Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nobody really wants to know all this stuff...

Following are some lists regarding my current gestational state (picture from 4 weeks ago, I'm way bigger now):

What is uncomfortable/annoying, from the bottom up
  1. varicose veins. Like big, looks-like-you-ran-a-piece-of-rope-down-my-leg and (ahem) other areas.
  2. Braxton-Hicks, once an hour or so

  3. heartburn, at all waking hours and no matter what I eat

  4. the pregnancy mask, all over my face, like I have major sun-damage, but it's not

  5. unexplained, daily headaches

Why I'm more excited to have this baby then any other

  1. See above list

  2. I know what I'm doing. I know what to expect and I'm really not nervous about it at all.

  3. I know, having confirmed with previous babies, how truly unexplainably awesome delivery is.
  4. I can truly appreciate what is growing inside me, what she will be and how she will bless our lives.

Names we're deciding between

  1. Faith
  2. Meg

Cool weather maternity clothes I own(in their entirety) for the 6 weeks of pregnancy I will deal with this fall

  1. 3 pairs of jeans (thanks Brigitta)
  2. 1 pair of black pants (thanks Brigitta)
  3. 2 long sleeve T-shirts (gray and brown)
  4. 1 striped sweater

**Plan on seeing me in the same stuff ALOT

Stuff I do while I'm pregnant that everyone tells you not to do

  1. Take really hot baths
  2. Eat cold cuts, soft cheese and chocolate
  3. Sleep on my back
  4. Run
  5. Lift heavy objects

Weight Gain during all my pregnancies:

Emma: 55 lbs

Gabe: 45 lbs

Jane: 32 lbs

Seth: 25 lbs (I was so cute)

Current (with 9 weeks to go): 27 lbs

Why I see a nurse-midwife

  1. Because she pays lots of attention to me.

NOT why I see a nurse-midwife

  1. Because I want to deliver at home (love hospitals)
  2. Because I do not do epidurals (love these, especially if I manage to get one more than 10 minutes before I start pushing, Gabe and Seth!)

What I say in my daily prayers:

  1. Bless that she will be healthy and strong
  2. Help me to know if this the last one. (PLEASE?)


Kara Jayne said...

You are adorable...no matter what

I wish I KNEW I was done

Delivery is AWESOME...and no I'm not kidding.

Your little girl is one lucky Lucy!

Annie said...

I always thought I was the only one who kinda loved the delivery part. Such an amazing time and what a high afterwards, like running a marathon. Not that I'd know about that :).

You look fantastic.

mandy* said...

Your hair looks AMAZING in that picture. Teach me the ways of great hair, PLEASE!!

I'm not yet at the point where I think delivering a baby is amazing. Give me a year or so...

diane said...

You look so good.
I love both names. You can't go wrong either way.
You are in the home stretch now. It won't be long. Hopefully it has cooled down.

Jacki said...

It is nice to know that you gained the most with your first. I gained 50 pounds with Jordyn and to all those moms out there who say "oh you get RIGHT back to your pre baby weight after your first" I officially call your bluff!

heather said...

You look great! Same as I remember you in Tracy... I say shoot for Meg. Our oldest is Meghan and I love calling her Meg.

Abbie said...

You're so cute. Why do varicose veins have to exist? Especially in unspeakable places? Midwives are the best! And I agree with the hospital thing. I can't see myself doing it at home, even natural. Much better to be in a place where I get help with the baby and someone else cleans up after me. I like Meg. I can totally see a little Emma named Meg. Faith's cute too.

Kenny and Linsey said...

You're so close. You might want to think about borrowing some more end of the pregnancy clothes - but you've done this way more times than me, so I trust you know what you're doing.

I like Meg. Either way, she's a lucky little girl. Great dad, great brothers, great sisters and super duper mom!

Meg said...

So you are adorable!

And, I can relate to aLL of it except the 5th child and the running part. Love drugs. Drugs are my friend when I'm in labor.

I like Meg the best.♥

Annemarie said...

