moments today too as I thought of my Ethan being in first grade just next year. Yikes. I'd only have Cole at home. The time does fly..

Elizabeth Caldwell said...
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