Monday, September 29, 2008

The Sunday Summary that Aims High

Last Sunday, Ryan and I got into a little bit of a "discussion" about his tendency to go overboard in the "Goal Setting" arena. For example, he decides he needs to lose weight and so his goal sheet for the week (oh yes, he has a goal sheet for the week), reads

  1. Work out 14 times (I'm not making that up even a little bit)

  2. Eat 1400 calories a day--isn't that what they eat on the Biggest Loser when they're trying to lose 24 lbs a week?!

So I have to bring him down to earth (I have a real talent for that) and he has to try to stand his ground. So after our discussion, I noticed his goal sheet on the floor. This is what it said (again, NOT making this up):

  1. End world hunger

  2. Achieve world peace

In contrast, I found a little booklet Emma had made for school. It was super cute and if our scanner wasn't upstairs and I didn't have to lay down on the ground after each foray up said stairs from exhaustion, I would scan it in, so you could see how much work she'd put into it.

Anyway, after telling about herself and her family, on the last page, she'd written her goals for the school year. These were her goals (word for word):

  1. Get a B on my last report card

  2. Get a C on my first report card

(You realize, of course that this is a girl that has a VERY easy time at school.) Shoot for the stars, Em.

So somehow, we need to meld Ryan (Mr. World Peace) and Emma (Miss Mediocre Grades) to have some sort of balance in our house.

That huge long essay I just wrote is actually only the LEAD IN to the Sunday Summary. (I'm imagining groaning at computers everywhere). I just wanted you to know why my angle for this weeks' summary dwells on each individuals Goals for the Week:

Jane learned how to finally ride a bike without training wheels. See how she ROCKS the bike:

Jane's goal for this week is to convince her parents to buy her a new bike, as this hand-me-down looks ghetto, has flat tires, brakes that don't work and half a pedal.

Here, in the following picture, Emma looks like she is super-cool and chill,

but she wasn't so chill on Sunday, when one of the Primary Counselors came frantically running into my class, telling me Emma needed me. Her teacher explained that Emma was choking on a piece of hard candy, that she is okay, but that she really livened up the Primary Program practice when she stood up wheezing for air and pointing at her chest. Later, she sheepishly told me that is wasn't actually a piece of candy--IT WAS A MAGNET that she'd found on the ground. Yeah, she's 9 1/2. Still eating non-food items off of the floor.

Emma's goal for the week: Pass the magnet. (Should I write a whole post about that?)

Seth's preschool co-op has been at our house this week and we've had fun.

As the youngest kid in preschool, his goal is to not be intimidated by the fact that he the ONLY kid who doesn't know the letter A.

Gabe attended his first pack meeting, and because of an initial (but short-lived) enthusiastic push by Mom, has already gotten his Bobcat patch. He was bouncing off of the walls with excitement at being old enough to participate.

His goal for the week is getting his Non-Sewing Mother to attach that Bobcat patch, so he can wear it proudly. (We've heard rumors of non-sewing adhesive, for which I will pay millions, should I get my hands on it.)

I personally have to aim low. I'm trying to decide between

  • not making and eating a dessert every single night this week

  • not yelling the words "I'm done! Really, guys, I'm done! If I hear one more request, I'm losing it" before 8 pm

  • and limiting my Rolaids/Pepcid/Zantac ingestion to 5 per day.

What do you think?

You already heard Ryan's goals, so watch for an end to the economic crisis and the Iraq war this week.

We hope we inspired you to set your own goals this week and will keep you updated as we achieve all we've set out to do.


Laurie said...

Why didn't Ryan's goals include fixing the economic crisis?

Must be something about 9 1/2 year old girls--there's one in our primary who always has something in her mouth, necklace, rings, you name it.

Glad to hear I'm not the only mom who yells "I'm done!"

Lauren in GA said...

I am so impressed with Ryan's goal setting. I truly, truly am.

Your post has inspired me to set some goals.

Goal #1 Stop procrastinating setting goals.

Boy, Howdy...I am on my way, now baby. I. am. on. my. way.

Okay, in all seriousness I loved this post, too. It seriously had me laughing...well...not the choking part but the rest was so funny. Did you belly laugh when you saw Ryan's new goals. He is a funny guy to keep around, huh?

Bridget said...

Ryan's goals crack me up. Then again so do Emma's. I think your goals are perfect though. I have no goals this week as I am fighting a bad cold. It takes everything I've got. My goal tomorrow I think will be to take a shower and wash my hair. Yeah, I aim big too.

Pineapple Princess said...

Hot glue gun baby. It can solve boy scout patch problems and hang Christmas lights.

I guess your hubby didn't help your daughter set her grade goals. Oh well, Cs are the new B and Bs are the new A.

Can't wait for the magnent update.

Jenibelle said...

Emma is just shooting low and aiming high, or is it the other way around?