LOVE the names!!

HATE pregnancy mask.

You look amazing!!!

Mahina said...

oh i hear ya! braxton hicks, heartburn, varicose veins, all so very annoying!

we do a midwife too and love it! they really DO pay more attention to you especially during labor and delivery in the hospital. i have no desire to deliver at home, thank you very much! i don't do the epidural, though. call me crazy!

strong and healty...sounds oh so familiar!

have fun the next 9 weeks! you are so close!

jessica said...

I will try really hard not to notice that you are wearing the same three outfits for the next nine weeks. At least you have like the most awesome accessories ever and you can wear them at any weight!

I love both names...

day in the life of a prince said...

I'm so glad I'm over the fun pregnancy part!! You look great!!!

Laurie said...

My vote is for Meg. Love the name, plus it was my favorite horse's name. For real.

My delivery was awesome--in the traditional sense. And yeah, I don't have heartburn anymore.

queenieweenie said...

You look FABULOUS!

This too shall pass.

Celia Fae said...

I vote for Faith. Do we get to vote?

If you name her Meg, could you name her a real name and just call her Meg? Pretty please? Megan, Margaret, Mary, whatever. I know I don't get an opinion but when has that every stopped me?

You look great. I love looking at your cheekbones.

Bridget said...

You are so darn cute. My sister's name is Megan. Love the nickname Meg although she doesn't and it makes me sad.

I love that you lift heavy objects and eat whatever you want. I was so that way with all my pregnancies.

Lindsey said...

It's getting closer!! I am joining you in expecting a GIRL! I am soooooo excited. It will be a nice end cap.. I AM DONE! (I am too old)

Lauren in GA said...

I don't know what you are talking about...I wanted to know about ALL of that stuff about you! Truly!

You look beautiful in the picture. I mean that. I am sure you are beautiful this very day, too.

It is weird but...I love the delivery part, too...and the hospital...I think it is just being able to take part in a literal miracle.

Here, here! How do you know when you are done? That question plagues me...even though I want more.

Brigitta said...

You look awesome. Totally can relate with the pregnancy mask. I get it totally bad and am still working on getting rid of it. Wow how do you manage to gain less weight each pregnancy. I am the opposite. Glad you are liking the jeans. I vote for Meg. And so excited for you. Hope you get to have the baby a few weeks early like I did. My blood pressure was raised so they induced me, so before you go to the Dr. each week run up the stairs and do some jumping jacks and then maybe your BP will be raised and then you can have the baby early. I had unexplained headaches every day too, but it was from the raised Blood pressure. Good luck and you look awesome. I hid from all camera's from like month 8 and on. And now barely will get in front of one which is sad now, because i have no photos of me and my newest. So don't be vain like me.

rbberbandgirl said...

Blessings on you and your little girl. (I like Faith)
I love delivery. There is nothing more amazing (why don't people believe that?!) and I envy your experience.

Christie said...

Chickie, the fact that you are still running makes you my hero. Enjoy the pregnancy mask and keep eating that chocolate, I say. You are adorable. And guess what? Nobody will notice what you wear because of your cute jewelery. First thing I thought was, "Dang, love that bracelet and necklace."

♥Shally said...

You look great!

Love the names.

9 MORE WEEKS!! You are so close!

Goldie said...

You look so hot! Love both names, super cute. Varicose viens are the worst.

Bekah said...

You're so cute as always! I love seeing that my older sister looks so great. You and mom give me lots of hope! You both are amazing and such good role models for me. I love you lots and hope to see you soon!

AMY said...

I love the fact you're not afraid to tell people how it is with yourself. Heartburn going away and being able to sleep on my back made me a much better person after delivery. But... it looks like you already got the latter taken care of :)

Kimberly said...

You look awesome! And I always think you are amazing. I could only hope.... by the way, have you tried Pepcid? It is the only thing that worked for my raging heartburn.

martha corinna said...

The varicose veins are my nemesis. I got them my very first baby and unfortunately, with each pregnancy, they have multiplied at epidemic proportions (only on the right side of my body), and have kept me from being able to run over 3 miles at one time. I always say after each kid that I am getting surgery, but always end up being knocked up before I can get in. This time it's gotta happen.
Good luck, I love both of your names.

Elizabeth Caldwell said...

I think you look fab! I vote for Meg - dont know why, but I love it. Sorry you are feeling less than pretty, but honestly no one is noticing!

Ellie said...

A) you look cute, can I borrow that top?

B) I vote for Meg because yelling "FAITH" will sound too much like yelling "SETH" across the house.

Lisa-Marie said...

You look AMAZING! What is pregnancy mask? I've never heard of that and it doesn't seem to me that there is anything wrong with your face. You are beautiful.

I like the name Meg (but might be biased!!!) AND, I disagree with Celia. Why can't Meg be a real name? Why name her one thing and call her another?

Hollyween said...

Of course I'm partial to Faith, but who cares? Name her what you want. Both names are cute.

You look great, but I do feel your pain. That last little bit is the worst. I also get major skin rashes in pregnancy and have not yet managed to gain less than 40 pounds. Ugh.

Tammy said...

You are amazing. You just have so much knowledge, and patience, much more than I have about these things. I wish we lived closer. Your baby will be beautful like all the rest............

Hazen5 said...

I love this post! It brought back so many great and not so great memories!

Erin said...

Yet again I will say you are one of the all time cutest pregnant girls.

Love the names. Can't go wrong really.

Also love midwives. No really LOVE them. They are fabulous. No matter the kind of delivery you want, they are (overall) supportive of your choice and LISTEN to they whys, the whats, and the hows of you.

Melinda said...

I also do ALL those things that you aren't supposed to do when pregnant - every single one! I also remember how cute you were pregnant with Seth and you look great now!

Melinda said...

P.S. My vote is for Meg!

Brooke said...

Trust me, I've complained enough to be due today!! You would think I was dying. jk love you and love both names!

Ilene said...

I got my epidural about a half hour before Laura arrived. SO worth that half hour of rest before pushing.

You are right, birth is beautiful (when pain free and the baby is only six pounds).

I am SOOOOO thrilled you will be here in my neck of the woods. You can stop by any time!

I like both names. Meg reminds me of the Little Women character and whose name goes with your other literary names Emma and Jane. But Faith is a sweet name too. Good luck. Dan isn't completely convinced on the name Laura but oh well for him.

Tristan said...

I vote for the name Faith! But both names are really cute! You look great!

I have issue with my Siatic Nerve! I HATE IT! I am only 17 weeks too!

Carie said...

Love this post. Really like both Meg and Faith.

My last 2 pregnancies I had to wear medical compression hose for my varcosities. SUPER SEXY.

How I knew I was done? At the 6 week check my doctor said: "if your comfortable with 4 kids, I think you should consider being done. Varicose veins only get worse and next time you will have to start worrying about bedrest and blood clots." I'm OUT!

pregnancy mask vs. fungus- what's worse?

Adrianne said...

I wanted to know all that stuff. Thanks for sharing!

gab said...

Are you kidding? Everybody really wants to know all this stuff!

I vote Meg. She was my favorite Little Woman.

Erika said...

seriously - change the title of this post. of course we all want to know this stuff. love the belly. happy pushing.

AZ Karen said...

This was a fun post. Fun to see how a girl feels the 5th time around (since I don't know from personal experience). And you look great!

mamasuisse said...

I love to hear about other people's pregnancy woes. It makes me feel less alone. And I love to complain, so I may copy your post. For the first time, I finally feel like this is the last one - Hallelujah!!!

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Anisa said...

I think I love being pregnant... there is a life growing inside of me.... until I'm not pregnant any more and realize how good that feels.

I tried to get my doctor to tell me I couldn't have any more kids, but she wouldn't. And I don't know if I'll ever get that answer to my prayers. I dont want any more.