Could Ryan set some goals for me? He'd have to achieve them too, but I'm good with someone else doing my work for me.

Passing foreign objects is a hobby for our Rachel, she once swallowed the top of a disposable kidding. It was a nightmare and so surreal when we saw the x-ray with a razor in her tummy. Emma....if it doesn't have a calorie, don't put it in your mouth!!!

Cubs.....glad it's you and not still me.

Buy Jane a really cute bike, really cute girls deserve really cute bikes. (I have your back Janie!!)

Paige said...

Emma and I have a lot in common goalwise. And unfortunately, you and I do too. But I don't have the pregnancy excuse. I'm DONE!

Paige said...

I mean I'm done with my kids tonight, not with kids in general, I don't think. but I don't know. But I didn't want you to think I'd decided for sure or anything. Maybe my goal should be to decide that.

kir said...

Okay, so I've never commented here before, but I do thoroughly your blog!! I must say that having had 5 children myself and having been pregnant for lots and lots of months, lots of months-there was an amzing phenomenon that seemed to occur during about my 8th month of pregnancy, every time! My darling husband would decide that the time was totally right for him to trim up and take off a few pounds right then and I just was never that excited about the timeliness of the prospect, as I still had a good solid month of water retension and non-slimness left (all for a fantastic cause, of course!) Goals are great and all, but perhaps Ryan could dial it down to a mere 11 or 12 workouts a week, just until the babe arrives and then the family fitness fun for all can really begin...(and world peace would be awesome, too)...

crystal said...

Personally, it would be easier for me to achieve world peace than to eat 1400 calories a day.


rubberbandgirl said...

Go Romneys!
Thanks for the belly laughs about the non-food items for 9 1/2 yr olds.
Sounds like a marvelous week!

Ryan said...

For the record ... Jessica knows that my goals regarding world peace and ending world hunger were in direct response to here lecture on unrealistic goal setting. They wouldn't be good goals if they didn't make you stretch. And no new bike for Jane until the dow hits 15,000. New tire + New Tube = $8.92. Expect a post on my annoyance with America in general and why they have got us into the mess we are in.

Ryan said...

"her lecture" ... dang fat fingers. And I am obviously looking for a new nation to affiliate myself with.

AMY said...

Yeah... sorry I made Emma swallow a MAGNET! I seriously thought it was candy... down was the only way that thing was going, though. I did feel bad for her... OUCH.

I'm glad Ryan's up for the challenge of creating world peace as our economy decides to continue downhill... someone needed to get serious about the job.

Rachel said...

I have a 9 1/2 year old girl and seriously NOTHING would surprise me anymore with her. If she had a magnet in her mouth, it would just make sense! Good luck with her goal of "passing the magnet". THAT will be fun.

Christie said...

Wow, I'm just busy here being impressed by the fact that your family is SETTING goals. Who cares if you achieve them - your intent is better than ours!

Abbie said...

I'm pretty sure Forrest and Ryan are twins.

gab said...

My goal this (and every!) week is "Be more like Jessica"...

Can't wait to hear about the magnet. My friend's little girl swallowed one of those magnet balls and she said it was completely scientifically educational to see the end result!

jessica said...

Honestly! Who does Ryan think he is? Is he trying to make the rest of us feel like crap?

Send the patches over with the fabric for the nursery...I'll put them on for you.

Those magnents are huge! How in the world did Emma manage that!

heather said...

Great goals...oh how I can relate to saying "I'm done" to the kiddos. You know you are getting old when you go to bed at 7:30 with the 2 year old.

Heidi Ashworth said...

I say, have as many rolaids as you need, dear! It seems a small price to pay especially since, as soon as the baby is out, you aren't going to need them anymore. On the other hand, if the baby is born with rolaids imbedded in her head, that might be a clue that you shouldn't have any more kids. Just saying . . .

Brigitta said...

first of all love the Wingers post...oh my gosh how funny are your kids. Second, has the magnet come out yet??
Third, your husband is awesome and his goal setting. So excited for you to love, hold and kiss your new baby. When is your due date???

Brooke said...

I think because I know Ryan so well that whole post cracked me up. I especially love your goals. How nice to know I'm not alone in feeling done with everyone. Those are great goals and good luck to Ryan on his they may take just a touch longer than the rest of the fam. :) love you and hope this baby decides to come nice and early for you. I'm not too concerned about that though with your track record.

Meg said...

So very funny!

I'm with Laurie. I'm glad I'm not the only one who says "I'm done" on occasion.

Kara said...

You can buy the patch adhesive at the Scout Office downtown. One of the best inventions ever I believe.

Hazen5 said...

I need to think of some new goals! Let me know if Ryan's weight loss goals work!

Sarah said...
Try that! Blessing for all only have to stick it on, then iron!! :O)